Room Divider Curtains: Reinvent Spaces with These Draperies

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Room divider curtains are perfect if you live in a small apartment/home and want to utilize every available space.

These curtains control noise, eliminate visual distractions, and also allow the flexibility to partition project areas to increase productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, these curtains also control airborne particles such as debris and dust and increase safety.

Besides residential use, room divider curtains are also used in industries, schools, warehouses, and food establishments.

In this guide, we shall be reviewing some of the best room divider curtains on the market.

What are room divider curtains?

Room divider curtains are a type of curtain that is specifically designed to divide a room into two separate areas.

They are usually made from a heavy duty fabric such as canvas or denim, and they typically have a metal rod or frame that runs along the top of the curtain.

Room divider curtains can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating a private area in a shared room, or blocking out light and noise from an adjoining room.

What Is the Best Room Divider Curtain?

The best room divider curtain is NICETOWN Room Divider Blackout Curtain

It’s perfect if you are looking for a soundproofing, light-blocking, and thermal insulating solution.

The curtains are made of triple-weave polyester fabric that absorbs sound and light.

Thus, you’re guaranteed that no light and minimum sound leaks through to the other room.

They are easy to install, remove, and pack up whenever you need to move. They are a perfect solution if you want to create a new space without having to build a wall.

In addition to the high-quality fabric, they come with good quality finishing.

The curtains will add aesthetic value to your space, and the good thing is that you can get it in a color that matches the rest of your decor.

Maintenance is easy, and all you have to do is wash your curtain with a mild detergent to keep them in perfect condition.

Top 10 room divider curtains

While Nicetown does tick all the check for the best divider curtains, there are other great and close competitors. Below is a detailed guide of other best room divider curtains.

1. RYB Home Noise Reduction Divider Curtain

The RYB curtains can be used in the living room, patio glass door, bedroom, or even in the office.

You can use it to block light and heat in summer and also keep out the winter chill. By the end of the day, you will be saving quite an amount of energy bills.

They are available in different sizes you can choose from for your space. There are also many colors available so you can select the best match for your room.

Made using high-quality polyester, these curtains will serve you well for years. With an anti-rust grommet top, you can rest easy and never have to worry about corrosion.

The material is easy to care for, whether you need to machine-wash, tumble dry it on low, and use a warm iron to take care of any creases.

2. H. VERSAILTEX Extra Long Premium Room Divider Curtain

Room Divider Curtains

These are also multipurpose curtains you can use to insulate your home and prevent UV rays from getting into your room.

They are PVC and vinyl free, making them perfect if you are looking for an eco-friendly solution.

Whether you are looking to fix a space problem or a cost-effective way to reinvent your space, these curtains will serve you well.

The fabric is top-quality and will not be affected by different weather elements.

They are sold as a single panel measuring 108 inches in length and 100 inches in width. You get a variety of colors to choose from, and you can customize it to fit your space.

Each of the panels comes with 16 metal grommets that are both strong and aesthetically appealing.

3.     HOMEIDEAS Window Curtains

Room Divider Curtains

These HOMEIDEAS curtains stand out for several reasons. First, they are made of a soft, silky fabric that is pleasant to touch.

The material is also elegant, and because it comes it the right weight, the curtain hangs beautifully wherever it is installed.

If you are looking to add elegance and style to your windows, this curtain is ideal.

They come with excellent light blocking abilities.

Thanks to the triple-weave fabric and the black yarn used in the middle, this curtain will block at least 85% of unwanted light.

Darker versions come with greater light blocking capabilities.

The curtains have excellent soundproofing capabilities. Just install it on your windows if you have noisy neighbors, and you can enjoy some quiet whenever you want.

The curtains are machine washable and require no other care. Just ensure that you use the gentle setting to protect the fabric.

4. RoomDividersNow premium Room Divider Kit

These are perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive yet attractive way to get some privacy.

Designed to make your work easy, these room divider curtains come as a kit complete with everything that you may need to set it up in minutes.

The rollers and ceiling track make it easy for you to open and close your divider.

The room divider curtain comes with light-blocking capabilities.

The material is heavy-duty, and it will also significantly reduce the sound getting into your space.

Despite its light and sound blocking ability, this polyester fabric room divider is lightweight and elegant.

One kit is designed to divide a room ranging from four to six feet in width.

The manufacturer also includes a tutorial on how to set up this room divider in easy to follow steps.

5. Deconovo Room Divider Curtain

The curtain come in different sizes, so it is easy to get one in a size that matches your room.

Even better, there is a wide variety of colors available, so you will be spoilt for choice.

They made using dense and good quality fabrics that are durable and perfect for blocking UV light.

Use them in your children’s rooms, dorms, offices to divide the room, or to block unwanted light and sound. It helps that the curtain is machine washable, so keeping it clean is easy.

Each of the curtains is fitted with sixteen grommets holes that will fit in the standard curtain rods. The stitching is done to perfection, so there are no loose threads or unsightly uneven edges.

6. Rose Home Fashion (RHF) Room Divider Curtain

Room Divider Curtains

The RHF room divider curtain is perfect if you are a décor enthusiast.

Made of high-quality fabric that looks great on both sides, this curtain is ideal if you want to add some oomph to your space.

The curtain is also easy to customize to the desired width.

The grommets on this curtain are designed with easy installation in mind. They are also durable and will slide smoothly over the standard curtain rod.

This RHF curtain can also be used to soundproof your home.

Hang them over your windows and doors if the noise from the neighbors is giving you sleepless nights.

The curtains will also limit the light that seeps through to your space.

Machine wash it to keep your curtain clean and remove it immediately. It dries to prevent creasing.

7. H. VERSAILTEX Waterproof Room Divider

Room Divider Curtains

This is another good room divider by H. VERSAILTEX, a leading brand known for its good-quality curtains and draperies.

In addition to acting a thermal insulator, this curtain is also waterproof, which means that you can use it to prevent water from getting into your space.

The fact that this product also doubles as a 100% blackout curtain makes it ideal if you want to keep light off your space.

The white backing on the curtains ensures that no light gets through so you can block out the outside world whenever you want.

The faux linen fabric used is durable and will look great through rain, wind, and sun. These curtains are also designed to be anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.

To top it all, the curtain works perfectly with traditional, vintage, Victorian, and contemporary themes.

8. Sun Zero Barrow Patio Door Curtains

Room Divider Curtains

This Sun Zero curtain is specifically designed for the patio door. It even comes with a detachable pull wand that makes it easy to slide it over large windows and glass doors.

The curtain comes with room darkening ability making it perfect if you are keen to block light and enhance your privacy.

The Sun Zero curtain will also help you save on bills since it designed to be energy efficient. Thanks to its thermal properties, this curtain will minimize the effects of summer and winter on your home.

You can cut your power bill by up to 25%. Additionally, the curtain has excellent noise-reducing capabilities.

They are made of 100% polyester. The fabric is easy to wash, maintain, and it will look good even after years of continuous use.

9. Flamingo P Blackout Curtains

Room Divider Curtains

These Flamingo curtains are capable of blocking over 90% of sunlight while preventing 100% of the damaging UV rays.

The curtains are vinyl-free, which makes them perfect for kids’ rooms, nurseries, and even hospitals.

The fabric used to make the curtains is soft, heavy, and energy-efficient as it has thermal insulation properties.

They are made of the quality and will stay in perfect condition for years. All you need to do is wash them regularly and iron on a warm setting whenever necessary.

Each package comes with a single curtain measuring 52 feet in width. The curtain is fitted with eight grommets that will fit in the standard curtain rod.

There are a wide variety of colors available, and you can choose whichever options work for you.

Room Divider Curtains Buyer Guide

There are some important factors to consider before buying a room divider curtain.

Below are some of the best important factors to consider to ensure that you get the best room divider curtain.

Your Home Needs

Why do you need a room divider? Is it to get some privacy, or you need to soundproof your space? Whatever you need, you can find a divider curtain made with your specific need in mind.

If soundproofing is your main issue, get a heavy and thick divider curtain capable of absorbing rather than reflecting sound.

Room Divider Curtain_1_1

Consider fabrics such as velvet and suede that come with natural sound and light repelling abilities. It will also help if the curtain comes with a backing.

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish piece that will blend with your décor, go with the options that match this need. You can also choose a divider curtain that will also act as a statement piece.

Consider all your needs starting with the essential needs and search for curtains that meet most if not all of them.

Fortunately, Amazon has hundreds of top quality multi-functional room dividers, so you get more than enough options to choose from.

Area to Cover

With the area in mind, choosing the size, material, and color is made easy.

Most room dividers come in different sizes and shades, so it is possible to get precisely what you want as far as these two features are concerned.

You also need to consider the material used to make the curtain to get the best out of your purchase.

For example, if you are putting the curtain in an area that is exposed to the harsh weather conditions, go with a material that can withstand them and still perfectly for years.


This should be the last thing you consider when buying room divider curtains, but there is no denying that your budget will determine the options you have at your disposal.

Fortunately, divider curtains come at different prices, and you will have many options to match your budget.

There are many budget options available if you do not have much to spend on the divider curtains.

Be careful not to compromise in quality by opting for the cheapest curtain in the market.

You would instead save for some time to ensure you get a high-quality product that will be much cheaper in the long run.

On Room Divider Curtains

Above are the best room divider curtains. There are plenty of these curtains that you can choose from to meet your specific requirements.

Most of these curtains have an added advantage: They help block out UV rays, noise, and give you privacy mostly desired.


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