QuietRock vs. Double Drywall: What Is The Best For Soundproofing?

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There’s been a heated debate concerning Quietrock vs. Double Drywall regarding cost, efficiency, and ease of installation.

Well, besides mass-loaded vinyl, drywall sheets have always been one of the best soundproofing materials you can get on the market today.

Here’s the answer:

QuietRock is better than Double Drywall in terms of sound blocking with some bigger cost disparities.

In this guide, I shall be comparing the differences and similarities of Quietrock vs. Double Drywall.

What is QuietRock Sheetrock?

QuietRock Sheetrock is a soundproofing product made up of viscoelastic polymers and two gypsum layers. (Source)

In the past few years, this product by PABCO Gypsum has risen in popularity thanks to its superior sound-dampening abilities that exceed that of standard drywall panels.

The gypsum layers in this product work to block soundwaves while the viscoelastic material in-between absorbs the vibrations.

As a result, this viscoelastic material is highly efficient in dissipating sound and provides better results than synthetic rubbers and other polymers.

With a single layer of the QuiteRock Sheetrock, you can reduce sound transmission by between 15 and 20 STC Points.

This product comes in panels with different thicknesses, and you can choose whichever option works for you.

The QuietRock panels are tapered for mudding and easy taping, and you can snap and score them just like with other sheets.

You can use the panels on the walls and floors if you are looking for enhanced soundproofing.

Types of QuietRock Panels

There are several types of Quietrock drywall panels you can get on the market today. They include:

QuietRock 510

This is the least expensive QuietRock panel and is ideal if you are on a tight budget. The panel comes with ½ -inch thickness and measure four by 8,9 and 12 inches.

You can install these panels over existing drywall and enjoy an improved STC rating of between 47 and slightly over 50.

The cost of a 4 by 8 feet panel of the QuietRock 510 is about 55 dollars.


QuietRock 530

A panel of QuietRock 530 costs almost twice the price of the QuietRock 510.

Its performance as far as soundproofing is concerned is impressive, and you can expect the STC rating of your wall or ceiling to go up by 52 to 75 points depending on the wall construction.

The cost for 4 by 8 feet panels is about 160 dollars.

QuietRock 545

This is a high-performing panel specifically designed for sound rooms, theatres, and commercial studios.

The panel comes with 11 layers designed to block even low-frequency noises.

The panels are 1-3/8 inches in thickness and 4 by 8 feet in size.

They come with tapered edges with an STC rating of between 60 and 80.

A 4 by 8 feet panel of QuietRock will cost about 200 dollars.

QuietRock 545 RF

The QuietRock 545 RF comes with similar characteristics to the QuietRock 545.

The only difference is the RF variety comes with additional shielding to prevent radio frequency penetration.

Thanks to the additional shielding, these panels will work great in information-sensitive and high-security locations.

However, the panels must be installed right to ensure their success.

Only a skill saw can be used to trim or cut the panels. Specialized skills are also necessary during installation on walls, floors, or ceilings.

STC rating for these panels ranges from 52 to 74 depending on the wall, ceiling, and floor construction. They cost about 350 dollars for a 4 by 8 feet panel.


The EZ-SNAP panels are 5/8 in thickness and come in sheets of 4 by 8,9, or 10 feet.

As the name suggests, these sheets snap and score quickly and can be used in standard drywall for better soundproofing.

A panel of this product offers STC value of about 50 to 60, which is quite impressive. Additionally, these panels are designed to attach to studs making them occupy minimal space after installation.

The price for a single panel ranges between $60 and $65, depending on the store.

EZ-SNAP Mold Resistant

This panel’s characteristics are similar to the EZ-SNAP variety, only that they come with an additional mold-resistant paper.

The sheets are lightweight, with 4 by 8 feet sheets weighing slightly over 83 pounds.

In addition, thanks to the mold-resistant feature, these panels are ideal for damp areas like bathrooms.

Does Quietrock Really Work?

The short answer is yes. QuietRock is a high-quality soundproofing product that many have used with great success.

Actually, when compared to regular drywall, a single sheet of the most basic QuietRock product, the QuietRock 510, provides similar sound-dampening as 8 drywall sheets.

What is Double Layer Drywall Soundproofing?

Double Layer Drywall is just that, two drywall layers.

Since most drywalls come in a single layer, doubling requires you to install an additional layer over the first one to enhance its soundproofing ability.

Drywall goes by many names in the market.

These names include Gypsum board or panel, plasterboard, custard board, and wallboard.

Drywall sheets are made using plaster mixed with fiber, gypsum layers, and plasticizers.

Just like QuiteRock panels, the drywall panels come with tapered edges.

Drywall panels also come in different sizes and thicknesses.

The heavier varieties come with more mass, while the light panels are easy to work with.

You can use these sheets to build ceilings and as room dividers.

Additionally, you can install them on walls for soundproofing purposes.

Types of Double Layer Drywall Soundproofing

Drywall panels come in six major varieties. These include:

Regular Drywall/Whiteboard

This is the most affordable type of drywall, and a 4 by 8 feet panel will cost you between 12 and 18 dollars.

Blue Board

Blue board is mold and water-resistant drywall. It is recommended for bathrooms among other high-humidity areas.

A Blueboard panel measuring 4 by 8 feet costs between 12 and 15 dollars

Green Board

Green board comes in the form of drywall layers with a green coating. The added coating is designed to make the board moisture resistant.

Green board is excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. However, you must remember that the board is not water-resistant, and exposing it to water will compromise its quality over time.

A 4 by 8 feet panel of Green Board costs between 14 and 18 dollars.

Gypsum Drywall

Gypsum drywall stands out because it comes without a paper material cover. Instead, these panels are covered using fiberglass.

Gypsum drywall is both mold and moisture resistant. A 4 by 8 feet panel of this drywall costs between 12 and 60 dollars.

Purple Drywall

Purple Drywall is another mold and moisture-resistant type that is perfect for humid places.

The cost for a 4 by8 feet panel ranges from 15 to 60 dollars.

Type X Drywall

This type of drywall is thicker than the other varieties, and it is mostly used for soundproofing. The panel is also fire resistant for up to one hour because it is made using non-combustible fiber.

The cost for a 4 by 8 feet panel ranges between 20 and 60 dollars depending on thickness.

Does Double Drywall Reduce Sound

Drywall muffles but doesn’t completely block sound.

Double drywall is, therefore, effective in reducing the sound getting into your space.

As highlighted above, the Type X drywall is made explicitly for soundproofing, and a double layer of it will come with enhanced soundproofing abilities.

Most people who use double drywall for soundproofing normally use green glue acoustic sealant between the layers.

This glue binds the panels together while enhancing their soundproofing abilities.

Double drywall with green glue can offer an STC rating of up to 58 points.

Quietrock Vs. Double Drywall, What Is The Best Drywall For Soundproofing?

When put against each other, QuitRock outperforms Double-wall as far as soundproofing abilities are concerned.

A double layer of drywall will never go beyond 60 STC points, while QuiteRock can go all the way to the 70s.

Without the use of green glue, the STC rating of double drywall will go considerably down. This means that if you choose to go the double drywall way, you also have to incorporate green glue for best results.

Quietrock vs. Double Drywall s

Reasons why QuietRock is Better than Double Drywall?


QuiteRock is a space saver and is ideal if yours is a small house.

Multiple layers of drywall translate to thicker walls, but they also reduce the space available for you.

Generally, QuiteRock panels are thinner, and because you only need a single layer, it saves on space.

Easy To Install

A single panel of QuietRock is easier to install than a double layer of drywall.

Add the green glue application, and you have quite a task to accomplish.

With QuietRock panels, you don’t need any other product to enhance their performance. Just install the right and start enjoying your quiet space.

Works With The Existing Drywall

What if you have drywall already installed on your walls?

You can go for the QuietRock panels instead of adding another layer of drywall.

You do not need to take down the drywall on your walls to install the QuiteRock panels.

While it is clear that you stand to gain more by installing the QuietRock panels, there are other factors to consider. These factors include:


QuietRock panels are more expensive than double drywall. However, even when you add the cost of green glue, double drywall still comes to a few dollars cheaper.

If you are soundproofing on a tight budget, drywall makes more economic sense. Just don’t skip the green glue layer if you want to see any significant results.

QuietRock works excellent for walls and floors. However, these panels are not recommended for ceilings.

If you want to soundproof your ceiling, go for drywall. Some drywall panels are specifically designed for the ceiling, making them best suited for the job.

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