Top 9 Devices For Noisy Neighbors

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Annoyance is the immediate response to noise be it traffic noise or noise from the neighbors. However, did you know that noisy neighbors could be the reason why you’ve experienced some mental and physical health problems?

A 2017 Danish Health and Morbidity Survey on 3893 adults living in multi-storey apartments revealed a strong relationship between noisy neighbor annoyance and eight physical symptoms; including pain in the neck, shoulder, hands, arms, knees, legs, joints or hips in women.

More studies have shown that noise also results to psychological, physical stress resulting to reduced productivity, concentration and communication. Living in a noisy neighborhood can be quite frustrating, but you don’t have to worry anymore as there are devices for noisy neighbours that will help you deal with the problem once and for all.

Static vs Sonic/Sound Devices for Noisy Neighbours

Devices for noisy neighbors are classified into two- we have the static devices and sound device for neighbours.

Something like earplugs or earmuffs would be considered static while something like the ceiling vibrator is a sonic device. The aim of these devices is, one to protect you from noisy neighbors or simply allow you to get even with your noisy neighbors.

Sonic Sound Devices for Noisy Neighbors

When the pandemic hit, I never thought I would find myself in what felt like a never-ending nightclub-like life. I started working from and soon my life became a living nightmare. My thin apartment walls would leak in loud blasts from neighbor’s stereo while upstairs neighbors would stomp the heck out of their floor.

Luckily these devices have been a lifesaver for me.

1. White Noise Sound Machine

White noise sound machines are designed not only to drown out the annoying outside noise but also offer soothing and calming effect on the user.

Something like the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine provides 10 fan sounds as well as 10 ambient noise variations including pink noise, white noise and brown noise.

 It helps block disruptive outside noise allowing you to fall asleep with ease. The unit is powered by an AC/USB to dynamically create non-repeating sounds.

It’s a perfect device for study, work and privacy allowing you to focus so that you can get things and work done. Additionally, the device is a solid solution for enhancing privacy ensuring that your conversations aren’t a source of distraction to those around you.

A white noise machine is a perfect instrument for parents with young children, as it helps keep the baby asleep without the distraction from the noise from the environment.

2. Ceiling Vibrator

A ceiling vibrator also known as ceiling thumper is a gadget designed to send vibrations through the ceilings, floor or walls.

It’s a gadget that allows you to get even with your neighbors or used to send signals to your neighbors that they are being noisy.

These small gadgets won’t interfere with the structural integrity of your house; hence you won’t have to worry getting an eviction. Additionally, setting up is quite easy, and the gadget can be controlled using a remote, allowing you to adjust speed and vibrations intensity remotely.

However, you need to note that they can only be installed on ceilings no more than 3 meters that’s approximately 9.9 feet.

3. Stop Speakers Jammer

As the name suggests, a stop speaker jammer is a device that will stop your neighbors speakers from playing music as long as their stereo has an active Bluetooth functionality.

Below is a video that shows how you can create a speaker jammer to jam your neighbor’s stereo.  The antenna for your speaker and TV jammer should less that 52inches as something longer than this would make it illegal.

4. Use Magnetrons

A magnetron is an electromagnetic generator that creates a pulse that stops all electronic devices.

Even though this is a great device you can use, it means that you won’t be able to use your electronic device as well. Therefore, I would only recommend using it at least when you want to get some quite sleep but your neighbors won’t let you sleep with their loud music.

5. Noise Stinger

Noise stingers also known as reciprocal devices come in manual and automatic variations. They are compact ultrasonic devices that emit high frequency intrusive sounds.

You can use such a device to get rid of noisy people around you either in a room, restaurant or other places. The sounds that this device emits makes it impossible to trace the source.

The device produces two types of sound waves:

  • High frequency sound waves that are only audible to people under the age of 21 years.
  • A low frequency sound audibles to all people

This simple device is easy to use, compact and operated using a 3-volt battery. However, it’s important to note that this device can cause nausea, sweating, intense irritation, imbalance or vomiting.

6. Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Assuming that your neighbors aren’t the culprit but their dog is, then using an ultra-sonic sound device will help you deal with the problem once and for all.

Something like the STÙNICK Handheld Anti Barking Device is a great dog bark deterrent device that will stop an aggressive dog from barking. It emits ultrasonic sound that a human being won’t hear but will certainly annoy the dog.

Below is YouTube video that will show you how to use this dog deterrence device.

Static Devices for Noisy Neighbours

Static devices are passive technical solutions to help cope with noisy neighbors. They are more budget friendly and yet effective.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are perfect for study, work and sleep as they help muffle out noise. They are designed to reduce ambient noise using active noise control.

But how do noise cancelling headphones work?  Well, they are fitted with a microphone that monitors the soundwaves of the ambient sounds. In return, a small amplifier fitted inside also produces sound waves that are out of phase with the ambient sounds. When the sound pressure of the ambient noise waves is high, the cancelling wave is low and vice versa.

The two soundwaves collide or in simple terms cancel. They can help a passenger sleep in a noisy metro/subway or noisy airliner.

They reduce up to 40decibels of sounds.

8. Earplugs

According to studies conducted by University of Rochester Medical Center, earplugs or sleeping earmuffs are effective in sound deadening with a proven track record of reducing up to 15-30 decibels when worn correctly.

Doubling the use of earplugs together with sleeping earmuffs will offer more sound protection, that’s according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

Earplugs are perfect for both kids and adults.  Wear earplugs when working in a noisy environment. You should also ensure that your kids wear them when attending loud concerts or sporting events.

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the best devices for noisy neighbours that will allow you to get even with your neighbors or block the noise without getting in conflict with each other.

Sleeping earplugs have always been my number one recommendation for anyone looking for an affordable and effective solution to dealing with noisy neighbors.


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