Anti Vibration Pads for Air Compressor: Top 7 Compressor Rubber Feet

In this guide, I’ll be guiding you through some of the best anti vibration pads for air compressor. The devices play an important role in our everyday lives- especially DIY activities in the garage.

However important they are, it’s a fact that air compressors can get quite noisy.

We all know that being the noisy neighbor will not only get you into trouble with your neighbors but also can result in what’s known as noise-induced hearing loss.

If you have a noisy air compressor, one of the best ways to reduce noise is to invest in anti-vibration pads.

Anti-vibration pads and mats are not limited to compressors and are an excellent option for different appliances, including dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, and other similar loud appliances.

In this guide, I will be reviewing some of the best anti-vibration pads for air compressors. Let’s get started.

What Is the Best Anti Vibration Pad for Air Compressor?

The best anti-vibration pad is Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad. They weigh 1 pound and measures 6x6x4 inches and are great for both residential and commercial installation.

I’ve personally used these pads under my 60-gallon upright air compressor in my garage. They managed to quiet it down.

Not only are these units great for air compressors, but they are also perfect for washing machines, HVAC machinery, and other heavy appliances that often vibrate.

You can place these pads beneath your bed frame to make it quiet. For best results, use one of the quiet bed frames with these pads.

Anti-Vibration Pads for Air Compressor: Top 7 Compressor Rubber Feet

A-List of Other Anti-Vibration Pads for Air Compressors Review

While the Diversitech above may sound like the real deal, there are other great options you can choose from. Below are some of the most recommended alternatives.

1. XCEL Value Pack closed-cell foam

XCEL Rubber pads come as an 8 pack of 6-inch x 6-inch square pieces with a ¼ inch thickness. The pads can be cut into different sizes and shapes during application.

They can be customized for sound reduction projects.

The rubber pads are made with a versatile product that can be used in more than one project making.

They not only reduce the vibrations produced by machines but also keep your floor stay safe from scratches and protect electronics.

Even though the XCEL pads are discreet, they are very powerful when it comes to sound dampening.

The pads are thick and solid, making them suitable for appliances such as air compressors, treadmill, washing machine, and others.

They have good absorbing abilities to reduce the noise produced by vibrating.

The XCEL anti-vibration Pads are made from industrial certified grade rubber that can withstand heavy machines for a long period with varying temperatures and vibrations.

They are too thin with an unobtrusive feel and look to suit home and industrial sound dampening needs. The pads can be used to supplement sound absorbing mats in your house.

2. LBG products Rubber Anti- Vibration isolation pads

LBG Anti-vibration pads come in a 4 pack to reduce noise and absorb the shock produced by machines or equipment.

The pads can be used both indoor and outdoor, and each pad can withstand 960lbs.

They are made with a very strong rubber, blue EVA center material, and an extremely structured sound cork to absorb extreme vibrations.

These materials are of high quality and are not affected by chemicals or oil and are very effective when it comes to dampening vibrations.

They are designed to resist aging, corrosion and wear caused by vibrations of a heavy-duty air compressor, generator, and washing machines among others

The LBG anti-vibration pads absorb all the internal noise and move the air compressor to a localized space on the pads causing fewer distractions. They are designed to be durable, even under a frequently running machine.

The pads are coated with an extra-strong polymer material that gives the machine a firm grip.

The LBG pads do not permanently compress over time even when used under more than 100 pounds air compressor.

Some of the advantages the LBG pads are that the EVA foam ensures that the mat remains with its shape after multiple compressions. The pads come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

You are guaranteed a sound reduction of at least 10 decibels when placed under HVAC or other vibrating materials.

Their sleekness makes them less invisible, thus are not visually distracting.

On the downside is that the LBG Anti-vibration pads may not be useful on low-frequency sound waves like the one produced by subwoofers.

3. MyLifeUNIT  Shock Absorbing pads

MylifeUNIT shock-absorbing pads are made of a premium EVA material that is durable to last long. These pads boast lightweight, anti-static, elastic, and resistant to wear.

The thick and solid pads measure 20mm for use under a washing machine or air compressing unit to provide stabilization. The compact EVA material does not slide when on the ground.

The pads are thick enough to raise machines protecting them from dampness or leakage.

Application of these pads is easy; you only need someone to help you lift the air compressor then put them under.

They do not require any adhesive or tools to install, and you can adjust the foot position of the footpad.

Each pack comes with 8 pads measuring 3.9 by 3.9 by 0.8 inches that can be used on more than one appliance.

MyLifeUNIT Shock-absorbing pads are of high quality and are cost-effective, so you have less to worry about in case you are on a tight budget. They can last for long, even when used under heavy air compressor.

They are designed to be absorbing all types of machine vibrations.

4. Casa Pura anti-vibration pad

Casa Pura anti-vibration pads are made of a strong 100% recycled rubber particles that have been compressed for maximum sound dampening.

The rubber material minimizes the vibrations produced by machines. The Casa Pura Mats protect the floor from scratches or damage that may be caused by the machine.

The mats can also be used for commercial purposes such as a safety-enhancing mat for gym flooring or an anti-fatigue mat in the workplace due to its soft granular rubber.

The casa pura mats mat is durable, and oil and fluid resistant and can withstand a temperature range of 22 to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The mats can be customized to meet your needs by cutting into your desired size.

When using under extremely heavy machines, consider placing up to 2 pads for better results.

5. Foresthill Heavy Duty anti-vibration pads

Forest chill anti-vibration pads are made of a combination of rubber and EVA foam, making them durable and soft.

These materials have excellent chemical durability, resistance to oil, all-weather elements, and other chemicals.

Their loading capacity is 50 pounds per square inch, and each pad can withstand up to 800lbs, meaning that 4 pads can hold 3200 lbs.

The top and bottom parts are made of rubber to provide extra friction.

They are designed for heavy machines that generate a lot of vibrations such as the air compressor, HVAC system, and treadmill, among others.

Foresthill heavy-duty anti-vibration pads are durable and can be used for a long time.

On the downside is that the pads have a rubbery smell, but you don’t have to worry; just keep them outside for some days if you want to use them indoors

6. 4 Pack Medium Anti-Vibration Isolation Pads

As the name suggests, 4 pack medium anti-vibration pads come in 4 pads per pack. They are of solid rubber with dimensions of 4x4inches and a thickness of 1 inch.

The pads have an anti-skid top and bottom surface that is resistant to oil, so you have less to worry about. Each pad has a 3/8“hole at the center to easily anchor through the center of the pad.

These ant-vibrations dampen sounds and vibrations and also protect the floor and equipment from wear. These isolation pads are durable and can be used for a long time.

7. Air Jade 4 Pack Rubber Anti-vibration pads

Air jade anti-vibration pads are made of an industrial grade EVA material that can be used under HVAC, air compressors, air conditioners, and treadmills, among others.

Each pack comes with 4 pads. The material is not affected by most chemicals, and it is weatherproof and oil resistant.

This product boasts its flexibility, sturdy, and is designed to last long for both outdoor and indoor usage.

The pads have a sandwich structure of rubber- EVA-rubber to provide a better absorbing capability than the regular pads.

The air jade anti-vibration pads have a ribbed rubber on top and bottom to give more friction in a high vibrating area. A single pad measures 4” x 4” x 7/8” and can be cut to fit your desired size.

In addition, they can accommodate up to 960 lbs. Per pad and have a loading capacity of 60 psi.

The good news is that they work perfectly for an air compressor or any other machine.

The pads can also be used as an anti-skidding pad for outdoor furniture or traveling equipment to prevent scratches from scratching each other.

Final Thoughts on The Best Anti Vibration Pads for Air Compressor

In conclusion, above are some of the best anti vibration pads for air compressor.

They are not only great for air compressors but also they are perfect for other appliances, including refrigerators, ACs and washing machines.

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