7 Reasons Why Do Singers Wear Earpieces on Stage?

an image showing a singer holding a guitar in front of a live audience

As a singer, you want to be able to hear yourself well onstage so that you can perform at your best. But sometimes, the noise level from the crowd can make it difficult to hear yourself clearly. That’s where an earpiece comes in handy. By wearing an earpiece, you can hear your own voice more … Read more

Hissing Sound from Speakers When Not Playing Music: Quick DIY Fixes

Hissing Sound from Speakers When not Playing Music

Is there hissing sound from speakers when not playing music from your stereo? If you’re experiencing this problem, you’re not alone-and; your lucky guess is that there are different methods on how you can fix the noise problem. These are simple DIY quick fixes- as simple as fixing speakers making noise when the car is … Read more

Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise: Make it Quiet Now

Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise

Is your ceiling fan making clicking noise? In this guide, you we shall discuss different ways on how you can make your ceiling fan quiet. While ceiling fans are a nice addition to your home, especially during those hot summer days, they can get quite noisy when not regularly maintained. With all the daily chores … Read more