Noise Complaint Mass Shooting: Do This to Avoid Confrontation

mass shooting after noise complaint

Francisco Oropesa, 38 the main suspect in the Texas noise complaint mass shooting was arrested at his sister’s home. The gunman is accused of shooting dead five of his neighbors in Texas after they made a noise complaint about him. It’s alleged that some of his neighbors requested him to cease shooting a semi-automatic rifle … Read more

How To Swallow Quietly: 9 Ways to Help You Eat/Drink Silently

an image showing a woman trying to swallow water quietly_1

Nothing is more embarrassing than swallowing loudly when you sip water or eat food. That shouldn’t worry you as I’ve been there, and through the tips provided below, I can now control my swallowing, allowing me to take any liquids without making noise. To avoid the embarrassment that comes at the cost of quenching your … Read more

5 Reasons Your Hair Feels Squeaky After Shampooing

a woman shampooing her hair

Shampooing offers a wide range of essential benefits for your hair as long as it’s done right. Going for weeks or months without washing your hair results in dirt buildup, which can be detrimental to your hair. Additionally, too much hair shampooing can be worse for your hair. In this guide, we shall examine some … Read more

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment

How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment

Treadmills are perfect gym workout machines that give a healthy dose of aerobic exercises. With the gym membership cost increasing after the pandemic, most apartment dwellers and homeowners have shifted to home gyms, saving money and time. Additionally, working out at home is perfect for “gym introverts” or people doing Vlogs for their YouTube channels. … Read more

Why is My Hot Water Heater Making High Pitched Noise?

You may hear strange noises coming from your water heater. The noises may include pops, bangs, whistles, and even hisses. Some of these noises may be irritating or even terrifying. Before you rush flying back upstairs in terror that your water heater is haunted, be assured that water heater noises are common. In the long … Read more

How To Record Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

a man calling the cops reporting about noisy stomping upstairs neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbours is one of the most common problems every American citizen experiences. Worse enough, the impact noise from the floor above can be unbearable as it’s also one of the most difficult to deal with noise problems regarding soundproofing. Calling the cops won’t help much as they will require some evidence for … Read more