Acoustical Wallpaper Review: Does Soundproof Wallpaper Work?

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Acoustical wallpaper, also known as soundproof wallpaper, isn’t your typical wallpaper. It’s a dense and thick wallpaper similar to any other standard wallpaper in appearance but will help dampen the sound coming into your room.

But let’s be clear from the word go.

Regardless of its density or material used, don’t expect it to transform any room, sounding like a night club to something as quiet as a library.

Here’s a fact buddy,

Acoustical wallpaper will only make a minimal difference in reducing the amount of outside noise getting into your room.

For effectiveness, I would recommend combining this method with other soundproofing methods.

For example, you can use green glue or its alternatives to seal cracks on the wall before installing the wallpaper or apply soundproof paint, among other methods.

Acoustical Wallpaper

What Is Acoustical Wallpaper and How Does It Work?

It may not be something that comes into your mind when buying wallpaper, but some wallpapers can dampen noise.

However, you can’t expect acoustical wallpaper to entirely deaden the sound, but it can help reduce the level of noise.

There are several reasons to buy acoustical wallpaper. They include:

  • You share a common wall with a neighbor and would like to reduce daily noises
  • If you entertain friends around your home and would like to keep the noise down when high volume friends come knocking.
  • You have a children’s nursery/playroom and would want to keep their noises down during playtime.
  • You reside in a very noisy neighborhood and would like to block out outside noises.

One of the main reasons why an acoustical wallpaper reduces noise levels is due to its layered nature.

It features an additional layer of either latex or foam mix that can really dampen noise in the room and coming from the outside.

The best part is that the additional latex or foam materials don’t affect the way or the rooms you hang these wallpapers.

You can, therefore, hang acoustical wallpaper in all the rooms in your house. You can use it in the kitchen to dampen the noises of kitchen appliances such as blenders or even dishwashers.

Additionally, you can hang the wallpaper in your garage to help dampen the sounds of your garage door opening and closings or the sounds of garage tools such as shop vacuum cleaner and air compressors.

Soundproof Wallpaper Reviews

Now that you know what soundproof wallpapers are let’s look at some of the most popular options you can get on the market today.

Art3d 11-Pack Peel and Stick 3D Wall Panels

This 3D wall panel is made of a self-adhesive side that’s environmentally friendly with a peel and stick side.

It’s available in six colors: black, blue, gray-pink, white, and yellow, allowing you to choose a color that aesthetically matches the interior decors of your room.

The sizes for each tile measure 2.53ft x 2.28ft (77cm x 69.5cm) with a box of 20 wall tiles capable of covering 115 square feet. It features an embossed 3D sticker that adds stunning 3d effects after installation. The panel is thick enough to absorb reverbs and echoes in a room and help in insulation. The installation for these panels is super easy- you only need to cut, stick, and stick it to the wall without needing additional tools, glue, or grout.

Additionally, the material is waterproof, and hence you don’t have to worry when your kids mess with the wallpaper. A soft wet towel will help clean the mess effortlessly.

BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels

The BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels is designed to minimize reverberations and echoes, making it perfect for recording studio or simply for room decoration. Its stylish modern design allows you to create stunning wall art in your space, changing a once dull room into a vibrant one.

The wall panels come in various colors and designs- for example, one, when correctly installed, gives a visual of the world map.

You’d be surprised to learn that the materials used to make the BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels are environmentally friendly, offers heat insulation, have no emissions, and are breathable. Furthermore, the materials used in this case are flame resistant which can help improve the fire ratings of your home- a great addon in case you need to sell your home.

QIANG Modern Minimalist Soundproof Wallpaper

This soundproof wallpaper is made of environmentally friendly materials. But unlike most wallpapers with adhesive sides, this roll requires glue to allow the material to stick on the wall. Unfortunately, you will have to buy the glue separately as it’s not included in the package.

The material used is considerably thick and dense, hence reducing noise. Additionally, the wallpaper is waterproof and fireproof, essential features that every homeowner should check before purchasing. A single roll covers over 57 square feet, and that’s quite economical compared to other wallpapers on the market today.

Here’s is what I should advise you to do.  To avoid the color difference, it’s always recommended that you get enough rolls at a single purchase to ensure that they come from the same batch.

Doremy 3D Brick Textured Pattern Wall Panels Wallpaper

If you want something that imitates the natural brick pattern effect, then Doremy 3D Brick Textured Pattern Wall Panels Wallpaper is the perfect option for you. It’s non-toxic and odor-free, making it family-friendly. The product is fitted with soft foam to help prevent injurious child collisions.

Unlike regular wallpaper, the Doremy wallpaper offers the best noise reduction effect; it’s waterproof, highly elastic, and easy to clean. It’s a peel-and-stick wallpaper, and hence you only need a utility knife and a tape measure. However, the good news is that you get a free utility knife, a tape measure, and a fiber cloth if you purchase the 12pcs wall panels.

The panel comes in square-shaped, with each side measuring 23.6×23.6 inches.

Even though this wallpaper claim to be waterproof, you shouldn’t use it in a shower. This is because the warm air and steam won’t do good to the panel, and you’d only end up with moisture behind the wallpaper, which would be the perfect place for bacteria growth.

You can apply paint over these wall panels to get the perfect finishing touch. I used some stone textured spray paint to mine, and they came out perfectly fine.

WADILE 3D Wallpaper Brick

If you need a noise-reducing wallpaper that can be used anywhere in your home, including the bathroom, then the WADILE 3D Wallpaper Brick is ideal.

Most standard wallpapers tend to peel off when exposed to steam and warm air associated with the bathrooms, while others end up harboring bacteria which could have detrimental effects on your health in the long run.

The wall panel is made using high-quality PE foam cotton, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. But unlike some of the products highlighted above, the WADILE 3D Wallpaper Brick is not fireproof and can’t be used in high-temperature environments.

 With a thickness of 8mm, you get superior noise reduction than standard wallpapers bricks. The thickness also acts as an anti-collision that helps protect your children from injuries when playing close to the wall.

Lastly, with a variety of colors available to choose from (silver, pink, light yellow, light blue, gray, and ivory), I’m sure there’s a color that’ll perfectly match your interior aesthetics.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Soundproof Wallpaper

There are two main important features that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re planning on getting an acoustical wallpaper for your home. They are

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic

The most crucial factor is functionality. Since noise reduction capabilities are all you want in wallpaper, it should offer precisely that.

Wallpapers with noise-reducing capabilities are often thick and made of dense material. Soundproof wallpapers weigh more and are thicker than traditional materials- approximately 8mm in thickness.

3D textured wallpapers are also perfect for minimizing noise in a space. Some have added foam that prevents collision and provides heat insulation.

However, it’s important to note that these wallpapers are only good for echo and reverb elimination, and you shouldn’t expect them to offer maximum soundproofing offered by soundproofing materials such as mass-loaded vinyl.

Aesthetics/looks is also important to consider but not as important as functionality, but after all, you can’t just buy an ugly wallpaper in the name of soundproofing. Most of the wallpapers in this guide are available in a variety of colors that allows you to pick one that matches the interior decors of your home.

What are the Benefits of Acoustical Wallpaper?

Now that you’re aware of what an acoustic wallpaper is and how it works let’s have a look at some of its benefits.

1. Easy Installation

The installation is quick and easy, just as installing a traditional wallpaper. Paste your walls and then stick the wallpaper to the walls.

Ensure it’s hanging straight.

It should take a few hours or minutes to install in a single room. Below is a video guide on how to install wallpaper.

2. Add Style To The Interior Décor

These wallpapers are available in different colors and styles, allowing you to choose one that complements the interior décor of your home.

You will be getting 2 benefits in 1. Not only will the wallpaper reduce outside noise, but it will also help beautify your house interiors.

Fire & smoke resistance

Like regular wallpapers, acoustical wallpapers are designed to meet recommended interior fire and smoke standards.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them being a fire hazard.

3. Affordable

Not only easy to install, but acoustical wallpapers are also much affordable than most other soundproofing methods.

You won’t break the bank if you go the wallpaper way.

If you’re looking for other ways to soundproof a room, check out this article.

Acoustical Wallpaper

Acoustical Paint and Wallpaper

Let’s be honest, some soundproofing materials can be costly. And if you have a large room to soundproof, you may end up spending thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, to save some bucks on, you can combine acoustical paint and wallpapers to help dampen noise further.

However, it’s important to note that acoustical paint only addresses mid-frequency noises. This means you can’t soundproof against bass noise or high-frequency noises.

You can’t soundproof against high frequency sounds like the sound of a flute or low-frequency noises like outside traffic or planes.

Acoustical paint is a cheap cost solution for those looking to enhance the acoustical properties of their space and the appearance of their rooms.

However, there are a few restrictions when it comes to soundproofing paint:

  • Soundproofing paint doesn’t make a huge difference. Human beings perceive a loss of 10dB to be 50% quieter. Acoustical paint doesn’t soundproof but instead aids in sound-absorbing.


  • Acoustical paint leaves a very thick coating on the wall producing a raised/speckled surface. To achieve good soundproofing results, you have to apply multiple coats, which leads to a more raised surface.


  • Acoustic paint can only be tinted to lighter pastel colors because of its high pigment content. Therefore, your interior décor options are restricted with acoustic paint.

Acoustical Wallpaper Alternatives That Work

If you feel that acoustical wallpaper isn’t the right product for you, there are some alternatives that you can try. Let’s get started:

Acoustic Foam Panels

Foam panels are available in a variety of patterns, colors, thickness, and varying sound ratings.

They are easy to install and help absorb multi-frequency sounds, improves acoustics, minimizes echoes, and keeps sound from escaping from the four walls you hang them on.

If you have a home theater and want to improve the acoustics, you can try hanging some foam panels on the walls. Also, check out this guide on quiet projectors for gaming and home theater.

For a low budget recording studio, you can try soundproofing it with acoustic foam panels. These panels are also perfect for:

  • Gun ranges, compressor enclosures, engine compartments, manufacturing facilities
  • Ceiling tiles, equipment enclosures, utility rooms, machine rooms
  • Computer rooms, medical facilities, offices, and clean rooms.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is yet another soundproofing material you can use if you have a more serious noise problem.

For effectiveness, you can combine MLV with wallpaper to make the room quieter. Unfortunately, I won’t recommend you to hang mass loaded vinyl in your living room or bedroom.

They may interfere with the interior decors of your rooms. Same case with the acoustic foam panels.

Unfortunately, MLV is more expensive than acoustical wallpaper.

Wall Hangings

This is a cost-free method that you could also combine with either soundproofing paint or wallpaper.

Because sound travels and bounces of the hard surfaces such as walls in your house, covering the walls with paint, bookshelves, and furniture will not only improve the acoustics of your room but will also reduce unwanted noise.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is also considered as a good way of reducing noise. This material can be very effective in noise reduction; however, it needs to be installed the right way or else the soundproofing won’t work.

Cellulose is mainly used for heat insulation rather than sound dampening, but it will help with some noise insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Soundproof Wallpaper?

You can buy these types of wallpapers from your local store or simply purchase them online from Amazon or other online stores.  Before you make a purchase online, make sure that you have the accurate measurement of the area you need to stick them out, and this will ensure that you place the correct order. Like earlier mentioned, make sure that you buy everything at once to prevent color disparities.

Does Wallpaper Help Soundproofing?

Wallpaper does help in soundproofing, but soundproofing doesn’t mean you get a day and night difference. A thick wallpaper won’t block outside noise or prevent noise from leaking in or out of space. Wallpapers are only good at absorbing echoes and reverbs in a room- they work similarly to acoustic foam panels.

How Do I Install Wallpaper Panels?

Installing wallpapers doesn’t require a professional. If you got time on your hands, you simply need a peel and stick wallpaper and stick it to the walls. You need to do enough preparation before installation, like removing electricity outlets and cleaning the surface you need to install (make sure it’s free from dust) that would otherwise make the wallpaper peel off.

How Much Does a Soundproof Wallpaper Cost?

On average, a soundproof wallpaper cost ranges between $20- $100 depending on the brand, size, and other variations. Compared to other soundproofing materials, this product is quite economical for anyone looking to eliminate echoes in a room.

Final Thoughts

Does acoustical wallpaper work? Yes, it does work, and its effectiveness can be enhanced by combining with other soundproofing methods.

While wallpaper may not be as effective as other costly soundproofing methods, it surely does help reduce noise levels in your house without breaking the bank.

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