Why Using Soundproof Film for Window Is Important

Soundproof Film for Window

Windows play an important part in letting in the fresh air, allowing us to enjoy beautiful backyard scenery during the spring and summer months when the flowers bloom. But it’s unfortunate that the same windows, besides the doors, have become the main culprit in noise transmission into our quiet haven homes. In fact, according to … Read more

Top 7 Best Insulation for Basement Ceilings for 21st Century

best insulation for basement ceiling

Basement insulation not only helps maintain favorable temperature conditions but also helps block noise transmission from the outside to inside and vice versa. In the modern world, especially the 21st century, the once never loved space (the basement) has transformed into a must-have and most important room in the house. Podcasters have converted their basements … Read more

Acoustical Wallpaper Review: Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work?

Acoustical Wallpaper

Acoustical wallpaper, also known as soundproof wallpaper, isn’t your typical wallpaper. It’s a dense and thick wallpaper similar to any other standard wallpaper in appearance but will help dampen the sound coming into your room. But let’s be clear from the word go. Regardless of its density or material used, don’t expect it to transform … Read more

9 Ways to Reduce Noise from Downstairs Neighbors

How to Reduce Noise from Downstairs Neighbors

Living close to other people has its advantages and disadvantages. You get to make new friends, organize BBQ parties, and help each other in times of need. But having neighbors has its frustrations too and the main one being noise. While there are no federal laws that deal with loud neighbors, most cities and towns … Read more

Most Recommended White Noise Fans To Drown Out Traffic Noise

Most Recommended White Noise Fans To Drown Out Traffic Noise

Contrary to what some might assume, the term ‘noisy fans’ doesn’t always point to a mechanical defect causing irritating sounds. In fact, what’s desirable in certain fans isn’t their silence, but the specific type of noise they produce. This isn’t about the creaks and groans of a malfunctioning device; it’s about the deliberate creation of … Read more

Is Fiberglass Insulation Good for Soundproofing?

Fiberglass Sound Insulation

Imagine a scenario where you’re turning your basement into a music studio, or maybe you just want to cut down on the noise from the busy street outside your window. You’ve heard about fiberglass insulation, commonly used to keep homes warm, but here’s the twist – can it double as a noise blocker? This question … Read more