About Our Founder

Early Beginnings in Chicago

Born in June 1987, Mike O’Conner’s story begins in the bustling city of Chicago. His early life in this vibrant city laid the foundation for his future endeavors. After completing high school, Mike made a significant life decision to join the military, a path that would shape his character and work ethic.

Transition to Sound Engineering

However, his journey took a turn when he decided to leave his military career behind. Pursuing his growing interest in audio technology, Mike enrolled in DePaul University. Here, he delved into the Sound Recording Technology program, a choice that would ignite his passion and set him on the course to becoming a renowned sound engineer.

Entrepreneurial Leap in Denver and Cincinnati

Post-graduation, Mike embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, establishing his own company in Denver, Colorado. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. Mike later moved to Cincinnati, a city notorious for its noise levels, where he set up a recording studio in his garage. Faced with the challenge of Cincinnati’s noise, Mike recognized the necessity for effective soundproofing, a realization that would soon lead to a groundbreaking endeavor.

Birth of Soundproof Nation

In 2015, Mike O’Conner’s experience and insights resulted in the creation of Soundproof Nation. His startup, born out of a need to blend sound engineering with practical soundproofing solutions, quickly gained recognition. Soundproof Nation wasn’t just a company; it was a response to a widespread problem, especially in noisy urban environments.

Return to Denver: Growth and Recognition

Eventually, Mike, along with his family, returned to Denver, Colorado. It was here that he continued to cultivate his career as a sound engineer while simultaneously nurturing his passion for soundproofing. Under his guidance, Soundproof Nation flourished, becoming one of Denver’s most esteemed soundproofing companies.

Mike O’Conner’s journey from a young Chicago native to the founder of a successful soundproofing company in Denver encapsulates his dedication, innovation, and resilience. His story is not just about soundproofing; it’s about adapting to change, seizing opportunities, and creating solutions in the face of challenges.