Top 7 Best Insulation for Basement Ceilings for 21st Century

best insulation for basement ceiling

Basement insulation not only helps maintain favorable temperature conditions but also helps block noise transmission from the outside to inside and vice versa. In the modern world, especially the 21st century, the once never loved space (the basement) has transformed into a must-have and most important room in the house. Podcasters have converted their basements … Read more

Acoustical Wallpaper Review: Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work?

Acoustical Wallpaper

Acoustical wallpaper, also known as soundproof wallpaper, isn’t your typical wallpaper. It’s a dense and thick wallpaper similar to any other standard wallpaper in appearance but will help dampen the sound coming into your room. But let’s be clear from the word go. Regardless of its density or material used, don’t expect it to transform … Read more

How to Dampen Window Air Conditioner Compressor Noise

Window Air Conditioner Compressor Noise

There’s something common with all cooling appliances with compressors- they are bound to make noise in the long run. While compressors naturally produce noise, sometimes the noise becomes unbearable and could be an indicator of a problem that needs fixing immediately. Window air conditioner compressor noise is something common for anyone who owns a window … Read more

Fiberglass Sound Insulation / Does Fiberglass Insulation Absorb Sound

Fiberglass Sound Insulation

Is fiberglass sound insulation worth your time and money? Does it really help in soundproofing? These are some of the few questions that most DIY soundproofing enthusiasts ask. Well, in this guide, we are going to discuss in detail how fiberglass sound insulation works and more information regarding this type of insulation. A Brief Guide … Read more

Silent Fireworks Promise Relief to Kids, Veterans and Pets

Silent Fireworks: How Quiet Fireworks Promise Relief to Kids and Animals

Silent fireworks, otherwise known as quiet or low noise fireworks, are perfect for occasions where loud noises are not permitted or restricted. If your neighborhood or the surrounding area has livestock nearby or sensitive residents, you must opt for low noise fireworks. According to research, even though silent fireworks are not as loud as regular … Read more