Top 5 Ways on How to Chew Quietly Like a Monk

Want to learn how to chew quietly?

This is an open letter to anyone who chews out loudly, and I will be showing you different ways on how you can chew silently, just like a monk.

Nothing is irritating, like sitting at a table where every time you chew, it sounds like you’re grinding cement with every single bite or a blender operating in your mouth.

In this guide, I will also be highlighting some of the foods that you should avoid eating, especially when in public, to avoid the embarrassment of loud chewing.

A-List of Ways on How to Chew Quietly

Before getting started, I’d like to mention that quiet chewing highly depends on your self-control.

If you’re inherently a loud chewer, you can change this behavior.

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The key to chewing quietly is all about self-awareness.

For instance, if you’re dinning with your entire family, it may not be wise to pull out the crunchiest snack.

Likewise, if you in the middle of your math test, pulling out the crunchiest carrot will only attract unwanted attention.

If you’re traveling, you may want to bring food that’s less like yogurt or applesauce.

A great time to chew loudly is when you’re alone or probably during lunchtime when chewing loudly is more acceptable.

1. Eat Slowly

To avoid that awkward stare everyone else gives you when busy enjoying your crunchy food, I would highly advise you to eat slowly.

Ask around a few of your friends how they would describe someone who chews loudly.

Most of them would tell you such a person stuff their mouth, taking a bite every other second even before swallowing the previous bite.

Make it a habit to swallow before taking the next bite and taking extra few seconds to chew your food before swallowing.

Don’t devour your food like an animal or like there’s no tomorrow.

Once you’re accustomed to this eating behavior, you won’t have trouble eating alongside your friends or family.

After all, there are several health benefits of eating slowly (Source)

Top 5 Ways on How to Chew Quietly Like a Monk

2. Blending Your Food

It may sound weird but blending your snacks, such as carrots, would allow you to enjoy your healthy snack dose and at the same time allow you to enjoy it quietly.

You’d be surprised to learn that some blended foods have more health benefits than when eaten whole.

For instance, you get more benefits from eating blended carrots than the whole carrot. (Source)

And the best part is that you can mix your smoothie with other nutritious foods to give you a healthy punch dose.

You will, however, need to invest in a quiet blender as well as a quiet fridge to help you store your smoothies and snacks.

3. Avoid Crunchy Snacks

Snacks are loud to chew.

For instance, you can’t compare wafers or potato crisps to a slice of bread.

So, if you’ll be eating Weetabix, then why not mix it with some extra milk? I know it’s easy to be tempted to snack it out without milk, but it’ll only make the situation much worse.

However, if you don’t mind eating loudly when alone, you could probably try to sneak it to your room and enjoy your loud chews.

I’ve fully soundproofed my basement and transformed it into my secret man cave.

You can as well soundproof yours and probably enjoy your snacks down there.

4. Avoid Eating when Tipsy

I know how well all love the modern way of doing things. Having a glass of wine next to you when taking your dinner.

While I’m not advocating against a glass of wine during dinner time, I’m advocating against too much alcohol that could spiral things out of control and make you devour food like an animal.

On How to Chew Quietly

Above are some of the most effective methods to help you chew quietly.

As earlier mentioned, it all starts with self-awareness-and mastering the techniques that will help you learn how to chew quietly.

Eating while your mouth is closed is also another great hack that works for me every time.

Is there any other method you’ve mastered that has to help you chew your snacks quietly? Let me know down below.

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