Is Dynamat Better Than Noico? COMPLETE Guide

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Here is my Noico vs Dynamat detailed comparison guide. Sound deadening mats are your best bets if you need to soundproof your car.

Now that you’re aware of the different sound deadening mats, it’s important to know in detail what each material has to offer.

I wrote this guide to help you compare between two of the most common and affordable sound deadening mats.

Noico is a butyl and foil material used for soundproofing.

The 50 and 80 mils thick sheets are perfect for sound insulation though their effectiveness increases with the thickness.

If you are looking for quality soundproofing, go for the 80 mils ones, and the good thing is that they are only slightly more expensive than the 50 mils ones.

Noico vs Dynamat

Most people prefer Noico mats for their effectiveness and affordability.

Dynamat is a reputable brand, and their products have stood the test of time.

The Dynamat 50 mils sheets are great for soundproofing, and they help keep vibrations in your car to bear minimum. 

While Dynamat is thinner Noico mat, it is generally above average.

However, if you want the thickest soundproofing material there is, Noico will be your brand of choice.

The Dynamat mats come with an aluminum coating that works to enhance bass in the car and also add to their effectiveness.

However, these mats cost more when compared to Noico.

If it boils down to a battle of Noico vs Dynamat, the winner will be Dynamat for its versatile, durable, and highly efficient mats.

This is not to say Noico is not a great option.

If you are on a tight budget, Noico mats will meet your current insulation needs as long as you do not live in an extremely hot area.

Their thickness also means that they guarantee excellent soundproofing capability.

Below are some of the features to look out for when shopping for vehicle soundproofing material.

Under each feature, you get to see how each of these two brands perform.

Noise Reduction

Noico Mats eliminate automotive sounds, rattling, and vibrations in any moving car.

Thanks to their thick material, these mats are effective for soundproofing.

Dynamat products are also ideal for soundproofing, and they work to enhance the bass effect in the car.

These products can stop external noise from getting in the car, block heat, and damp vibrations creating a quiet and relaxed ride.

If your only concern is noise, either of these two products will work great for you.

Effectiveness of Material/ Reliability

The material determines how effective your soundproofing option is.

A good choice is thick yet light enough not to affect the overall weight of the vehicle, and it should work to eliminate both internal and external noises.

Noico Mats are made of a material that is 80 mil thick. The Dynamat products, on the other hand, are 50-60 mil thick.

When it comes to soundproofing, the thicker the material, the better.

In this case, the Noico beats the Dynamat mats hand down. Both of these mats are made of Butyl rubber, which is great for soundproofing.

The only problem is that for the Noico mats, asphalt adhesive is used. The asphalt adhesive reduces the effectiveness of the mat as it makes them ineffective in hot places.

Also, the fact that the glue has a rubbery smell that may be too strong for some people lowers its ineffectiveness.

The Dynamat mats come with an aluminum coating that will tremendously improve the bass inside your car.

It is safe to say that this coating, together with the odorless adhesive more than makes up for the slight difference in thickness.


Installation depends on how flexible the insulation material is.

Flexible materials are easier to install, and it’s better if they can also bend on corners and curves.

Noico Mats comes with indicators that will let you know if you have fitted them right.

Thanks to the lightweight and design, installing these mats is easy.

The Dynamat Mats are just as easy to install, and because they are self-adhesive, you do not need extra materials to put them in place.

When you consider Dynamat and Noico where the installation is concerned, the Noico mats are a little easier to install thanks to their lightweight.

The indicators also make it easy for you to tell when you are doing the installation right.

Whether you have the Noico or Dynamat soundproofing mats, getting them professionally installed is always wise.

This way, you do not have to worry about cutting them to size and, in the process damaging the material.


Do you know where you want to put the soundproofing mats?

Which are the problem areas, and can the mat you choose work in all those areas?

The main culprits of car noise are floors, doors, firewalls, wheel arches, hoods, ceiling, and trunks.

Soundproofing mats on doors reduce street noise and also improve heat insulation.

The mats will also eliminate door squeaks while improving car acoustics.

The same mats on the floor and trunk will reduce road and tire noise.

If the soundproofing mats are installed on the hood, the engine vibrations and rattling will be significantly be reduced.

When comparing these two brands in terms of usability, the Dynamat option takes the day.

These mats can be used anywhere on the vehicle, even on those that heat up quickly, and you will enjoy optimal service for years.

The Dynamat mats can also be used outside the vehicle, in the house, and little any other area that needs soundproofing.

The manufacturer offers a customization option so you can get the mats in the size you want.

Oil Resistance

Oil and lubrication are imperative to vehicle performance.

When choosing a soundproofing material, ensure that the option you choose doesn’t react to oil.

Ideally, the soundproofing material you choose should adhere to all surfaces, whether they have oil stains or not.

Both Dynamat and Noico mats work perfectly, even in areas with oil stains.


While this is the last factor you should consider, it only makes sense to buy soundproofing material within your budget.

Dynamat materials cost anywhere between $2-$5 while the Noico ones are in the $1-$2 price range.

If you don’t have much to spend on soundproofing, the Noico mats are your best option.

However, if you want from a reputable brand that delivers as promised and in all weather conditions, you may have to save a little more for the Dynamat products.

Final thoughts: Noico vs Dynamat

Noico vs Dynamat sound deadening mats above will help you soundproof and make your car quieter inside.

And while Noico maybe easier to install and more affordable, Dynamat has more uses and much effective.

If you’re not on budget and would want something durable and effective- then I would highly recommend Dynamat.

On the other hand, choose Noico if you’re on budget and want to soundproof your vehicle.

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