SoundSkins Review: SoundSkins vs. Dynamat- Which One is the Best?

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Here is my honest soundskins review guide. According to the official website, soundskins is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of automobile sound-deadening materials.

If your car cabin is noisy or can’t experience smoother rides because of the wind noise leaking inside your car, using car sound-deadening materials such as soundskins, Dynamat, or Hushmat will significantly help a lot.

About SoundSkins Brand

SoundSkins is an Australian company established in 2015.

Their first product was SoundSkins Pro ab elite sound dampening material designed to reduce outside road noise and improve your car stereo performance.

The product was first sold in Australia.

Since then, the company has expanded its reach worldwide with over 375 stores across the globe.

Now that you have some bits of information about this brand let’s have a look at some of its products.

A-List of SoundSkins Products on the Market

There are four products offered by Sound Skins global. They include sound skins pro, pro plus, rings, and classic.

As earlier indicated, the sound skins pro is designed to reduce road noise in the car and improve car stereo performance.

It’s comprised of three layers, foil, acoustic foam, and rubber butyl.

SoundSkins Lite is designed for interiors of car doors, panels, and floor. The help block road-noise, reduce vibration and improve the acoustic quality of your car stereo.

SoundSkins Classic Bulk is similar to the traditional sound-deadening materials but is more efficient.

They are available in sizes of 23.6″ x 236″ per roll, and a single roll covers a 38.75 sqft of your car, making it one of the biggest kits on the market today.

Pro Door Kit it’s also among the largest sound-deadening materials offered by this company.

It consists of three layers of foil, foam, and rubber butyl and has waterproof characteristics.

SoundSkins Vs. Dynamat, How Do They Compare?

Research has shown that driver distraction is one of the major causes of road crashes. (Source)

The best way to deal with noise distractions in your car is through the application of sound-deadening materials.

In the below section, we compare sound skins vs. Dynamat.

SoundSkins Review


Every sound deadening material is available in different sizes. The bigger the product, the more the area it will cover.

Dynamat is available in a size of 36 sqft while soundskins classic bulk is available in sizes of 38.75 sqft.

Additionally, Dynamat has a dimension of 21x13x3.5 vs. soundskins 23.6″ x 236″.

Even though Dynamat products are as good as soundskins, Soundskins wins the day thanks to its large-sized products.


Thicker and denser materials are perfect for noise absorption. So when deciding the best material for automotive sound deadening, the thicker, the better.

Dynamat weighs 15 pounds, and it’s 0.069″ thick while sound skins weighs 7.7pounds and its 0.059″ thick.

Even though these two sound deadeners have varying density and thickness, you won’t notice significant differences in terms of road noise reduction and stereo performance improvement.

Effectiveness and Ease of Installation

When it comes to effectiveness, the two products get the job done. They are both heat resistant and waterproof and will do an excellent job in dampening engine and road noise.

In terms of ease of installation, SoundSkins is easy to install and highly recommended for beginners.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to install Dynamat. With a few YouTube tutorials, you should be able to figure out a way to install Dynamat.


Price is another big determinant in deciding on the product you should opt for.

Luckily for you, the pricing, in this case, doesn’t have to scare you away because both SoundSkins and Dynamat are available at $3 per square feet.

How to Install Sound Skins

The installation process is very simple.

Simply remove all the seats, headliner, door panels, carpeting. Start by cleaning all dirty and dusty surfaces before applying SoundSkins.

Cut it to shape, peel, and stick it into place. For better adhesion, use a heat gun.

Final thoughts on SoundSkins Review

Above is my honest soundskins review. If road or engine noise becomes unbearable, there’s a simple way to fix the problem.

Automotive sound deadening materials are highly affordable and easy to install.

In comparison to Dynamat, Sound Skins is beginner-friendly and equally effective as its competitor.

Other great alternatives include Noico, Hushmat, FatMat, and Lizard Skins.

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