Top 9 Quiet Drum Set for Apartment Practice & Unplugged Performance

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A quiet drum set, also known as practice drum sets, are a great way to improve your drumming experience at home quietly.

Practice drum sets are also great for musical lessons as well as unplugged performances in a small room.

Not a single city dweller will take the news that a drummer has moved next door. It can be a nightmare living with a noisy neighbor.

Luckily there are ways you can practice in your apartment or room without getting under anyone’s skin using a practice drum kit. Let’s find out more

Electronic Drum Sets versus Acoustic Drum Sets

There is a difference between electronic and acoustic drum sets. And that difference can be the thin line between practicing quietly and loudly.

Electronic drums are specially designed to keep the noise down literally. They have sounds pre-recorded to the e-drum kit’s brain.

The sound is controlled by a series of sensors pre-installed under the drum heads and the cymbals.

These sensors detect the drum stick velocity and the amount of force hitting the drum heads and assigns exact volume and pitch for each triggered sound.

Quieter mesh heads and rubber pads are used in place of drum heads and cymbals you get with traditional acoustic drum kits.

These are the key differences between acoustic and e-drums. Other than that, the hardware for both e-drums and acoustic drums is equally the same.

Top 7 Quiet Drum Set for Silent Practice (Practice Drum Kits)

Below are seven quiet drum sets and practice drum kits that will allow you to enjoy quiet practice in your apartment, class any time of the day or night.

1. DW Drum Workshop CPPADTS5 (practice drum kit)

For practicality and functionality, practice drum kits are an excellent choice for practicing. The DW Drum Go Anywhere is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and sound like an acoustic drum kit.

It features all the requirements of a good practice kit.

Traditional drums often feature lots of screws, several stands, and other things that could take most of your precious time. That’s not the case with the DW Drum Workshop kit.

Besides portability and convenient setup, this practice kit has pads positioned in a similar position as common drum set.

It consists of 5 pieces, and therefore it’ll only take a few of your minutes. It’s sturdy and stable for comfortable playing.

The drum pads are large enough and can be adjusted. Lastly, the kit is decently quiet so you can practice in your apartment any time of the day or night.

2. Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set

The higher-end electronic drum kits cost a fortune, which leaves you wondering what you’ll get settling for lower-priced budget models.

Fortunately, Alesis has always designed high quality and affordable musical instruments.

As you would expect, this drum kit won’t win the awards for playability but it’s something that will allow you to train quietly.

It’s an 8-piece electronic drum set that includes everything you would need to play like a pro. It comes with three 10-inch cymbals to give you an unlimited range of playing expression.

It also includes three 8 inch tom pads for natural response and a drum pad with pedal.

On the downside is that it’s sound it’s not as natural as professional drummers would like.

3. Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Drum Set Bundle

There are very few options at this price point. But when it comes to electronic drums, Roland seems to be the real deal.

It features mesh drum heads for both snare and toms. You can adjust the tension for a realistic drumming experience. The fifteen preset drum kits offer authentic and “true” drum sounds for true to live drumming experience.

Additionally, the kit features ten onboard coaching functions to help you track your progress and give you the motivation to play. There’s also a record function to let you listen to what you just played and evaluate the quality of your drumming.

This kit comes with a USB thumb drive to allow you to load your musical tracks to play along.

4. PylePro Portable Drums

If you’re looking for a portable drum set that sounds realistic for a budget price tag. It’s compact; hence, portability is not an issue.

In addition, it’s customizable, allowing you to play along with some pre-recorded tracks and tunes.

It features a USB cable that allows you to connect it to your PC and MAC. It will function as a MIDI controller for your PC software, enabling you to get more functionality.

You can play essentially anywhere. This portable E-drum is powered by an AC adaptor or 6 “C” size batteries.

You can practice in your room without waking your sleep partner. You can plug in headphones for a whisper-quiet drumming session.

The drums also feature a top panel with an LCD screen and several audio controls to allow you to create outstanding and customizable music.

Quiet Drum Set For Kids

If your child is a professional drummer in the making, please don’t yell at them when all they want is to practice at home.

While your child can practice drumming using the e-drum kits already highlighted above, we highly recommend getting them one of the supported models below.

5. Alesis Compact Kit 4

Alexis has become a famous brand in the electronic drum kit market.

They have designed highly portable tabletop electronic drum pads. While these are not specially designed for kids, they are sized nicely for that purpose.

Alexis 4 is a battery-powered model that contains an inbuilt speaker. It also allows you to plug in earphones so that your kid can practice in their room without waking up others.

6. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit

If you’re looking for a drum that will give a realistic acoustic drum set sound, the Pyle Pro Electronic drum kit is the perfect pick for you.

The kit comes with seven drum pads to ensure that you get a full drumming experience. Additionally, it’s loaded with accessories that include; snare, tom-toms, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hat cymbal making it great for kids, beginners and intermediate drummers.

Some of its advanced features include digital controls, LCD monitor for easy navigation and customization.

The USB cable allows you to connect you’re the drum kit to your Mac or PC, and the AUX-in jack enables you to connect headphones and mobile gadgets.

What to Consider When Buying Quiet Drum Set 

While electronic drums have been vouched to be quieter than acoustic drums, there are factors that you should consider before investing in a drum set.

As with every other musical instrument, why you pay for determines the quality of the drum kit you will end up with. Let’s have a look at these features:

E-drum Noise Levels

For most folks, an electronic drum kit has to pass noise tests before taking into consideration any other factor.

There are different ways in which manufacturers address this problem, including the use of mesh heads and rubber pads on the drum heads and cymbals respectively.

Unfortunately, the vibrations from the kick pedal can be a bit hard to deal with. The vibrations are transferred to the floor and walls and put you on the collision course with your neighbors.

The vibrations are more pronounced in cheaper models than expensive ones.

To solve this problem, drummers have resolved to using tennis ball rises that create air cushions between the drum kit and the floor.

Tennis ball risers are highly effective; unfortunately, they add a few hundred dollars to the total cost.

Roland has designed a product dubbed noise eater that addresses this problem. It’s important to consider these options if the vibrations from your bass drum is too noisy for those living downstairs.

A Diverse Library of Drum Kits and High-Quality Sounds

The depth, as well as the quality of an electronic drum sound, has a lot to do with the quality of the hardware as well as the drum kits that are pre-recorded with the module.

Over the last few years, sound modules have evolved such that some may take you months to figure out everything out.

But with many musical kits and samples to load, module memory is always at a premium.

Then there is the problem with headphones.

Your e-drum kit will sound as good as the quality of the headphones you use with it. It’s not uncommon to find $4,000 headphones sold with some crappy headphones.

Another way to measure the quality of your e-drum kit is by sound latency. Poor latency will make it hard to express yourself as you playfully.

This is more related to the sensitivity of the sensors on the cymbals and drum heads. If they aren’t good quality, you’re doomed regardless of how quiet your set is.

The Benefits Of A Quiet Drum Set?

A quiet drum set has its share of benefits, especially for newbies who’re trying to master drumming techniques and make it in the musical world. Below are two main advantages of owning a quiet electronic drum set.

Quiet Practice

If your neighbors could know how quiet electronic drums are than acoustic drums, they would buy you a drum set right now.

Every drummer has encountered complaints from their family members and neighbors when they try to practice at home with an acoustic drum set.


In conclusion, because all quiet drum are mainly e-drum sets, we all know that electronic drum sets are highly portable than their acoustic counterparts.

You can quickly move them between rooms or carry, and some you can stash them in your back thanks to their compactness.

Lastly, E-drums also weigh less than acoustic drums, and they won’t hurt your back when you stash them in your backpack.

On Quiet Drum Sets

As we’ve already seen, electronic drum sets are quieter than acoustic drum sets. Above are my recommendations for the best quiet electronic drum set that will allow you to practice quietly in your apartment.

Lastly, if you want to make thing even much quieter, you can try soundproofing your music room.

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