Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off: Easy DIY Fixes

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Are your Speakers making Noise when car is off?

I will share with you some of the reasons why car speakers make noise when your automobile is off.

You will also learn different ways on how you can make the car speakers quiet.

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Why Are Speakers Making Noise When Car is Off?

Static noise is mostly caused by cables that have electric signals. The distortion to these signals mostly comes from devices that are in close proximity.

Anything that generates an electric field may lead to static noise. Do not be surprised if the power lines are the reason why you cannot enjoy quality music from your stereo when the car is off.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off s

Below is a summary of the reasons for speakers making noise when car is off

  • Radio receiving power even when the engine is not running – If you can still turn on your radio when the key is not in the ignition, and the engine is off, it means that your receiver has a power source that could be causing the static problems.
  • Electrical interference- This is from any device that can distort electric signals. The main culprits include mobile phones, power cables, and devices plugged in the car USB port.
  • Speaker Wires – low-quality wires connecting the speakers and the radio can lead to noises, especially if the receiver has a constant supply of power.
  • Grounding – You can expect noises if the radio is poorly grounded. Grounding problems mostly show when the radio is off unless there is an electrical interference when the radio is on.

How to Fix Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off?

To take care of this problem once and for all, you need to identify where the sound is coming from.

Is the static coming from an unshielded antennae cable, or some wires are too close to the antennae?

Just like any other car problem, the first step to getting a solution is identifying the issue.

You can try to diagnose the noise origin for yourself or take the car to a mechanic for the same.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off

Below are the steps to follow to identify the source of the static problem

  • Check the patch cables.
  • When the stereo is still on, pull the receiver inside the dashboard. You can play a CD or tape during this step.
  • Remove the speaker cables from the amplifier. Next, turn off the car so you can hear where the noise is coming from
  • Inspect the car battery and check the alternator
  • In case the noise is coming from the engine, install a noise filter to take care of the problem.
  • Once you have identified the problem, you can work towards fixing it. Fixing the speaker issue may be a challenge if you are not a car expert.
  • It is wise to get in touch with your mechanic if you are unsure of what to do, whatever the car issue.

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Static Noise Caused by The Antennae

Check whether the noise is from all sources, including USB, CD, FM, AM, and Auxiliary.

If the noise is only coming through the radio, it is highly likely that antennae lead is the problem.

Try unplugging the antennae lead and check whether the noise will disappear.

If you do not notice the static when the antennae lead is off, get an antennae noise suppressor to eliminate it.

Check out Amazon for antennae noise suppressors or ask your mechanic for recommendations.

Ensure that the suppressor you choose has excellent reviews and come with the right features to match your car needs.

The antennae suppressor breaks the path connecting the antennae to the receiver.

This, in turn, prevents the noise from the antennae from distorting the system and stop speakers making noise when car is off.

Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off s

Engine Noise/ Alternator Noise

If the engine is the culprit, you will hear whining or clicking sound through your system.

This noise will change depending on the speed of your engine.

Fixing the alternator helps filter the noise between the alternator and battery.

A noise filter installed on the receiver’s power may also help with reducing noise pollution.(Source)

Stereo Noise When the Amplifier Is New

A new speaker could cause noise in the stereo system if the mounting is poor, so you may need to check it out and correct it.

If the amplifier is touching the chassis of your car, you may need to use some rubber feet or grommet to create a cushion.

The goal here is to ensure that the amplifier is not hitting against the car chassis when the stereo is on.

Speaker Noise Originating from The Electric System

If the above fixes fail, the electrical system could be the problem.

Start by filling the battery with fluid and see whether the noise will stop.

If case this doesn’t help, you may need to get a mechanic to check the alternator and battery.

The connection to the battery may have an issue, or the alternator may be faulty.

If you are dealing with an old car that hasn’t been tuned, you could be facing an ignition noise problem.

In such a case, you will notice a ticking sound that increases when you accelerate.

Ignition noise can be rectified with resistor-type spark plugs, carbon-core spark-plug wires, distributor cap, and coil.

Get a car expert to handle this problem if you do not know what to do with these parts.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, there is a possibility that the ignition system is not well-grounded, so it is distributing noise to other parts.


Ensuring proper grounding is the only way to handle this problem conclusively.

Most, if not all, electric system noises can be fixed using The Three Upgrade system.

With this process, the battery charging wires and ground wires, are augmented with large gauge cables.

These cables connect the positive battery pole with the alternator, the negative pole and the chassis, and the engine block to the chassis.

This helps ensure consistent voltage, improved current flow, enhanced system signal.

When the system signal improves, it will be hard to heat speakers making noise when car is off.

The Three Upgrade system requires a car expert, and you may have to dig deep in your pocket to have the process completed.

However, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

The upgrade system will not only enhance your stereo experience, but your car will also run better and more efficiently.

Final Thoughts on Speakers Making Noise When Car Is Off?

Speakers making nose when the car is off is unusual but not an uncommon problem.

This can be quite irritating especially when you spend a lot of time in your car.

Luckily, above are some of the best and easy quick fixes you can try now for a better and yet quieter rides.

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