Soundproof Curtains: Do They Really Work?

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Soundproof curtains are one of the best soundproofing materials you can get on the market today. They are easy to hang, inexpensive, and come in a wide range of colors and textures. However, do they really work?

If you easily get annoyed by echoes and reverb in your room- probably home theater, drum room or recording studio, then you will highly appreciate the effectiveness offered by the sound deadening curtains.

These curtains can easily be confused with room divider curtains, only that they offer an added advantage- soundproofing.

What are Soundproof Curtains?

Soundproof curtains are designed to cover the window, just like the regular varieties.

However, the soundproof ones come with an acoustic feature that allows them to absorb soundwaves in addition to covering the windows.

Soundproof curtains are usually made of thick and heavy materials like velvet, suede, and polyester.

These materials have a porous surface that is effective in absorbing the soundwaves inside a room.

For a soundproof curtain to be effective, it has to be heavy and tightly woven.

It must also cover the window adequately on both sides and ideally run from the ceiling to just a few inches above the floor.

When you go shopping, keep your window width in mind and go for curtains with a few more extra inches.

Other names used for soundproof curtains include acoustic curtains, sound-deadening curtains, or sound dampening curtains.

Do Noise-Blocking Curtains Really Work?

Noise-blocking curtains do a great job of deadening the sound inside a room.

If you hear echoes inside your house, these curtains will take care of the problem.

Noise-blocking curtains are useless when it comes to preventing sound from entering your space. This is not to say that they will not minimize the sound getting into your space, far from it.

Because the curtains deaden the echo associated with outside noise, they make the sound die quickly within the room.

At the end of the day, this results in a much quieter space.

Do Soundproof Curtains Block Outside Noise?

As highlighted above, these curtains are not as effective for sound blocking. Outside noise will still get into your space, but the pitch will not be as high as before.

If you want something that will fully block sounds in your room, then I would highly recommend something like mass loaded vinyl sound barrier.

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If you have a lot of noise getting through the windows, you can combine these curtains with soundproofing blankets.

However, on their own, the soundproof may not be as effective in blocking outside noise.

What is the Best Soundproofing Curtain?


The best soundproofing curtain on the market today is Nicetown 100% Sun-Blocking drapes.

If you are looking for a sun-blocker for your entryway or patio, these Nicetown curtains are a great choice.

They feature a thick polyester fabric and a black liner that keep all sunrays away from your space.

In addition to blocking the sun rays, these drapes minimize the noise getting into your space. They are also for thermal insulation in extreme temperatures.

The curtains are also soft, great-looking, and easy to maintain.

The quality finish will ensure that they stay in perfect condition for years, even when exposed to the elements.

A pack of the curtain contains two panels, each measuring 52 inches in width and 108 inches in length.

The drapes are designed to create pleats easily for that stylish look.

What Are The Best Soundproof Curtains?

The market has quite a selection of soundproof curtains.

While some have numerous positive reviews, others are not as effective as advertised.

Below we look at the best soundproof curtains based on their features and the number of positive user reviews.

1. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

The Deconovo Thermal Blackout curtains are made of soft and elegant polyester fabric.

The material is silky to the touch and beautiful enough to bring modernity and charm to your home.

As the name suggests, these curtains are thermal insulated.

They are designed to keep away sunlight, regulate internal temperatures despite the fluctuations outside, and reduce outside noise.

If you are looking for blackout drapes for your space, this Deconovo creation is perfect. You can hang the drapes in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and nursery.

To get the best out of your drapes, ensure that you keep them clean.

Machine wash at temperatures below 86°F on a gentle wash, and do not tumble dry or bleach your drapes.

A pack of these curtains comes with two panels, width 42×63 length, each with six silver grommets for easy hanging.

2. Nicetown Thermal Curtains- High end

Nicetown is a reputable brand known to produce visually appealing and high-quality drapes. These thermal curtains are not any different.

This thermal drape is made of 2 layers of triple-weave fabric.

It will block all light from outside and balance room temperature, especially when it gets too cold or hot.

The fact that the drapes come with no formaldehyde or chemical coating makes them safe to use throughout the house.

They also protect your interiors from the damaging rays of the sun.

Nicetown thermal drapes come in a package with two panels, measuring 52 inches in width and 84 inches in height.

The silver grommets add to their beauty and help you create a casual elegant look with minimal effort.

3. RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains


The RYB Home curtain is made using two blackout fabric layers and a felt liner.

Th felt liner separates the fabric layers and comes with outstanding sound-absorbing characteristics.

Since the fabric layers are made using triple-weave material, they also contribute to the curtains’ effectiveness.

Aside from noise reduction, the curtains also keep out harsh UV rays from your space while offering insulation against winter chills and summer heat.

It is important to note that the curtains are free of toxins.

Therefore, you can use them in the nursery, living room, or bedrooms without having to worry.

Cleaning these curtains is easy because you can throw them in the washing machine.

However, remember to detach the felt liner before washing and only use non-chlorine bleach if necessary.

4. Nicetown Insulated Curtains

This is a more affordable option compared to the Nicetown High-End thermal curtain. It is a perfect choice if yours is a tight budget.

The Nicetown insulated curtain is made of a high-quality 100% polyester material.

The material has a three-layer construction, and it is heavy enough to block sunlight and a good amount of outdoor noise.

A pack of this Nicetown drapes comprises two blackout panels, each measuring 42 inches wide and 84 inches long.

The panels are fitted with matte silver grommets designed to make installation easy.

Like the other Nicetown insulated curtains, this one is multifunctional and effective in reducing noise, blocking harmful UV rays, and maintaining internal temperatures.

Nicetown also provides sheers to match these insulated curtains so you can easily achieve a harmonious window dressing.

5. MIULEE Velvet Curtains

If you are looking for elegant soundproof drapes for your living area, these MIULEE Velvet Curtains are a perfect choice.

Their luxurious appearance is sure to transform your space and bring the best out of your living room.

In addition, these velvet curtains block 70-80% of the light getting into your space.

They are also effective in minimizing outside noise and enhancing the sound quality inside your home.

The MIULEE curtains come with two panels, 52 inches wide and 84 inches long.

They also feature high-quality grommets, so it is easy to slide them in and off your window.

It is okay to machine wash these curtains but only use cold water.

Tumble dry once clean and only steam clean or do a quick ironing if necessary.

6. BONZER Room Divider


This list of outstanding soundproof curtains cannot be complete without mentioning the Bonzer Room Divider curtain, perfect for small spaces.

The divider is made of a premium 100% polyester fabric that is thick and heavy.

This divider will block up to 90% of sun rays and help reduce the noise getting into your space.

Since the fabric is the same color on both sides, the divider looks great, whichever side you are looking at it from.

A pack of the BONZER room divider contains one curtain panel, 108 inches in width and 84 inches in length.

The grommets will easily fit in the standard curtain rods making the curtains easy to install.

If you live in a studio apartment with no partition between your bedroom and living area, this room divider is a great choice. You can easily draw it when you want some privacy, and it looks great enough to compliment your décor.

Soundproof Curtains Buyer Guide

Given the many options you are bound to encounter in the market, it is important to have a few features in mind when you go shopping.

These features include:


A soundproof curtain is only effective if it covers the wall and a portion of the wall.

Before you go shopping, measure your window and ensure that the one you pick is at least 4-inches wider than your window.

You also want to check the length and go for curtains that almost reach the floor.


If you want a luxurious material that will also minimize outside noise, velvet is an excellent material choice.

Polyester and suede also make great soundproofing curtains.

Also, check how the material is constructed. Triple-weave fabric makes denser and more effective soundproof curtains.

Some manufacturers add a felt liner to add to the overall effectiveness.

Felt does a good job of absorbing sound energy making these curtains highly effective.


Soundproof curtains should be heavy for them to be effective.

You may find some light varieties, but you better stick with the heavier varieties that do an excellent job blocking low-frequency sound.


Soundproof curtains come fitted with grommets.

This makes it possible to slide them into your existing curtain rods easily.

However, since these curtains are heavier than regular varieties, you want to ensure that your current rods can support them.

If not, also remember to purchase sturdier curtain rods.

What Is Cheaper, Soundproof Panels Or Curtains?

Soundproof curtains are cheaper than soundproof panels. However, the premium varieties can cost as much as some soundproof panels.

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Most times, all you need to do after purchasing your soundproof curtains is hang them, and you can get a pair for as low as $20.

For soundproof panels, you also have to factor in the installation costs and associated materials.

Even if you choose to install the panels yourself, you will need to at least buy tape and prepare the surface adequately before installation.


Hopefully, this article answers all your questions on soundproof curtains.

To understand if they are a great choice for you, go through the article and note what this type of curtain is best suited for.

The list of best soundproof curtains will also make your search easier.

If you don’t want to spend hours comparing features and checking customer reviews, pick any of the above options.

The curtains highlighted above are made by reputable brands and have been proven to be effective.

They come at different prices, so you are sure to find one that meets your needs and also matches your budget.

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