How To Tell If You Have Acoustic Windshield That Reduces Noise

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Acoustic windshield is becoming common as car manufacturers strive to offer their customers better and more advanced services.

Ford introduced their soundcreens in 2007, and other reputable brands have followed suit.

So, how are these acoustic windshields different from regular windshields?

They are quite helpful in helping reduce road noise in your car, the also deaden wind noise in car hence making your car cabin quieter.

How do you know if your windshield is acoustic? It’s usually written on the glass, along with the brand of the car. Look for the word “Acoustic” or “SoundScreen” or a picture of an ear with a contoured arrow going by in one of the four corners or in the top or bottom middle of the windshield. If something is missing, it is not acoustic glass.

If you’re looking to soundproof your car, then acoustic windshields is one of the must take step that you should consider.

What Is An Acoustic Windshield?

An acoustic windshield is a type of vehicle windshield that is designed to reduce the amount of noise that enters the cabin of the vehicle.

The term “acoustic” refers to the fact that this type of windshield uses special materials and techniques to help absorb and deflect sound waves, making it more effective at reducing noise than a standard windshield.

An acoustic windshield generally work pretty much like a regular one.

It keeps you and everyone in the car safe from the debris that you may encounter while driving.

However, unlike the regular windshield, an acoustic one comes with a soundproofing insulation layer.

Sandwiched between the glass layers are the standard Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) layer and an additional Acoustic PVB material.

It’s designed to interrupt the normal flow of acoustic vibration.

Once these vibrations hit the acoustic PVB layer, they are absorbed and converted into heat energy- similar concept to how green glue soundproofing compound works.

Even when you are driving through noisy areas, you can drive quietly and safely with this type of windshield.

acoustic windshield

Are All Windshields Acoustic Glass?

No, all windshields are not made using acoustic glass. The technology is recent, and most older car models have the traditional heavy-glass windscreen.

In the past all windshields were made of glass.

Since glass is a poor soundproofing material, different manufacturers tried to make it as thick as possible.

Later, windshields were advanced to the double-glazed variety. This one is made using two glass pieces with an air gap in between.

While the double-glazed windshield effectively reduces noise in the cabin, it is much heavier than the acoustic variety.

A few years later came the laminated acoustic windshield.

They were made of thin layers of glass bonded together using plastic.

Of these four varieties, the acoustic windshield stands out for its effectiveness in minimizing cabin noise and its light nature, and durability.

The laminated acoustic windshield comes a close second.

How To Tell If You Have Acoustic Windshield

If you have a car with an acoustic windshield, it will be noticeably quieter inside the cabin than one without. But how can you tell if your vehicle has this type of windshield? Here are a few ways to find out:

  • Check for a sticker or label. Many cars with acoustic windshields have a sticker or label on the inside of the windshield that indicates the noise reduction rating.
  • Look for special markings. Some manufacturers put special markings on the glass itself to indicate that it is an acoustic windshield.
  • Ask your dealer or mechanic. If you’re still not sure, ask your dealer or mechanic whether your car has an acoustic windshield. They should be able to tell you for sure.

Acoustic windshields can make a big difference in the noise level inside your car, so it’s worth finding out if yours has one.

Even if it doesn’t, there are other ways to reduce cabin noise, such as adding sound-deadening materials to the interior or replacing old, worn-out weatherstripping.

Do Acoustic Windshields Work?

Acoustic windshields are designed to reduce road noise and make your car more comfortable to ride in. But do they really work? We asked an expert to find out.

According to our experts, acoustic windshields can indeed help reduce road noise. However, they will not completely eliminate it.

In addition, the amount of noise reduction will vary depending on the type of car you have and the quality of the acoustic windshield.

If you are looking for a way to reduce road noise in your car, then an acoustic windshield may be a good option.

However, it is important to keep in mind that they will not completely eliminate all noise. You may still hear some road noise, but it should be significantly reduced.


Top 3 Acoustic Windshield

There are a number of different types of acoustic windshields on the market, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular acoustic windshields on the market today:

One of the most popular acoustic windshields on the market is the Acoustix Windshield from PPG Industries. This windshield is made from a special laminated glass that helps to absorb and deflect sound waves. The Acoustix Windshield is available in a variety of different thicknesses, so you can choose the level of noise reduction that you need for your vehicle.

Another popular acoustic windshield is the Noise-X Windshield from 3M. This windshield is made from a special material that helps to reduce the amount of noise that enters the cabin of your vehicle. The Noise-X Windshield is available in a variety of different thicknesses, so you can choose the level of noise reduction that you need for your vehicle.
If you are looking for an acoustic windshield that offers the ultimate in noise reduction, then you may want to consider the Sound Shield Windshield from Owens Corning. This windshield is made from a special material that helps to absorb and deflect sound waves. The Sound Shield Windshield is available in a variety of different thicknesses, so you can choose the level of noise reduction that you need for your vehicle.
No matter which type of acoustic windshield you decide to purchase, you can be sure that you will be happy with the results. These windshields are designed to offer the highest level of noise reduction possible, so you can enjoy a quiet ride in your car, truck, or SUV.


How Much Difference Does An Acoustic Windshield Make?

An acoustic windshield is capable of reducing noise levels in the cabin by three to four decibels.

The windshield does a better job of blocking more noise in the 1,500 Hz to 5,000 Hz range.

If your car was noisy, you will notice a drop in the noise inside your cabin.

However, you may want to repair your weather stripping, fix the car floor, and wheels if your car is extremely noisy.

For soundproofing, an acoustic windshield is not enough to bring the quiet you are looking for.

However, it is one of the areas you should purpose to rectify.

Additionally, it’ll also reduce the weight of your vehicle.

A light vehicle is more fuel-efficient, and the money saved can add to quite an amount, not to mention that you also cut back on carbon emissions.

How Do You Know If You Have An Acoustic Windshield?

If yours is a modern car, it is likely that it comes with an acoustic windshield.

However, just to be sure, there are different ways to check if you are already enjoying this innovation.

First, this information may be written on the windshield along with other car details, such as the manufacturer and the logo.

Check for the word sound screen, acoustic, or A on the car information list of the windscreen.

Some manufacturers also add an ear image with a curved arrow passing by it. These words or images are the top or the bottom centre of your windscreen.

You can also check this information on your car manual.

If the car has an acoustic windshield, this information will be included somewhere under the windshield category.

If you do not see any words or images, and the information is not in the manual, yours is not an acoustic windshield.

However, you may see information on the standard and overall quality of your sound screen.

Benefits of an Acoustic Windshield

An acoustic windshield is a type of car window that helps to reduce the amount of noise that enters the cabin of a vehicle. There are many benefits to having an acoustic windshield, including:

  • Reduced noise levels: An acoustic windshield can help to reduce the overall noise level inside of a car, making for a more comfortable and relaxing ride.
  • Enhanced sound quality: When music is played through the car stereo, an acoustic windshield can help to improve the sound quality by reducing outside noise interference.
  • Increased safety: A quieter cabin can also mean increased safety as it is easier to hear things like emergency vehicles or oncoming traffic.
  • Enhanced privacy: Acoustic windshields can also help to provide a sense of privacy inside of a car, as outside noise is significantly reduced. This is ideal for those who want to make phone calls or have conversations without being overheard.
  • Better resale value: Because they offer so many benefits, acoustic windshields can help to increase the resale value of your vehicle.

Overall, there are many benefits that come with having an acoustic windshield. If you are looking for a way to improve the overall quality of your ride, then this may be the perfect solution for you.

Is Acoustic Windshield Worth It?

The short answer is yes, the acoustic windshield is worth every penny, and the difference in cost with the traditional variety is not as much if you consider the durability.

The quiet you enjoy inside a car with an acoustic windscreen when on the road is simply divine.

Traffic noise can at times go beyond 75 dB, and if you spend hours on the road, this can be a lot to bear.

The noise of other vehicles, vibrations, and the air pressure as it pushes against the windshield can grow to uncomfortable levels, especially when driving at high speed.

Ideally, traffic noise should be about 25 dB.

Car manufacturers use different methods to ensure that the noise inside the vehicle remains within safe levels.                         

Traditionally, many car manufacturers used thicker glass to minimize the noise getting into the cabin through the windscreen.

However, the thick glass added to the weight of the vehicle, reducing its fuel efficiency.

Compared to these thicker windshields, the acoustic one minimizes sound transmission by over 60%.

The acoustic varieties are better at minimizing high-frequency noise, but generally, you will enjoy a 3-4 dB noise reduction.

If you are looking to soundproof your vehicle, an acoustic windshield will help shift the noise levels downwards.

However, you may want to combine this with other soundproofing solutions, such as damping mats.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced UV transmission which protects the people in the vehicle and minimizes the fading on car interiors
  • Thinner windshields lead to lighter cars, reduced carbon emissions, and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Stronger windscreens that are durable and harder to break into in case of theft.
  • The acoustic layer prevents the glass from caving inwards in case of an accident, preventing glass shard injuries.

The Disadvantages of Acoustic Windshields

Well, acoustic windshields do not come cheap.

If you want to change your current windshield to an acoustic one, you will spend $400 upwards for the windshield alone.

When you consider the durability, you will see that the acoustic windshields are worth every penny.

It is also highly possible that the prices will go down as acoustic windshields become more common.

When you get the windshields installed, ensure that an expert does it. You do not want to get the acoustic layer damaged during installation.

You also have to care for your windshields. In case of a crack, have a professional seal to prevent damage to the acoustic layer.


The above answers and details cover most of  what you may want to know about acoustic windshields.

We understand that it is a new innovation, so it is normal that you and many others are curious about these shields and their function.

If your car already has this innovation, now you know why you are enjoying a quieter ride. As long as you maintain your windshield, it will serve you well for many years.

If you were considering installing an acoustic windscreen in your car and were wondering if the additional cost is worth it, we hope that this information will make decision making easier for you.


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  1. I stumbled upon this article while researching ways to improve the noise levels in my car, and I must say, it was an eye-opener! The idea of having an acoustic windshield that reduces noise never crossed my mind until now, but it makes perfect sense.

    Noise pollution in vehicles is a real concern, especially if you spend a significant amount of time commuting or traveling. I’ve often found it challenging to have conversations, enjoy music, or simply relax during my drives due to the constant barrage of external sounds.

    The information provided here about acoustic windshields is not only enlightening but also incredibly useful. The fact that these specialized windshields are designed to reduce noise levels by incorporating multiple layers of laminated glass is impressive. It’s amazing how such a relatively simple change can have a profound impact on one’s driving experience.

    The tips on how to determine if your car has an acoustic windshield are practical and easy to follow. Checking the vehicle’s owner’s manual and looking for markings or labels on the windshield itself are straightforward steps that anyone can take. Plus, the suggestion to perform a simple noise comparison test is a great idea. It allows car owners to gauge the difference in noise levels and appreciate the benefits of an acoustic windshield firsthand.

    One point that particularly caught my attention was the safety aspect. I had no idea that acoustic windshields also enhance safety by providing better clarity and reducing glare. This dual benefit of noise reduction and improved visibility is a game-changer for me.

    Overall, I’m thankful for this article’s insights, and I’ll definitely be looking into whether my car has an acoustic windshield. If it doesn’t, I’m seriously considering making the upgrade. After all, a quieter, safer, and more enjoyable driving experience is something we all deserve. Thanks for shedding light on this fantastic innovation!


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