How to Soundproof Dog Crate: 7 Ideas That WORK!

soundproof dog crate

Dog crates provide a safe, comfortable and secure environment for your dog. Crates also help with housebreaking, and can be used to protect your dog from household hazards. Crates should be covered with a heavy blanket or towel when transporting your dog in a car. This will help muffle any noise the crate may make … Read more

Top 7 Ways on How to Block Noise from Neighbors Yard

How to Block Noise from Neighbors Yard_1

I was born and raised in California, one of the most populated states in America. Our family has been a victim of “noisy neighbors” stomping from the above floor, shooting target in the neighborhood, dogs barking, loud generators- the list is endless. If you’re trying to enjoy your own yard, but noise from your neighbors … Read more

Top 9 Quietest Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use in 2023

Quietest Air Rifle: Top 6 Most Quiet Air Rifle for Neighborhood Use

When looking for a quiet air rifle, there are a few things to consider. The most important is the type of powerplant – whether it’s spring-piston, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), or CO2. Spring-piston and PCP air rifles are the quietest, while CO2 guns tend to be slightly louder. Another factor to consider is the type of … Read more

Quiet Leaf Blower: Top 7 Quietest Electric, Battery & Cordless

quiet leaf blower

Like dust collectors, lawnmowers, a quiet leaf blower is an essential appliance for every household. Imagine how annoying it could be to be awoken as early as 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning by a noisy leaf blower? Most of these garage appliances can get loud enough to cause neighbor conflicts, especially in neighborhoods where … Read more

Soundproof Tent for Camping and Jobsites (Loud Power Tools)

people camping in the wood with a tent_1

If you enjoy camping with your friends, you know how loud it can get. After spending the entire day partying, dancing, and a couple of nature trails comes the night when all you need is an hour or two of sleep. But this can’t happen as your friends outside carry on like wild animals making … Read more

Top 7 Tips on How to Run Quietly

how to run quietly

If you do daily morning runs just like me, I’m confident that you’ve mastered the art of running silently or are trying to find ways to run quietly. It’s never an easy feat to perform this intense cardio workout while at the same time keeping the noise down. Running is an excellent form of exercise … Read more