Car Makes Creaking Noise When Going Over Bumps

Car Makes Creaking Noise When Going Over Bumps

Are you wondering why your car makes creaking noise when going over bumps? Well, the answer is, 99% of the time, the suspension is to blame. You will still experience the creaking noise problem even after soundproofing the car cabin. And now that you know that suspension is one of the common reasons your car … Read more

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off: Easy DIY Fixes

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

Are your Speakers making Noise when car is off? I will share with you some of the reasons why car speakers make noise when your automobile is off. You will also learn different ways on how you can make the car speakers quiet. Check out this awesome article on quiet electric fuel pumps. Why Are … Read more

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump: Top 7 Silent Pumps on the Market

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump holley whisper quiet fuel pump jegs ultra quiet fuel pump carter electric fuel pump jegs ultra-quiet electric fuel pump electric fuel pump for carburetor jegs quiet electric fuel pump jegs ultra quiet fuel pump review electric fuel pump on carbureted engine

The quietest electric fuel pump will not only make your everyday commutes quieter but will also improve the performance of your car. One sure way of silencing your noisy fuel pump is by use rubber spacers. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to do it yourself- and since pumps … Read more

Is Dynamat Better Than Noico? COMPLETE Guide

Noico vs Dynamat

Here is my Noico vs Dynamat detailed comparison guide. Sound deadening mats are your best bets if you need to soundproof your car. Now that you’re aware of the different sound deadening mats, it’s important to know in detail what each material has to offer. I wrote this guide to help you compare between two … Read more

Quietest Performance Muffler to Improve Speed and Horsepower

Quietest Performance Muffler

The word “performance muffler” is an oxymoron- simply a figure of speech. “Muffler,” as Americans call it or “silencer” in the U.K refers to sound dampening. However, in a performance context, this is secondary. What enables a muffler to minimize noise might also prevent a car from achieving its full potential in terms of performance. … Read more

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat: Which One is BETTER?

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat

When driving, it’s important to react as fast as possible in case of an emergency to avoid devastating crash/accidents on the road. However, a study published on (NCBI website), on The Effect of Road Traffic Noise on Reaction Time, found out that road/traffic noise resulted to the increase in reaction time in the event of … Read more