9 Ideas How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

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There are different ways on how you can annoy your neighbor both legally and illegally. In this article, we discuss three important topics:

  • Upstairs neighbor stomping revenge
  • How to annoy upstairs neighbors legally
  • How to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors

The worst thing you could experience as a renter or apartment dweller is a noisy neighbor.

For Christ’s sake, these people because a pain in the @$$ when you need peaceful time alone probably to nap, prepare a report, or meditate.

Changing neighborhoods won’t help because there’s a likelihood that your next neighbor will be worse than your current one.

So you’re left with only one option- to deal with them legally or illegally. So let’s get started:

Upstairs Neighbor Stomping Revenge

Have you tried breaking their legs? You could visit them and break their knee caps, and you’d be sure of no more stomping.

You could hire kidnappers and drive them to another city, or take them across the border into Canada or Mexico. Unfortunately, “people are like dogs,” and they will always find their way back home.

Have you tried smashing a bag of dog poop at their door? There’s a likelihood that this method would backfire as well.

We don’t advocate any of the above mentioned “hacks” because they’re likely to get you in trouble with the authorities.

If you’re serious about dealing with your noisy upstairs neighbors below methods won’t get you in trouble.


How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

1. Petroleum Jelly On Their Doorknob

This won’t get in much trouble if you get caught. Grab some Vaseline jelly and apply on your noisy neighbor doorknob for some unpleasant surprise when they return to their apartment.

Beware, there are smart doorknobs that have hidden camera- or else you get busted immediately.

Not only does Vaseline on their door feel unpleasant, but it will also make it harder for them to open their doors. It’ll make the knob slippery.

Ensure that you don’t jam their door lock with petroleum jelly, or else you will be forced to pay for damages if you get caught.

2. Ceiling Vibrator

ceiling vibrator to annoy a noisy neighbor
Photo Credit: SCMP.com

A ceiling vibrator is a device that will help you get even with your noisy upstairs neighbor.

The “vibrator” is a Chinese invention (read about it here) that uses a motor to create vibrations on your ceiling.

The vibrations are subsequently unleashed on your upstairs neighbor’s floor.

The gadget consists of a motor, WI-FI remote, an extendable rod, and a cable and will cost you as little as US$200.

This gadget is sold by Taobao.com a consumer to consumer platform operated by Alibaba.com

You can have the ceiling vibrator shipped your US address through this store.

3. Knock On Their Door at Odd Hours

If you genuinely want to get under your neighbor’s nerves, knock on their door at odd hours. For example during their bedtime hours– like very late in the evening or early in the morning

You should make the knock genuine. For instance, you could try and borrow something and make no mistake of allowing them to discover that you’re just trying to mess around with them.

4. Play a Racquetball against Your Ceiling

This hack is similar to the ceiling vibrator discussed above. It’s a cheaper method and highly effective.

Unleash the Serena Williams in you- grab a tennis ball and a racket and spend some few hours volleying the tennis ball against your ceiling during odd hours- late in the evening or early in the morning.

Make sure to perform this when your neighbor is around. You should do it persistently and consistently.

When your noisy neighbor asks you to stop, tell them you’re seriously training for competitions closest to you.

How to Deal With Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Owning a house was one of the steps towards achieving the American dream, but with the market prices steadily rising and no relief in sight.

A study conducted by Pew Research Center found out that renters head more of the United States households than in 1965.

Below are the most effective ways of dealing with noisy neighbors.

Pick your battles wisely


It’s important to pick your battles carefully and understand that not every battle is worth the fight.

Confronting your neighbor every time you think they’re loud will only make things worse for you.

You can approach your neighbor and complain about loud music the previous night. However, confronting them every time their stereo volume isn’t to your liking could be an indication that you’re allergic to them.

 Speak To Your Neighbor

Did you know that your neighbor may not be aware that they are being loud? So keep calm and talk to the friendly.

Introduce yourself to them if you don’t know them and highlight to them some examples of the noises you can hear.

Are you a good neighbor?

Much as you’d like to complain about your noisy neighbor, one question you should ask yourself whether you’re a good neighbor or not?

Probably you blend your smoothies in the dead of night or run your lawnmower 6 am during the weekends.

You may be surprised to confront your neighbor only for them to confront you back and say, “well, you run your lawnmower early in the morning…. Blah blah blah….” This could worsen the relationship between you and the neighbor.

Don’t write to them or report them

Regardless of how nice you may sound through a formal note of complaint, never leave a note on your neighbor’s door.

According to etiquette expert Emily Post, “ People are not good at writing notes, especially when they aim to correct another person’s behavior.”

Notes, in most cases, are viewed as passive aggressors.

On the other hand, while it’s okay to report your neighbor to property management, try to talk to them if possible.

You’re getting them into trouble without even giving them a chance to correct their situation.

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

Whether you go the legal or the illegal way, it’s essential to know that every route you take has its consequences.

We at SoundproofNation.com highly recommend you solve the problem with your neighbor in a peaceful manner.

If nothing works, it’s time to involve the management or call the cops on them.

61 thoughts on “9 Ideas How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally”

  1. My neighbor’s have two noisy yappy dogs who crap in the center of the apartment complex without anyone picking up after them and they bark constantly! But’s that not even the half of what’s going on! They mess with my internet and my cellphone and they come into my apartment and steal food! I have told both the manager and police but they laughed at me and denied that anyone could get into my house! One night when the neighbor was in my apartment and I said loudly I’m going to call the police! He just laughed! I tried three times to get through to 911 and couldn’t! I am an older lady and I need to take matters into my own hands!! Any ideas are welcome.

    • Unless there is a no pet policy, or their “kind of” pet isn’t allowed, not much that you can do. Check your lease, there is a lot of restrictions on pets these days. Size, weight, breed, etc. Contrary to popular belief, smaller & yappier dogs are the most aggressive & least likely to be trained or calm.

    • Get a gun and shoot them if your state has the castle law. People are not allowed to break into your apartment at their will and you have the right to defend your life and property if they’re just barging in.

  2. But when someone is doing something on purpose after the friendly advance on talking with them. Then they don’t talk to you anymore, and the noise has gotten worse, I mean really worse, throwing things on the floor knowing the bedroom is there where they are throwing whatever heavy object they throwing or dropping because it’s so loud it sounds like a bowling ball. This is not noise this is abusive. That was not written on this article.

    Stay Blessed and safe.

    • Wow, as I read your post it was as if I wrote this myself! Not that I want you to be going through this whatsoever, but it is comforting to finally find someone that actually understands the severity of the situation. Like the BIG difference (ppl don’t seem to get) between just having to deal with normal living noises that might happen to be very annoying and where the noises and actions are being done in a vindictive manner deliberately to affect you. You said it perfectly. I hope your situation has at the very least improved or better yet resolved completely! What you described is exactly what im experiencing including music being on 24/7 with extreme bass and high volume etc ughhh fml.

    • Yes!!!! My upstairs neighbor is an abusive dried up bitter old narcissistic washed up alcoholic who is mad at the world and takes it out on me. She does abusive tactics for attention. She is literally sick in the head and I am subjected to her abuse daily. She drops items on her bedroom floor multiple times a day at odd hours on purpose and runs the sweeper at odd hours and bangs the walls while she does it. I’m definitely ordering this floor vibrator and setting up surround sound by the vents.

    • Hi Jonsie, unfortunately you can’t get it on Amazon. I ordered mine through a store online and was delivered thought it took around 21 days. Check it out – here

      • Hey how does your ceiling vibrator work? The noise is so bad that we can’t even get sleep some nights. We’ve tried talking to our upstairs neighbor but it’s only gotten worse since then.

        • Hi Jade.
          My ceiling vibrator worked pretty well. The concept behind it is that- it sends vibrations across your ceiling to the upstairs neighbor’s floor. So they’ll feel like you’re stomping their floor.

          I’ve since moved out to a quieter neighborhood.

          But I’m glad the vibrator helped me get even with my neighbors.

  3. What to do when your neighbour’s kids are doing loud noises through the night?
    Tennis idea seems good for me at the start in odd time.

  4. How about this genius idea: if you can’t stand your neighbors because You think they are too loud or mean or rude (etc…) maybe what you need to do is get a house! I’m sure they don’t enjoy being harped at constantly & the ceiling vibrator thing is not only ridiculous and cruel but a lawsuit waiting to happen. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth the noise to have more affordable housing. Since you’re living only a few feet away from someone else, I promise you WILL hear them. Often!

    • Getting a house is no solution. U can still have horrible neighbors. People need to learn to respect others #simple

      • Thank you for the truth Larenza! My house is next to a rented house with people not caring until THEY are inconvenienced. People talk a lot of dirt behind the screen that don’t really know. Losers trying to make themselves feel better about being losers themselves.

      • Exactly. Unless you live with miles of average around you, there is no guarantee. And I’m sorry. But when you rent, it is reasonable to expect neighbors to be moderately quiet during the day, and silent at night. Just because you rent doesn’t mean you have to live with excessive noise. Of course, you will hear your neighbors somewhat, no matter renting or buying but people need to be respectful.

    • Just curious, how is that a lawsuit waiting to happen? You must be one of those people. I don’t encourage that, but seriously? You leave that type of “advice ” and makes you sound like a fool. Most of these people are trying to do the right thing. However, being a former landlord & tenant, that advice is asinine. Obviously “getting a house” is not an option for most people, otherwise they would’ve already done it.

    • Really? How about neighbors act considerately to the people who live below them? My upstairs neighbors tore out the landlord’s carpeting (would have helped to soundproof) & let kids slam doors, jump all over, play soccer in the house…. but it’s my issue? If they owned the property instead of renting, I bet they would treat the place with more respect. When I was growing up, parents didn’t let their kids run wild at home- that’s the problem now.

    • Oh heyyyy, you’re a privileged piece of shit. Hey, can I borrow 10,000 dollars to buy a house you out of touch absolute fucking moron? Jesus christ. I’m so embarrassed about your response I have nothing else to say except that if you were a dog, I’d rub your nose in what you just wrote. Jesus.

    • Someone is using this on me now. NOTHING to do with noise. This is because of a personal argument. I would apologize (and I did) for going below the belt BUT, moths later and hotels, life style change and now using only 25% of my home because of the device. “cruel” was the BEST word to describe it. They also have mental health issues … and now a toy to “play” with!

      • I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s not meant for that. It’s meant for abusive/disrespectful upstairs neighbors. I hate that it is being used for the wrong reasons on you but I’m glad it works because my situation is BAD. My upstairs neighbor is horrible and is abusive to me by dropping things on the floor, jumping, stomping and etc at random hours to make it hard on me while I’m in college and trying to get by. She is the definition of a HAG. It’s only her living there so it’s all her doing the noise. She lied about her health for attention for sympathy when the apartments called her for a meeting with me about the issue. I threatened legal issues and corporate involvement because I requested the meeting 2 months prior and she didn’t want to come but then they forced her to when I got sick of playing games. It’s taking everything I have not to punch her. She was scratching my car with her keys and hitting her car into mine on purpose too. I reported it but was told they didn’t do forensics on it unless it was a wreck with bodily injury but when the cop was talking to me, she came outside and stood at her door to listen and he moved me away so she couldn’t hear and then she walked over to try to hear. He was MAD. He filed the report even though I asked him not to waste his time bc nothing would be done and he said to keep filing reports and pile them up against her bc he could tell she was a real “peach” and definitely very rude and annoying but obviously targeting me and said she was sick in the head. It was at that point, even HE said that he wanted to see justice served against her as well. My husband tried to ignore her until she messed up- she thought it was just me at home (but I was gone bc I had left and went to my moms bc of her…I left my husband for wanting to ignore it) and she was being extra rude that day and making LOTS of noise. My husband was sleeping to try and leave that evening to deliver loads in his semi and had to drive all the way across the U.S. and at that point, he SNAPPED and DESTROYED our ceiling banging back and destroyed her door banging on it and went off and said he would make her life hell and she was going to stop NOW. He left tired and wrecked his semi from a deer running in front of him but the deer didn’t cause the wreck…the driving error from lack of sleep did. He could have been killed. If he would have died then I would have murdered her for sure. It got a tiny bit better after that but it’s still bad. Everyone hates this lady for obvious reasons. I swear she is evil. Never in my life have I wished anything so bad on someone, but I pray for utter hell in this lady’s life every single day.

    • It’s about courtesy and respect. Common sense should tell you to be considerate of others. I live beneath a bitch that walks like a Jurassic Park Dino at all hours.
      They argue and bang around and drop shit constantly.
      Weed smoking is an everyday activity even though they signed a paper saying it is cause for immediate eviction.
      Loud music and no adhearance to quiet hours.
      As I type this at 10:52 they are moving furniture and playing hopscotch bowling jump rope.

      • I am going thru the same exact thing. I love the way you explain it..Jurassic Park Dino. I can’t get a piece of mind..and the bad thing about this I’m currently fighting for my life with stage four cancer so I’m home a majority of my day. Have you found any resolution?

    • Eloísa, not to be rude but it seems like you’re not well aware of every single county/city-based economy factors and peoples’ ability to afford houses or homes on a larger plot of land.
      As you sit on in your own home, people like my husband and i who are first time home owners who were given the option of renting an apartment that consistently went up in price every 4 months, or owning a condo for less monthly cost.
      We didn’t know how bad the sound issue was until about a month later.
      Since we moved a year ago, we’ve been in torment. Since the pandemic, we’ve been ripping our hair out.
      Our downstairs neighbors are absolute night mares with a psycho wife, yappy dogs, large libidos, and a toddler who just discovered their vocal chords.
      Our upstairs neighbors are teenagers who love rap music. We have no idea what to do, and it’s driving us crazy. Just to let you know…. it’s not as simple as “just buy a house!” When our condo was as much as a normal house. Our economy here is crazy inflated. We can’t afford a 400k single story 2be 2ba 1000sq foot house in an “eh” neighborhood. Wish we could.

    • most people here are aware the difference between what’s normal apartment living noise and what’s not.

      you were probably a really noisy neighbor and got complaints on yourself

  5. Install cameras from Cox it will cost like 250 to install plus you have to pay a monthly fee but trust me it will keep you safe and they are encrypted cameras so they cannot be hacked easily if there is a problem with the cameras Cox will send a worker to take a look at them your neighbor will leave you alone I have Cox cameras and that is what is keeping me safe just make sure you ask the technician that installs the cameras to teach u how to use them

  6. Hi there, My bedroom’s ceiling has been stomping for the last few years, i live in a townhouse. I’ve no idea what kind of device my neigbour install on my ceiling. Pls. help!

  7. I have nothing but trouble with my neighbors. Horrible. They have been trying to get rid of me. Since I moved in.they complained constantly. And my landlord always sides with them. I am furious. Don’t move to Regency court, in Middletown, nj. Believe me.

    • I’ve been having the same problem too! I have 2 kids under the age of 3 and the neighbor above me knows that. After I tried talking to her about the noises they only got worse and I’ve tried talking to my landlord too about it nothing has improved. I’m already packing because I don’t want to deal with this drama anymore. The only solution after talking to the neighbor, landlord, and having the police involved (if the loud noises persist) is to move out

    • I’ve been having the same problem too with my neighbor above me! After talking to my neighbor and landlord about it nothing has been improved and now I’m just planning to move out. I have 2 babies under the age of 3 and they know that, and the neighbor above me is still spiteful

  8. I live in an apartment complex and it’s three stories. My family and I live in the middle level and we have people that live underneath us and above us. My uncle has cancer and is bed ridden and my grandma is in her 70s and doesn’t do much to cause noise. My boyfriend and I work all day so we’re hardly home. We just moved into this complex not even a year ago. The day we moved in we told the upstairs and downstairs neighbors if we’re loud please tell us and we’ll try to fix it. About 3 months ago our downstairs neighbors decided to get a subwoofer and crank it to the point our furniture was vibrating and any drink we had on our coffee table you could see the vibrations in the liquid. We ended up nipping that in the bud real quick! Then we get to our upstairs neighbors. The day we moved in the told us they have a 4 year old granddaughter that lives with them and that the wife waters her plants. That should have been a huge indication right there!! The kid runs at all hours of the night and day! I try not to hold it against her because she little and doesn’t understand but the grandparents/parents say nothing about it. There’s even times where the family goes to bed and lets the kid run buck wild all by herself. Then my family will like to sit on our patio and enjoy being outside with everything going on. It doesn’t matter what time we go out the wife hears us and drenches us with water while watering her plants! It’s not a little bit of water either, it’s about a 20 gallon fish tanks worth of water. We’ve talked to them about the water issue and we agreed on a time for her to water her plants and we’ll be nowhere around. Then two day’s later the husband (he’s one of the maintenance guys that works at our complex. Joy!) and I were having a conversation then out of the clear blue the wife starts screaming at me that she shouldn’t have to schedule a time for her to water her plants. And pretty much said if you get wet oh well! Like I said earlier, I have an uncle who has cancer and is bed ridden so it’s a joy for him to go outside, but I also worry that if he gets wet and with all of the bacteria and not knowing what kind of water we’re getting wet with we can’t even have him outside for a couple minutes.

  9. Yeah, only do the ceiling vibrator if it’s an extreme situation like loud music or something. Try moving apartments if it’s that bad. My husband and I were stuck in a 1 bedroom with drug users downstairs and a newborn.

    Someone tried the ceiling vibrator on us but it actually ruined my life because it made me nauseas and I couldn’t sleep because of it. It made a bad situation into a living hell for us and the sleep deprivation eroded our mental health and caused us to argue until we were able to move out.

    Try not to be a shit neighbor back just move out or request a transfer. I did consider suing them because it possibly violates the “peaceful enjoyment” terms of the lease.

    I think you could get in a lot of trouble for using one. Seriously if the noise is that bad it warrants a police call.

    • Naw. If you’re a bad neighbor that you get every bit of what you deserve. As****es should get the ceiling vibrator and maybe they’d stop being shit. If you’re heavy footed then stop walking like a fucking T. rex. If you’re noisy, shut the fuck up or YOU buy a house

  10. Obviously people rent because they can’t afford to buy or can’t settle for some reason. If your a renter you should respect your downstairs neighbors if you have people below you!!

  11. EMIE

    PLEASE, someone is also using this device on me and our “issue” had NOTHING to do with noise. We had an argument MONTHS ago and he has mental health issues.

    People here had 1 tear coming down my face to 1, hear people suffering so greatly but, who are now willing to use this device which causes INTERNAL damage to your organs! Please contact me mrmrmikev@hotmail.com.

    I am STRUGGLING to get help. I think this could even KILL!

  12. I’ve lived in this complex for over 4 years and learned very quickly that the manager doesn’t like females. She an elderly woman who should have retired years ago but sits on her throne in the office. Her boss is just as bad. Anyway, I needed to move to a bottom apartment due to knee issues. A year ago I moved to a first floor apartment. It was nice for about 5 weeks and then an army veteran and his father moved in. The noise was awful and I figured it would stop after they were settled. NOT! I decided I’d be a good neighbor and go upstairs, introduce myself, welcome them etc. During that time I told the father I worked nights. I went up there three times but the third time I’d had it. The father is in his 60s and I said come on man!!! It’s been two months since they moved in. I finally saw the son around this time. I told the manager. Huh, what a laugh. For about six months I put up with this noise but just before covid hit the world in March, he left. It was so nice and pleasant. Quiet. Last night things were not quiet any longer and I gasped. When I got home from work today I called the office and ask the young lady if the noise maker was back. She said yes but only temporarily. That’s what they told me last year. I sent a text to my daughter and wrote, F………..k! The a..hole is back!! She lol me and said to google how to get back at upstairs neighbor. All this information I’ve read has been relatable, laughable and frustrating. Some comments are just stupid. If everyone living in an apartment could buy a house I’m sure they would, you fool. I don’t know what to say to help solve this problem so many people are having to survive with but I will say if you aren’t living the nightmare, shut up.

  13. My upstairs neighbour has just moved in a woman and three kids. I got to sleep at 3am this morning. This is a one bedroom apartment I’m so tired, When i asked if they could keep the noise down they told me i was rude? Only trouble is i am out numbered and they don’t look like the sort of people you want to mess with.

  14. I am currently dealing with extremely loud neighbors, they constantly stomp on the floor throughout the whole day. I have contacted the leasing office and a leasing agent told me they have the right to be as loud as they want from 7am-11pm Georgia law🤯. I called the police and they were not as loud for 2 days and they started again. Unfortunately I have Stage four Lymphoma and in the process of going thru chemotherapy, so I had to stop working at the moment. I contacted an attorney early this morning and at this point I’m willing to move, but not into another apartment. If I have to hire a moving company, I’m moving off the property. I’m so unhappy here

  15. Lovely couple in the flat above us moved out. Have now got in a bloke with his teenage kids and girlfriend. He never seems to do any work, no idea how he can afford to rent it. They seem to sit up half the night and then sleep in to lunchtime. We often don’t get to sleep until the middle of the night and then have to get up a few hours later to go to work. Am permanently tired and making mistakes and have a nearly constant headache. Also breaking multiple terms of the lease. He has taken up drumming again, no musical instrument playing is allowed under the lease. Letting agent keeps making excuses for him instead of sorting it out and didn’t even bother to reply to our last phone calls and email. When he sees us he walks by in injured silence as though it is all our fault. When he first came in he seemed friendly and said if there will any problems to let him know but he was spoken to by 3 different people and didn’t do anything about the problem, so we then tried to get the agents involved who started out being helpful but now can’t be arsed to do anything. Luckily the owner of the flat is selling and he has been given notice but after 5 hours of drumming yesterday like the idea of ‘getting back’ at him.

  16. Exactly. Im so happy i found this post. Seems like vibrators is my last solution. True, i don’t live in private house and should expect noise from other people, i probably make some myself! But there is huge difference between noise time to time and EVERY SINGLE DAY. I would never even complain about birthday parties or some similar time to time outbursts, but constant, regular noise is not only unpleasant, it destroys your nerve system (yes, it sounds silly), it reduces quality of your daily routine. If you spend days, evenings sitting in sofa watching tv, not much things will bother you. If you want to work/read/learn – you can forget about it. So if my hunger for quality time for someone is less important than my respect and manners i show to other neighbours, then i think vibrator is the last hope for us and acceptable solution. Yes, cruel, but politeness does not solve all problems. And it’s easy for people to talk, if they never experienced such disturbances or they never tried to read one book in life.

  17. Thank you all so much! For just being real and leaving your experiences to help others! The world we live in today people just don’t care ! They see an opportunity to hurt and harm others they will jump on it to feel better about their low lives! I guess!? I am a super stressed Downstairs tenant! And the pandemic has really made it even tougher!
    I have always lived with roommates and shared living situations so I thought downstairs no problem! It’s a problem they just moved in 3 months now every day all day and night morning you name it! 2 kids they never stop running banging jumping throwing screaming! When they are asleep then I guess it’s the tweeker parents turn they throw objects on the floor open and slam windows and doors it’s just awful! Never stops ! One day They came up to us (us meaning my husband, 1 year old son and myself) as we were coming home from grocery shopping saying “sorry if my kids are loud” … we said hello, and we understood it’s thin walls you can hear everything! …. thinking they would slow it down at least 11p-7a we were very friendly but definitely let them know we are hearing it!!!
    Now !!!! they bang and play loud music vibrate jump stomp throw things on top us in our bedrooms! It’s gotten way worse !!! who apologizes and then goes even harder!? People really just try to F with happy nice people! just a miserable world we live in rn! It’s so easy live your life and Just be courteous of others . We obviously All F****** live here 24/7! #Earth

  18. Hi,
    does the “ceiling vibrator” work in Europe? there’s a crazy man who lives above me, he makes a lot of noise, he doesn’t go out, he exercises in his apt. I spoke to him in the past, he stops temporary and starts again. I’m so fed up, I hired a lawyer, to sue the landlord. Meanwhile, I want to get even with this nut, so I need this gadget. Also is there another site that sells it for cheaper? Thanks.

  19. My upstairs neighbor likes to complain about normal noise during daytime hours. Keep in mind she’s ABOVE me. The lady below me throws wild parties and I rarely hear anything from those. While complaining she has a small yapping dog and people who stay with her that have constantly been making tons of noise until 2am. So the past few days I’ve been making TONS of noise during reasonable daytime hours 😂 If it continues I’m going to start the noise at 5am when I get up for work. And sorry I completely disagree with the poster who said as a renter it’s reasonable to expect pretty quiet days and silent nights. Pretty quiet to silent nights, yes. Days are time to clean, time for kids to play, etc. Most apartment leases even state, that unless it’s excessively loud music or screaming, that daytime noise of most kinds is permitted.

  20. I live in a apartment and have a 1 year old. My upstairs neighbors have 2 kids(between 5-10) and 2 dogs(1 great dane and 1 husky- both full size). We hear the kids up playing in their room, seemingly jumping off their beds in the middle of the night. They play ball with the dogs in their apartment, and when they run ( I’m assuming it’s the great dane) our apartment shakes. These dogs scratch and claw on the floor in the middle of the night, and run around as well, waking up our baby. We talked to them the week after we moved in. The response? They’re kids. They’re dogs. What do expect me to do about it?
    Property management told me to call security when I have an issue with them, which i have several times, to which i dont see it helping.


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