What are Soundproof Sleeping Pods and How Do They Work?

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When we talk about sleeping pods, what comes to mind first is the sleeping cryotube we see in Hollywood movies today. Well, a soundproof sleeping pod may look similar to what you watch on TV, but it’s not anything close to that. But as the name suggests, a soundproof sleeping pod is something inspired from the future, a bed that allows you to enjoy peaceful and quiet sleep even when in the middle of a heavy metal band concert.

The pod allows you to enjoy adequate sleep at home or at work with minimal distractions. According to research, 1 in 3 people suffers from poor sleep, computers, stress, and taking work home the major blames. Inadequate sleep puts a person at an increased risk of coronary, obesity, diabetes, and even short life expectancy. (Source)

Most of the population requires 8hours of uninterrupted quality sleep. Unfortunately, with the current busy schedule for everyone, noisy neighbors who party till late at night, getting quality sleep seems impossible. But with a soundproof sleeping pod, you will be able to achieve just that.

What is a Sleeping Pod?

Also known as napping pods, nap pod, nap capsules, sleeping pods are pieces of furniture designed to allow people to rest in a quiet and comfortable environment. They are often found in hospitals, corporate/workplace setups, and universities.

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They have been designed in response to research that found that 20 minutes sleep could boost energy levels, reduce fatigue, improve focus, reduce stress, improve mood & learning, and reduce the risk of heart diseases. (Source)

Most soundproof sleep pods follow one or two designs. The first design resembles Japan’s capsule hotels with large bed-sized compartments. These nap pods have mattresses and pillows to allow a person to sleep comfortably. The second design resembles a C-shaped lounger with a dome covering the head for both privacy and darkness. This design follows a zero-gravity design making it more comfortable than a traditional recliner.

Do Soundproof Pods Really Work?

Yes. Soundproof pods do work. The enclosure design not only helps provide privacy and block light but also reduces sound transmission into the pod.

But how do soundproof pods work?

Soundproof nap pods use unique soundproofing materials such as acoustic foam and panels to prevent noise from leaking in and out of the pod. They work because the materials absorb sound rather than letting them get reflected off the hard surfaces.

You can design a soundproof pod any size or shape you want; simply ensure that it’s small enough to fit well in larger rooms. You can line the walls of the soundproof work/sleep pod with acoustic panels or foam or mass-loaded vinyl to reduce sound transmission. Additionally, you can use door sweeps and seals to prevent sound from leaking through the doorway.

Additionally, the nap pods have inbuilt speakers that play soothing sounds. The white noise sounds can help a person quickly sleep in a busy or noisy environment.

Soundproof Sleeping Pod Existing Designs

Upon further research, I’ve discovered that there are many different designs of sleeping pods from different brands. They include:

Rest Space: It’s a UK-designed pod inspired by Japanese capsule hotels. It aims to provide the user with the best place to nap by creating the perfect sleep environment. The sleep pod offers calming smart light, soundproofing, purified airflow, and an inbuilt voice-controlled meditation. The design uses sustainable woods and is designed with warmth and comfort in mind to allow the user to feel calmer and sleep faster.

The Sleep Box was made by the Arch Group in 2009 made explicitly for use in shopping centers and airports. The designers originally designed this sleep capsule emphasizing hygiene and security in the urban infrastructure. The original mode is made of MDF, but custom designs are available in glass reinforced plastic and metal variations.

MetroNaps EnergyPod: going by the trademark name “pod chair,” it’s also the first world chair designed for sleeping in the workplace. Its futuristic design encompasses comfort, design, and technology to give the user “asleep to remember.”

The unit is equipped with a privacy visor that also minimizes distraction. While the MetroNaps sleep pod is not layered with soundproofing materials, it’s equipped with built-in speaker plays specially composed rhythms to enhance relaxation and reduce surrounding distractions. (Source)

Podtime Ultra: this is a spacious office sleeping pod designed by Podtime.co.uk well suited for spas, offices, lounges, and any other environment. The unit measures 47 1/4″ (W) x 52″ (H) x 91 3/4″ (L), spacious enough for you to relax without disturbances. What is interesting about this nap capsule is that it offers partial external noise reduction besides privacy.

Examples of Sleeping Soundproof Bed Pod

 Because most of the brands above sell their sleep capsule to corporates and big organizations, it’s becoming a challenge for domestic users to purchase one for their domestic use. I dug around and discovered that you could actually import one of such units through other online retailers.

OEM Vacuum Formed Soundproof Capsule

Originally designed and made in China, the OEM Vacuum capsule is perfect for anyone living in a city with a high population. Not only is this unit perfect for domestic use, but it’s also ideal for:

  • School with babysitting
  • Regular hotel upgrading- backpacking hostels, youth hostels, theme hotels, etc.
  • Company restroom
  • Rest area for long-distance travel
  • Military camp

The Tranquility Pod

With the tranquility pod, you’ll have to part ways with $30,000- well, it sounds like 3-4x of what you’d spend for a professional bedroom soundproofing. But at that price tag, you should expect luxurious features and a world experience. According to the manufacturer, the ellipsoid shell blocks 90% of outside noise, while the built-in speakers play soothing music to keep you relaxed and help you fall asleep fast.

The unit generates gentle vibrations throughout the entire bed- the vibrations resonate with your body for harmonious relaxation and sleep. The unit is equipped with 50LEDs to create ambient mood lighting for calming your soul.

The only problem with this unit is that it’s bulky and quite expensive. Unless you’re a large corporate or an established company, I don’t see the reason why as a homeowner, you should get this capsule.

Relaxman Relaxation Capsule

Relaxman is a perfect unit for any homeowner who wants no distraction during sleep time. This sleep capsule can accommodate one person, and it’s ideal for placement in the living room and use when an unwanted guest makes an entry to your house. It’s also a perfect spot for hiding when your girlfriend is moody.

This pod is completely light, heat, and soundproof, providing complete isolation for perfect environmental therapy. It’s fitted with a heated water mattress that remains at body temperature while soothing white noise music and lights put you in a relaxation state. The manufacturer states that sleeping in the pod for 50 minutes helps reduce anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, jet lag, sleep imbalance, and depression.

Soundproof Sleeping Pod Alternatives

If you really don’t want to spend a lot of money investing in a sleeping soundproof pod, then you ought to check out these fantastic alternatives.

Soundproofing the Room

If you compare the price of a single sound-deadened sleep capsule with respect to DIY bedroom soundproofing, you’ll soon realize that a capsule is much expensive than your typical soundproofing. Typical soundproofing a room cost ranges between $600-$4000, while a soundproof sleep capsule will have you fork out between $1000-$2000. Soundproofing a bedroom has more benefits since more than one person can enjoy the benefits, unlike a capsule that accommodates only one person.

Soundproofing a room means that you have to focus on all aspects of the room, including the ceiling, floors, walls, and soundproofing of the door and windows. It might sound impossible to achieve a task, but it’s doable and achievable. However, it’s important to note that soundproofing won’t permanently eliminate the noise problem. But you will be able to significantly reduce unwanted noise to manageable levels.

Bed Tent

A bed tent not only helps bring an outdoor experience to your home but also allows you to enjoy added privacy and, at the same time, reduce noise. And no, you won’t suffocate in there, thank the sufficient ventilation that maintains enough air circulation.

To improve the soundproofing efficiency of a bed tent, you can cover it with soundproofing blankets to maximum effectiveness. Remember that you shouldn’t cover the ventilation for maximum air circulation. A perfect example is the LEEDOR Bed Tent Dream Tents Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin available in queen, full, twin, and bunk twin sizes.


Who said you needed to break the bank or break a sweat soundproofing when you can deal with the noise problem by using earplugs or sleeping earmuffs? Something like the Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs is an effective ultra-noise blocker with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 32 decibels. These earplugs are perfect for sleeping, work, travel, studying, motorcycling, loud events, relaxations, concerts, etc.

If you have a snoring spouse, these earplugs are the number one option for you. The good thing with earplugs is that the use a high-performance sound reduction foam. They are highly effective in noise reduction, they are also very affordable.

Companies that Use Soundproof Nap Pods

Because of their high costs, sleeping pods are more popular with large techno companies. For example, Google uses EnergyPod that are kept in the quiet spaces on Google Campuses. Additionally, Facebook campuses in London and Seattle have these capsules provided by Podtime. The pods feature a mattress and pillow to give the user a bed-like feel.

Cisco System also gets their share of the sleeping capsule from Podtime at its different branches across the globe.

The popular online shoe and clothing retailer known as Zappos uses something similar to the sleeping pods. However, their design resembles a massage chair surrounded by a custom-designed aquarium dubbed The Tank. The capsule aquarium is quite huge, measuring 25 ft in length. It’s capable of holding up to 3500 gallons of water hosting several fish species and corals.

The Huffington Post gets their nap machines from the EnergyPod company.

Lastly, some National Health Service (NHS) hospitals have installed nap pods to help deal with employee fatigue, especially during night shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does a Sleep Capsule Cost?

Sleep capsule cost ranges between $2.000-$90,000 depending on the quality, soundproofing efficacy, luxury and brand. However, most companies encourage potential customers to contact them for a quote- possibly for a discounted price tag.

Are Sleeping Pods Soundproof?

Sleeping pods are designed to help reduce outside noise though not entirely soundproof. Some pods have built-in speaks that play white noise music to allow the user to feel relaxed and sleep faster.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping pods sound like a tremendous futuristic technology that everyone should enjoy. The problem is that they are quite expensive and surely do break the bank for any average American. I don’t think it would be reasonable to spend $30,000 or $90,000.

You’d better off with changing neighborhoods or simply engaging professional soundproofing experts to help you combat the noise problem. However, if you feel like the sleeping pod is what you need but are on a budget, you could head over to Alibaba and get yourself a pod for less than $1000, but remember the mighty saying- cheap is expensive.

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