Why is My Hot Water Heater Making High Pitched Noise?

You may hear strange noises coming from your water heater. The noises may include pops, bangs, whistles, and even hisses. Some of these noises may be irritating or even terrifying. Before you rush flying back upstairs in terror that your water heater is haunted, be assured that water heater noises are common. In the long … Read more

How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

a man calling the cops reporting about noisy stomping upstairs neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbours is one of the most common problems every American citizen experiences. Worse enough, the impact noise from the floor above can be unbearable as it’s also one of the most difficult to deal with noise problems regarding soundproofing. Calling the cops won’t help much as they will require some evidence for … Read more

SONOpan Review: What is It and How Does it Work?

an image showing the effectiveness of sonopan soundproofing boards

Like any other home improvement project, soundproofing involves using either recyclable or non-recyclable materials. Even though some of these products will, in the long run, eliminate noise problems in your home, there are potential health concerns. For example, research has shown that materials like asbestos do an excellent job in insulation performance and heat resistance … Read more

How To Stop a Clock from Ticking So Loud

an image showing two people standing in front of a large clock

A time clock is one of the most common fixtures at home and workplace- and more so in workplaces where the employees are employed on hourly wages. At-home clocks keep us updated with time and wake us up early morning by simply setting the alarm. But even with alarm clocks playing this crucial role in … Read more

How to Use Egg Trays for Soundproofing (SOLVED!!!)

an image of brown egg cartons

You may have stumbled across egg cartons/ trays soundproofing theory as a DIY soundproofing enthusiast. Some claim that egg cartons resemble acoustic foam panels so that they could help in sound absorption. But how far from the truth is this statement? Do egg trays soundproof? The Science When talking about sound absorption, the idea is … Read more

Are Quiet People Dangerous?

an image of a quiet woman meditating on the shores of a river

Quiet individuals admit that they are usually misunderstood. They are often highly imaginative and attentive to their environment than their more outspoken counterparts, which might make them look timid or restrained. But being a quiet person doesn’t mean they hate being around people. In fact, some quiet people thrive in the company of others. They … Read more