Cheap Soundproofing Materials: 10 Noise Reduction Materials That Work

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Here are some of cheap soundproofing materials for anyone who’s on a budget and wants an effective soundproofing project.

Because professional soundproofing can be quite expensive, there are some DIY hacks you can implement to deal with unwanted noises in your home.

These DIY projects will however require some soundproofing material. If you are on a budget, it’s you may be prompted to go for cheaper options.

However, cheap in this case doesn’t translate to ineffective or poor results.  Below are some of the best cheap soundproofing materials on the market today.

A List of Affordable Soundproofing Materials

1. Green Glue

Green Glue is a commonly used soundproofing material either on the walls, ceiling, or floors. It is applied between layers of drywall so that it is able to absorb the sounds.

Green glue that you can find in the market includes noise proofing compound, clips, sealant, and joist tape. Green glue is eco- friendly and non-hazardous. Note that you can use the green glue noise proofing compound alongside green glue sealant.

The acoustic sealant is mainly used to seal gaps and cracks on soundproofing surfaces. It is paintable and makes gaps and cracks invisible and is applied under the final coat so that it is hidden.

It takes only takes two days to dry, and the best thing is that it does not have an unpleasant smell.

Green Glue Joist Tape is made out of foam commonly used in soundproofing the floor. They prevent noise, squeaking, peeping, and other sounds coming from the space between the joists and the floor and footsteps.

The process of installing the compound is simple, and you can do it yourself. You can apply the green glue compound with a gun by spreading it all over the drywall. How you apply the green glue does not matter; what is important is to cover the whole surface.

2. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Mass loaded vinyl are mostly used to soundproof ceilings and walls. The material used to make the MLV is of a high-density, thus being able to absorb sounds.

It is mostly made with Vinyl and another high mass compound. Barium Sulfate is commonly used to make the MLV since it is non- toxic and is of a high density.

The effectiveness of the mass loaded vinyl roll increases with its density. Acoustic Soundlock Mass Loaded Vinyl 1LB soundproofing Barrier Rolls are a good example of MLV.

Its heavyweight does not compromise with its ease of installation. It can be used in automobiles, bathrooms, condos, or apartments. It does not have any since it is made with an extruded virgin material that has not been recycled or regrind

3. Floor Underlayment

Floor underlayment is to soundproofing a floor. They absorb the noise that comes from upstairs neighbors. Most of the underlayment are adhesive strips on one side that act as sound absorbers.

Roberts Super Felt Underlayment is one of the great products in amazon. It has fibers that have been compressed and treated with heat.

4. Metal Resilient Channels

The resilient metal channels reduce noise from escaping a room during construction. They are used to hang drywall instead of attaching it to studs. It thickens the drywall layer to reduce the amount of noise that passes through the walls.

Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel is an excellent product for reducing noise transmission during remodeling or construction.

Its performance can be improved through use double layers of varying thickness of drywall with a layer of Auralex Sheet Blok at the center. It greatly reduces sounds transmitted through the ceilings or walls.

5. Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-vibration pads reduce the noise by large machines and running equipment. They are placed below the equipment in use, providing a solid floor, thus absorbing vibrations produced by the running equipment or machine.

Super Soundproofing Anti Vibration Pads is an excellent product that comes in different sizes, and they are made with high-quality materials to accommodate the heavy machines.

You can use it to soundproof your garage or studio. They can also be stacked on top of the other in case of heavier weights.

6. Sound Clips

Sound clips are bars and hold the drywall and ceiling joists, creating a floating ceiling or wall. They are mostly used to soundproof walls and ceilings.

They create a space between the drywall allowing each side to vibrate, thus blocking the sound waves.

Trade Mark Soundproofing Resilient Sound Clips is an excellent product available on amazon that you should consider when purchasing sound clips.

7. Ceiling sound baffles

Hanging baffles are made hardened acoustic fiberglass that absorbs sounds. They resemble boards and are hanging from the ceiling. Baffles do an excellent job when it comes to sound absorption, and you can consider using them in your soundproofing project.

They can work quite well in industrial settings since they are designed to absorb sound. When purchasing hanging baffling, consider choosing ATS Acoustic Panel because it works out well. The ATS Acoustic panel can both be used at home and industrial settings since it is effective and also attractive.

It is a textured fabric that can be used to complement auditoriums, studios, and living rooms. The panel is long-lasting, made of a solid wood frame that protects edges from damage.

It comes in many colors to choose the one that compliments your room.

8. Sound Isolation Foams

This is one of the easiest ways to soundproof. The Soundproof insulation is applied the same way as normal insulation and controls temperature in a space helping block noise from escaping or entering a room.

Fiberglass foams are the best when it comes to blocking out noise. Auralex Acoustics studiofoam is an excellent product and works perfectly when it comes to sound absorption.

Most fiberglass and foam insulations have soundproofing capabilities, so it is easy to find an option that suits your needs.

9. Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint is thicker than the regular wall paint because it is made sound absorbing fillers and ceramic microspheres.

In addition, the fillers have tiny vacuum sealed cells with a soft pigment that sways the sound waves absorbing those that hit the wall. This reduces the amount of noise that passes through the walls into your room.

If the noise is too much you can use the Acoustic Paint for better results. Consider applying more than one coat to improve its effectiveness.

10. Soundproof panels

Soundproof panels are made of sound absorption materials that deaden sounds. In addition, there are various soundproof panels, including the perforated wood, wrapped panels, and water-resistant acoustic panels. They can be used to soundproof walls ceilings or doors.

An excellent example of soundproof panels is Mutex soundproof material. It reduces sounds transmitted through floors, ceilings, and walls and can be used in a recording studio.

It is durable since they do not compress easily. They can also be used in industrial settings, Automotive, and home construction. The product is lightweight and compact, making its installation easy.

On Cheap Soundproofing Materials

In conclusion, soundproofing your home doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. Above are some of the most cheap soundproofing materials you can use for DIY projects.

Lastly, you can pick the best one for your project application after analyzing the type of noise, and other specific requirements for your home.

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