Top 9 Automotive Sound Deadening Material (Efficient and Affordable)

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

If your car is prone to constant rattling, wind noise, tire noise, or vibrations inside the car cabin, your best bet would be to use automotive sound-deadening materials. Nothing is irritating like going on a summer road trip with your friends, and in the middle of an expressway singing, your automobile starts rattling due to … Read more

Soundskins Sound-Deadening Material Review

SoundSkins Review

If you are a car owner, then I’m sure you are aware of how annoying road noise can be when doing long drives. Soundproofing your car is an effective way to get rid of annoying road noise that arises as rubber meets asphalt. There are a variety of car soundproofing materials and among the best … Read more

How Long Will A Wheel Bearing Last After It Starts Making Noise?

How Long Will A Wheel Bearing Last After It Starts Making Noise?

Want to know how long will a wheel bearing last after it starts making noise? Well, this depends on various factors. You will first need to figure out the nature and level of sound to determine the lifespan of the wheel bearing. When it comes to your safety and the passengers in your car, we … Read more

10 Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise: IDEAL for Noisy Lifters

Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise

Oil Additives play an important role in the successful operation and maintenance of today’s engines. The purpose of an oil additive is to enhance the properties of lubricating oil and thereby improve its performance. There are many different types of oil additives, each with its own specific function. Some common functions include: Improving the viscosity … Read more

How to Reduce Wind Noise In Your Vehicle: 9 EASY Steps

How to Reduce Wind Noise In car

Wind noise is a common problem when driving at high speeds. There are several things that can cause this, ranging from loose panels to bad seals around your windows. In most cases, wind noise is simply an annoyance and not a serious safety issue. However, if the noise is severe, it can be distracting and … Read more

How to Quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance

How to Quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance

Ever wished your car’s exhaust could be a bit quieter, but worried you might lose that exciting zoom of your engine? You’re not alone! Many car lovers dream of a smooth, quieter ride without giving up the thrill of a powerful performance. Not only does a loud exhaust affect pedestrians, but it can also be … Read more