Quiet Power Supply: Top 7 Virtually Silent Gaming PSU

If you’re an avid PC gamer, then a quiet power supply will allow you to game quietly without causing unwanted noises to those in the rooms nearby.

Most manufacturers don’t care about the “lives of gamers” and will advertise the cheaply made power supplies as the best there is on the market.

That’s where most gamers fall short of as they opt for cheaper gaming accessories.

Poorly designed power supply units often will produce buzzing, humming noises.

Here at Soundproof Nation, our aim is to provide you with the best quality and yet quiet product there is on the market.

What Is the Best Quiet Power Supply?

The best quiet power supply unit is Thermaltake Smart with Ultra-Quiet Cooling Fan.

It’s available in different wattage (430-700 Watts), allowing you to choose a style that correctly matches the wattage of your computer.

The unit is equipped with a 120mm ultra-quiet fan.

Additionally, the PSU is 80 PLUS Standard Certified and equipped with highly quality components for reliable nonstop usage.

A-List of The Best Quiet Power Supply on The Market

If the Thermaltake Smart with Ultra-Quiet Cooling Fan above doesn’t sound like the real deal to you, then below are some quality and quiet PSUs, including the Corsair CX series.

1. EVGA 220-G3-0750-X1

The EVGA G3 series stands out not just for its quiet operation, but also for being energy efficient.

The power supply comes with 80 plus gold-rated efficiency and can save power by up to 90%.

Like other products by the Taiwanese brand, Super Flower, this unit comes with Japanese capacitors with long life Eco Mode controlled fan that stops when the load is low.

With the 130 millimeters Hydraulic bearing, you are guaranteed of ultra-quiet performance.

The 12V regulation is built tight to suppress ripple and other power protections put in place to ensure that this product will stand the test of time.

Enjoy minimal heat dissipation reduced energy cost, and zero noise from the fan in low load operations.

With the EVGA 220-G3-0750-X1, you get ten years warranty against manufacturer defects.

2. Corsair RMX SERIES

Corsair is known for its high-quality and reliable products, and this power supply is not any different.

The Corsair RMX comes with fully-modular PSUs, so cable management is easy.

Additionally, it comes with 80 PLUS Gold Platinum certification, so energy efficiency is outstanding.

Thanks to the smart fan controller, the fan only goes on when the system goes a specific load threshold, which helps keep the unit quiet.

The RMx will not exceed 20 dBa noise levels even when the fan is at its maximum speed, making it perfect if you want a quiet power supply.

The 100% Japanese capacitors ensure consistent and solid power delivery.

Since they are also built with long term reliability in mind, you can expect the capacitor to serve you well for many years.

In addition to all the above features, the ZERO RPM Mode for the fan ensures that you can enjoy silent operation with low to medium loads.

3. Seasonic Prime 600


There are a few features that make the Seasonic Prime 600 stand out.

One, it is the only model without a fan.

In its place, the power supply uses passive cooling, and this can only translate to complete silence.

The Prime 600 comes with high-grade hardware along with outstanding power efficiency.

The manufacturer actually offers a 12-year warranty on this product so you can expect a decade-plus of outstanding service.

Since this power supply doesn’t come with a fan, you need to consider a quality chassis to ensure that hot air doesn’t accumulate inside for too long.

Get a case where you can mount the power supply at the top so hot air will rise with ease.

4. Corsair AX Series

The Corsair AX is a fully modular unit that delivers 80+ Titanium power.

This unit boasts of the highest quality internal parts and Japanese capacitors known to provide tight voltage regulation and low ripple noise.

Thanks to the Zero RPM mode feature, the fan only goes on when necessary, meaning that you can enjoy silent operation when on low or medium load.

Since the cables are fully modular flattened, you can easily upgrade your PC as you only install the cables needed for your systems.

Even when the fan is on, the unit is designed to run efficiently and offer near-silent operation.

The 135mm cooling fan with FDB bearing runs silently at demanding loads.

The Corsair AX comes with three-color magnetic side labels that you can customize to match your PSU’s style.

5. Rosewill Gaming Arc Series Quiet Power Supply


This Rosewill power supply guarantees a clean and stable power supply.

The unit will not break a sweat even on full load, plus it also offers the scalability, availability, and flexibility you need for your gaming computer.

The 80 plus supply is fitted with a 120mm fan that ensures optimal airflow at a very low noise level.

Even though the noise increases with the fan speed, you can barely hear the power supply from the next room, even when on full load.

In addition, the single +12V rail ensures optimal efficiency with low operation loss and even less heat.

For this unit, you get a three years warranty, so you are guaranteed great performance and replacement in case your unit has any manufacturer defect.

6. Antec HCG-620W High Current Power Supply

The Antec HCG-620W comes with an advanced low voltage 135 mm double ball-bearing fan that is sure to offer optimal circuit and heat shield for your machine.

With this power supply, you are sure that your PC is protected as you enjoy 620W of continuous and reliable power.

The power supply is also fitted with all Japanese capacitors that are heavy duty and high performing and high-quality connectors for enhanced performance.

Additionally, the 92.9% +12V output offers maximum GPU and CPU support for an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

If you are looking for a power supply with extreme efficiency, high current engineering, and solid construction that will stand the test of time, the Antec HCG is a perfect choice.

Quiet Power Supply Buyer Guide: Important Factors to Consider

There are a few factors you need to consider while shopping for a quiet power supply. These include:


The fun is usually responsible for the pesky power unit buzzing noise. This should be the first feature you consider if you are concerned about noise.

Fortunately, modern advances have made it possible for manufactures to provide quiet units that deliver exemplary performance.

However, with these, you have to consider the heat distribution and ensure that the unit is mounted in an area that allows proper ventilation.

The fanless varieties also come at a higher price.

Even among the fanned units, you will get quite a variety of quiet power supply units with fans that will go on if it goes beyond a certain load.

Quiet Power Supply


Wattage is possibly the most important feature you need to consider. What is the PSU wattage, and will this be adequate for your machine?

You can use a PSU calculator to see how much power is required.

However, this method may not be accurate. This is because identical machines can differ in their power consumption due to factors such as GPUs and power spikes.

The most energy-demanding part of your computer is the graphic card.

This means that the best way to tell how much power you need is to check its energy requirements.

The processor also consumes a significant amount of power, so it helps to check its requirement as well.

While checking the Thermal Design Power number may give you a rough estimate, you may need to dig a little deeper since the numbers can be inaccurate.

A better method would be to check reviews on different sites and see what product is perfect for your PC.

In most cases, customers give honest reviews based on experience, so checking them may narrow your search and help you select a perfect match for your computer.

If you want accurate figures, use a kill-a-watt device and use the intense benchmark value.

The peak wattage numbers you get should help you determine the best wattage for your current needs and future upgrades.

Get a PSU with 20% headroom over the peak wattage to take care of increased power needs in the future.


You want a quiet power supply that delivers the power you need efficiently.

A few years back, most high wattage PSUs were quite inefficient at low loads.

Since then, things have changed with advanced technology, and most units are highly efficient today.

All the power units highlighted above come with over 80% efficiency.

Ensure that the efficiency goes beyond the 70% mark, so you are guaranteed of great efficiency even under light loads.

PSU Size

Most of the PSUs today are compact in size, which makes them versatile.

Check your chassis dimensions so you can buy a power supply that can perfectly fit into it.

Some chassis are model specific and are only compatible with SFX-L and SFX PSUs that are much smaller.

Be sure to get a power unit that is a perfect match for your chassis.

Full/Semi-Modular options

Most power supply users prefer fully modular units as there are great in cable management.

With enhanced cable management, you improved airflow, lower thermal loads, and consequently, minimal noise even at high speed.

Semi-modular units are cheaper than the fully modular models.


This is the last feature you should consider.

Power supply units come at different prices, so you have more than enough options to choose from, whatever your budget.

Just like with any other product, cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to poor quality, and the opposite is also true.

Final thoughts on Quiet Power Supply

Above are the best quiet power supply there is on the market today.

Electricity is the lifeblood of any computer, and it pays to if it’s reliable and quiet as possible.

If you’ve upgraded your  computer, consider also consider whether your new upgraded PC requires a more reliable and quieter PSU. (Source)

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