Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat: Which is The Best Sound Deadener?

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat which one is the best automotive sound deadening material?

When driving, it’s important to react as fast as possible in case of an emergency to avoid devastating crash/accidents on the road.

However, a study published on (NCBI website), on The Effect of Road Traffic Noise on Reaction Time, found out that road/traffic noise resulted to the increase in reaction time in the event of an emergency when driving. (Source)

To reduce road and traffic noise in cars, it important to soundproof your car.

Some of the popular soundproofing materials for vehicles is Lizard Skin, Dynamat, SoundSkins, and Hushmat.

Reducing road noise will significantly lower reaction time, allowing you to make quick decision in split seconds.

In this guide, we shall be looking at some of those materials to help deaden road/traffic noise.

Lizard Skin vs Dynamat Detailed Comparison

Lizard skin overview

This is a reliable and effective product when it comes to soundproofing. The noise insulating spray can be applied to any part inside the car to reduce the noise from the road.

The product is applied with the help of a spray gun, and once it adheres to the interior of the car, it deadens most of the sound.

Lizard Skins Company advises you to use it with ceramic insulation to aid in thermal insulation and a top coat to give a glossy finish.

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat

However, the two instructions don’t play any role in soundproofing, meaning that it is not compulsory to use them unless you are also focused on thermal insulation.

The advantage of ceramic thermal insulation is that it has the ability off withstanding temperatures of up to 500-degree Fahrenheit.

This will keep the temperature inside your car cooler, especially during the summer season.

The thermal insulation is a spray-on solution, thus easy to apply. The lizard skins can be applied on the interior door of your car, inside the floor, trunk, or bottom of the car.

Lizard skin comes in 2-gallon buckets, and the company recommends that you use a double coat with a thickness of 0.40” to 0.60”. The application is easy, and the instructions given are easy to understand.

They provide a marker to measure the thickness. You will need 4 gallons for an average car even though they estimate 6 gallons for a hardtop car.

An advantage of lizard skin is that the spray is durable and lasts long. The material is water-based, and there won’t be any odor after installing it. It is effective in reducing the noise coming from outside and heat resistant properties.

Dynamat Overview

Dynamat outperforms other brands and outshines sprays with its overall performance.

The downside is that the material is costly when compared with other products, and it can be up to 40% higher. Because of this reason, many people opt to look for an alternative.

Dynamat is effective when it comes to reducing echoes, thus improving the quality of the music in your car.

Dynamat Xtreme is the commonly used product in soundproofing cars and can dampen the sound by 9-12dB.

If you are on a low budget, buy Dynamat Xtreme then cut it to fit your car.

The other product is Dynapad, and it is more effective even though it is very thick and tiresome to cut. It is best when used on car floors.

Dynamat boasts its extreme performance that outdoes all other brands. It is not asphalt-based, so you have less to worry about the smell.

They can last up to a decade, and they are heat resistant since they can optimize temperatures of 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the downside is that it can be challenging to install for people with no experience.

Lizard Skin vs Dynamat- Comparisons


Dynamat does not need a lot of preparations, and you can apply in steps by installing one part at a time, e.g., the door, floor, and the rest of the car parts.

It involves partial installation that can be done in stages.

Lizard skin, on the other hand, you will have to pull the entire interior out so that the spray does not ruin them.

In terms of preparation, Dynamat is the better option to go for.

Material thickness

The thickness of the material is an important factor to consider when it comes to soundproofing projects.

For the lizard skin, you will find that after the two coats, it thicker at 0.40 to 0.60 inches while Dynamat measures 0.067” in thickness.

In terms of thickness, lizard skin is better than Dynamat, but according to the nature of the materials, Dynamat is the best.

Purchasing Cost

Since dynamat is a premium brand, it comes at a higher price.

You must have a budget ranging from $ 450-600 exclusive of the labor cost. Lizard, on the other hand, will only require around $100- 200 less.

If you are on a low budget, consider going for the lizard skin, but if some extra coins to spend, then you can go for the dynamat.


The two products are very different in terms of the installation process. With the help of a spray gun, it is easy to apply lizard skin.

With no spray gun, the whole process will turn out messy and difficult to handle.

The company recommends 6 gallons, but you can use 4 gallons. If your car is average, you can imagine applying 4 gallons without a spray gun; it could be such a tiresome job.

You may have to call an expert to do the spraying for you.

Since dynamat is made of thick material, it can be cumbersome to cut, especially without the required skills.

You have to measure the area correctly because once you make a mistake, there are gaps that since the mat will not cover the expected area.

If you have never installed a Dynamat before, consider seeking guidance as an expert. Lizard’s skin is more ease to install than a Dynamat.

Effectiveness of the product

Dynamat boasts its efficacy in dampening noise. The only thing making them be purchased frequently is its high price.

However, this does not mean that the other similar products are poor performance.

For instance, sound skins perform just like the Dynamat but come at a lower price than the dynamat, and many people prefer them because of their performance.

Finish and Coverage

If you correctly spray the lizard skin, there is no possibility of leaving gaps or seams.

However, there is a risk that the bolts and nuts could get jammed. It covers all the areas, including the frames and ribs, with less strain.

Dynamat, on the other hand, may end up leaving seams and gaps, especially if you did not measure correctly when cutting.

It is nearly impossible to cover all the areas since it mainly covers the body section of a car.

For a better finish, consider using lizard skin to avoid leaving seams or gaps.

Final Thoughts on Lizard Skin vs Dynamat

There you go, a detailed guide of Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat comparison. If you need to opt for a sound deadening mat to reduce road/wind noise in car, then Dynamat is your best bet.

On the other hand, Lizard Skin is a great soundproofing spray  and also a perfect alternative to Dynamat.

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