How to Kiss Quietly and Passionately

One of the best ways to kiss someone is to do so without making any noise.

Kissing, like all other things in life, requires a certain amount of finesse.

The key to this delicate maneuver is to get close enough that your partner can feel the warmth coming off of your body and smell you up-close and personal.

It might be difficult at first because it’s easy to make an audible slurping noise while trying not to gag on the other person’s tongue – but don’t worry.

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What Makes the Noise When You Kiss?

The contact between your lips and someone else’s is going to produce a slight sound.

But the lip-smacking sound is mainly a result of air being sucked into your mouth/and your partner’s mouth as a result of the tiny gaps that are formed at the lips while kissing even when the mouths are closed.

The suction action of kissing often produces a “smack” sound.

Steps On How to Kiss Quietly

When you are kissing someone, it is a great natural feeling to want to moan and groan.

After all, everyone knows that the first step toward making love involves some serious mouth action.

However, if your partner has roommates or lives in an apartment complex with thin walls – then they may not appreciate hearing you moan while making out.

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1. Don’t Be Too Fast

As simple as it sounds, doesn’t be too fast when it comes to kissing.

The slower the kissing, the less noise it makes.

Additionally, don’t kiss too fast, because it might create an impression that you are in a great hurry to get the act done.

On one hand, it is true that you want to spend some time with your partner and express love through kisses.

On the other hand, if go overboard, then people will start talking about how much of a rush job this was.

Kissing is not just for getting intimate but also shows care towards others around as well.

A careless attitude can make even those who don’t mind watching will feel uncomfortable being near two such enthusiastic lovers.

So, maintain composure while kissing, rather than rushing into things like someone would do when they were late for work or going grocery shopping at midnight.

2. Make Sure Your Lips are Not Too Wet

The constant movement of the lips is going to create a lot of noise when you kiss.

You need to make sure your lips are not too wet or else they will constantly be making smacking sounds as well.

If it’s really bothering you, then try putting Chapstick on before kissing someone.

This will help decrease the sound that comes from both of your mouths moving against each other and also decreases any excess saliva that may form in between your mouth during a long-lasting kiss.

You should avoid using too much lip balm before kissing.

This is because it can lead to further complications like blisters developing on the top part of where you touch skin with one another if there is an allergic reaction taking place due to all the chemicals found within Chapstick.

It is suggested that you use a vegan-friendly lip balm to avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction like coconut oil, Shea butter, or peppermint essential oils for instance.

Final Thoughts on How to Kiss Quietly

Above are the two most important methods on how to kiss quietly.

Not only will this tip help you learn how to make your kissing quieter, but will also ensure that you make that moment truly passionate.

Above all the key to kissing quietly is not in the kiss itself but how you go about it.

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