Hissing Sound from Speakers When Not Playing Music: Quick DIY Fixes

Is there hissing sound from speakers when not playing music from your stereo?

If you’re experiencing this problem, you’re not alone-and; your lucky guess is that there are different methods on how you can fix the noise problem.

These are simple DIY quick fixes- as simple as fixing speakers making noise when the car is of discussed in my previous article.

Let’s get started.

How to Fix Hissing Sound from Speakers When Not Playing Music

Besides your computer being noisy (here’s a guide on how to quiet a noisy computer), the speaker’s noise can be quite irritating, especially when trying to get some quiet time after listening to your favorite music.

Below are the causes and fixes for hissing sound from speakers when not playing music.

1. The Amplifier Electronic Circuit

The hissing sound problem could be a result of the amplifier’s electronic circuit.

Unfortunately, if your speakers have in-built amplifiers, then there’s nothing you can do to fix this problem.

Thermal noise is something that almost everyone who owns a stereo experience.

Alternatively, you can unplug your stereo from the wall socket. Plug it back in only when you want to listen to music.

2. Unbalanced audio input cables

The solution to this would be to replace the audio input cables for your speakers.

However, if your speakers don’t have individual audio input ports, you may be forced to upgrade to new audio monitors. Alternatively you can purchase some cheap speakers that probably won’t make any noticeable hissing sound.

Hissing Sound from Speakers When not Playing Music

3. Electromagnetic Interference

If the input audio cables cause the hissing sound, the problem can be escalated by electromagnetic interference.

Ideally, the hissing noise would become louder as you approach your speakers.

Well, it’s important to note that you aren’t the problem in this case- and the probable culprit is the smartphone in your pocket.

Smartphones aren’t the only thing that can cause amplify the hissing noise; of course, other electronic devices such as Wi-Fi modems, computers, routers can have the same effects.

Additionally, unbalanced audio cables can also trigger this problem, and so if you have a bunch of cables lying around your stereo speakers, you may want to separate them.

Professional audio monitors are more susceptible to this type of noise.

If you have an audio monitor, you will find different ports at the back of the speaker- and if the audio input cord is connected to the RCA port, it’s likely unbalanced.

Additionally, 3.5mm aux cords and ¼ inch instrument cables can also be unbalanced.

It’s pretty simple to tell by looking at the jack- for instance, if it has just one black ring, then it’s unbalanced, and two rings, it will have a balanced signal.

Unbalanced speaker cables have two wires- one’s responsible for the audio signal while the second one helps shield against interference.

On the other hand, balanced cables feature an additional wire that gives a negative polarity hence canceling out interference and background noise.

How to Eliminate Hissing Sound from Speakers When Not Playing Music

There are some proven ways that you can implement right now to get rid of the hissing noise from your stereo.

Unplug the Speakers

Simple as it sounds, unplugging the speakers when they are not in use is the only sure way to ensure you get rid of the noise problem.

Some speakers have an off/on switch at the back, but it’s best to simply unplug them if yours doesn’t.

Try Balanced Cables

Since unbalanced cables can make the speakers more susceptible to interference, you should opt for balanced and shielded auxiliary cords over TS and RCA cables.

But if the speakers have a balanced ¼ inch port, I would highly recommend the Hosa HSS-010 REAN cable available on Amazon.

On Hissing Sound from Speakers When not Playing Music

If you hear a hissing noise from the speakers when you’re not playing music; then the probable cause could be magnetic interference, grounding issues, or probably unbalanced cables.

The speaker hissing problem can be easily fixed without breaking the bank and in simple easy step.

Above are some of the best methods to help you deal with this problem.

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