Quietest Electric Fuel Pump: Top 7 Silent Pumps on the Market

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The quietest electric fuel pump will not only make your everyday commutes quieter but will also improve the performance of your car.

One sure way of silencing your noisy fuel pump is by use rubber spacers.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to do it yourself- and since pumps are readily affordable, why not invest in a quiet one?

Here is a guide on some of the quiet fuel pumps on the market.

What Is An Electric Fuel Pump?

In motor vehicles, the fuel pump delivers fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injector or carburetor of an engine.

It is a post second world war invention that made vehicles more economical, dependable, and efficient. The electric fuel pump replaces the manual fuel pump and is generally considered a more effective use of technology for the operation of automobiles.

The fuel pump is made up of the following parts:


This component consists of a check valve (to prevent fuel system escape), electrical connections, and a hydraulic outlet. In addition to the carbon brushes for the functioning of the commutator drive motor, the cover often comprises interference suppression devices (inductors and capacitors).

Electric motor

The electric motor has both permanent magnets and armature. The standard commutator material is copper. Diesel systems and special applications use carbon commutators.

Pump section

The pump segment consists of either a flow pump or a positive displacement pump. Flow-type and positive displacement-type electric fuel pumps can be differentiated in various ways.


What Is the Best Quietest Electric Fuel Pump?

The quietest electric fuel pump is Carter P4070 In-Line Fuel Pump

The P4070, just like other Carter fuel systems, comes with an internally regulated pressure pump of about 7pounds or so.

You will need a holley pressure regulator as the pump can be head on the seat/needle of a holley carb.

Thanks to this feature, the fuel flows freely inside the pump, and there is no chance for shaft seal leaks or burn out.

They are quiet as they get.

I still have the own my Dad bought for our jeep in 1980 and used it till 2004 when I sold the truck.

The pump is fitted with universal rotary vane-style pumps and can work for both diesel and carbureted applications.

While this unit was originally designed for military use, you can use them for automotive, truck, and industrial applications.

It’s one of the most advanced pumps in the market, you can expect to enjoy unrivalled performance.

The Carter pump comes with premium OE fit, exceptional vehicle coverage, and a host of problem-solving features.

It also runs quietly so you can barely hear it over the engine noise.

If you are looking for a fuel pump that is versatile, high-performance, and durable, the Carter P4070 is a perfect choice.

A-List of the Quietest Electric Fuel Pump

If Carter P4070 In-Line Fuel Pump above doesn’t sound like the real deal to you, then there are other great alternatives to choose from. Below is a detailed guide of the best quietest electric fuel pumps.

1. Holley 12-427 Electric Fuel Pump

The Holley 12-427 delivers 4-7 psi of power, making it ideal if you want a pump that will run quietly and provide excellent results.

Being a reputable brand, you are guaranteed that this is a quality product that will serve you well and stand the test of time.

This pump is compatible will all types of fuel and works for most carbureted operations, making it versatile.

If you are looking for a powerful 12 Volts pump with a great filter for your snowmobile, jeep, or tractor, this Holley creation is ideal.

It is also a perfect choice if you are working with a tight budget.

The installation process is straightforward, and because it is designed to be quiet, you will barely hear the pump running when the engine is on.

2. Holley Blue W/O Regulator Electric Pump

This is yet another Holley creation that stands out for its outstanding performance.

Thanks to its lower housing casting, fuel flow is constant with no pulsation, and the pump runs quietly.

You can expect this pump to provide an intense fuel pressure immediately you hook it to a 12 V power source.

The fact that it only runs on three amps current means you never have to worry about the pump being too much for your vehicle.

The polished billet look is a welcome break from the ordinary, and it makes this a low-maintenance pump that will serve you for long.

If you want a high-performance electric pump that can work with your car, boat, or any other automobile, the Holley Blue is a great choice.

The noise level will depend on where you mount the pump, but this is one of the quietest electric fuel pumps available.

3. Autobest F4027 Universal Pump

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump

The Autobest F4027 is a 12 Volts, gasoline-only pump with a 5/16 Inch beat type outlet hose and a 5/16 Inch strainer inlet.

Thanks to its superior ethanol tolerance, this product is perfect for modern fuel systems.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the unit is tested to ensure that it is both reliable and durable.

Therefore, it is ideal if you want a pump that you can use every day and enjoy many years of exemplary service.

It comes complete with installation hardware, well-written and easy-to-follow instructions, and a mounting bracket.

If you do not know where to mount it, the manufacturer also offers enough suggestions.

You will enjoy a whole year of unlimited mileage warranty on this unit, which is quite generous.

The manufacturer promises repair or replace the pump in case it doesn’t deliver as promised.

4. Aeromotive 11101 Red Pump

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump

This Aeromotive fuel pump comes with ORB-10 outlet and inlet ports that will fit perfectly when you mount it.

All parts are designed with durability in mind, so you have nothing to worry about as far as quality is concerned.

It is also one of the most powerful on the market.

This makes it perfect if you want to push your engine and enjoy a faster ride.

For carbureted engines, the pump delivers up to 1500 HP and up to 1200 HP in case of forced air induction.

In fuel-injected engines, the horsepower goes up to 1300 for naturally aspirated and 1000 for forced air induction.

The good thing is that the pump is able to do all this and still runs quietly.

This Aeromotive creation is also fully submersible in case of in-tank placement.

5. Airtex E8016S Electric Fuel Pump

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump

The Airtex E8016S features a leading-edge inlet that ensures increased efficiency and performance.

With the optimized armature speed, durability is guaranteed.

The brushes, polymers, and commutators are all advanced, so they can work in different fuel blend and deliver exceptional results for years.

This Airtex E8016S comes with a corrosion-resistant outer shell that is sure to last the pump’s life.

You also get a lifetime limited warranty upon purchase.

This unit is also fitted with a check valve upgrade that delivers optimal flow with little if any pump noise.

The isotropic finishing also plays a part in lowering the amperage and ensuring this is among the quietest electric fuel pumps money can buy.

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump Buyer Guide

Shopping for a quiet electric fuel pump is not easy, especially if you do not know which features to look for.

Below are some of the major things to consider when shopping for the quietest electric fuel pump.

Quietest Electric Fuel Pump


You do not want to make an expensive purchase only to discover that the pump cannot fit in your engine.

If you are going to a physical shop, get a technician to explain the different sizes, and suggest the right match for your needs.

If shopping on Amazon, there are details about compatibility under each product, so it is easy to get exactly what you are looking for.

To be on the safe side, it is always good to settle for a universal electric fuel pump that can be used for automotive or industrial purposes.


A quiet pump is a wise buy since it offers no distraction when driving.

Most manufacturers will include the noise level details and the measures they have put in place to ensure that the pump runs quietly.


How do you plan to use the fuel pump?

Do you need it for a heavy-duty machine or for a small vehicle that is rarely used?

Whatever your purpose, there is a fuel pump to match it.

All you need to have is a clear idea of why you need the pump in the first place.

If you need a lot of power but buy a pump that will disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Fuel Type

A good number of the pumps you will find in the market can be used with different fuel types.

However, a few are fuel-specific, so you need to ensure you get the right one for your vehicle or machine.

Check whether the pump you want to buy can work with the fuel that powers your engine.


Diverse fuel pumps come with different installation procedures.

Some units are so easy to install that you don’t need any professional help to have them in place while others are quite complicated.

Ideally, you should get a fuel pump that can be installed without any professional help.

However, if your needs require a complex fuel pump, you have no choice but to engage a professional to hook it up to your engine.


You want to buy a fuel pump that will last you a long time. At the end of the day, we all want to get value for our money.

One of the ways to ensure durability is buying from a reputable brand.

Some leading brands offer a lifetime warranty.


Can the pump you buy deliver the results  both in the short term and in the long run?

This is what reliability is all about.

A good way to check reliability is to view user reviews available online.

These reviews give you an idea of what to expect once you buy the fuel pump you are eyeing.

It doesn’t hurt to do a little homework and see what other users have to say.


Fuel pumps come at different prices, so finding one within your budget is easy.

You can get a good pump affordably if you know where to look.

However, choose quality every time even if you may have to pay slightly more for it.

Final Thoughts on Quietest Electric Fuel Pump

Above are the best quiet pump on the market.

If you aren’t sure which pump to choose, try out my top recommendation- Carter P4070 In-Line Fuel Pump.

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