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Home should be a place to seek refuge after a busy and noisy day at work.

unfortunately, unwanted noise is just a nightmare especially when you experience it within the walls of your house.

It can transform your safe haven to a living hell and significantly affect the quality of life you lead.

Mike O'Conner
           Mike O’Conner (DIY Soundproofing)

According to research, noise significantly affect the quality of life as well as productivity. (Source)

Meet Mike O’Connor, (a DIY enthusiast), living in Cincinnati, a city ranked as the noisiest in the USA.

As a work from home dad, I have a first hand experience of how noise can truly affect your well being.

Soundproofing isn’t something that should be taken as a hobby, it should be a skill that every homeowner should be equipped with.

Most of the work documented on this blog comes from purely first hand experience, and the products recommended work as indicated.

When I started out to soundproofing a door, and making my bed quieter, I discovered that there was an ocean of “professionals” recommending different methods and their opinions were bewildering.

Soundproof Nation is a documentation, a diary of all the research and knowledge I have garnered over the past 10 years of my soundproofing journey.

I strongly believe that with your support, we can create a noise free and soundproof nation and live harmoniously as happy neighbors.

Sound is among the significant environmental factors for people’s health, and it has an important role in both physical and psychological injuries, and it also affects individuals’ performance and productivity.

It’s my hope that Soundproof Nation will become a go to place for anyone in need of creating a quiet and peaceful environment.

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