Top 21 Best Quiet Air Compressor for Garage, Workshop and Jobsites

Best Quiet Air Compressor

The best quiet air compressor is California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor with 56 decibels noise ratings. Air compressors play an integral role for professional or DIY enthusiasts. They enable us to accomplish specific activities such as DIY painting, filling tires, carpentry, or even auto repairs. According to a study published … Read more

How To Fix A Squeaky Alternator Bearing

How To Fix A Squeaky Alternator Bearing

In this guide, I will be sharing useful tips on how to fix a squeaky alternator bearing. We know that a squeaky bearing can be irritating, not to mention that it can indicate a much bigger problem.  Fortunately, you can fix the problem if you know where to look and what to change. In this … Read more

7 Ways on How to Quiet Catalytic Converter Rattles

catalytic converter rattles s

If your catalytic converter rattles, it’s a symptom that it may be worn out or damaged internally from excess rich fuel mixtures. Additionally, the catalytic converter can fail when the honeycomb meshes on the inside break or collapse apart. Rattling noises that arise from your car can cause what the Centers of Disease Control term … Read more

Mass Loaded Vinyl: Application, Effectiveness and Alternatives

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl of one of the most popular soundproofing materials available on the market today. If you’ve been an avid follower of my DIY soundproofing blog posts, you will discover that mass loaded vinyl is one of my favorite material for making a room quieter. Additionally, it also forms a part of an automotive … Read more

How To Hammer Quietly: Top 9 Methods To Hammer Silently

How To Hammer Quietly

If you live in an apartment or simply share a common wall with your neighbor, then you got to learn how to hammer quietly. Hammering is a noisy affair and can be quite irritating especially for the next-door person trying to have some good night’s sleep. In this simple guide, I shall be detailing some … Read more

Car Makes Creaking Noise When Going Over Bumps

Car Makes Creaking Noise When Going Over Bumps

Are you wondering why your car makes creaking noise when going over bumps? Well, the answer is, 99% of the time, the suspension is to blame. You will still experience the creaking noise problem even after soundproofing the car cabin. And now that you know that suspension is one of the common reasons your car … Read more