Soundproof Booth: How Do You Make A Soundproof Booth For Streaming?

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If you are a YouTuber or musician, you understand how much a soundproof booth can save you time and money.

With this booth in your house, you can practice whenever you want and in the comfort of your home.

A soundproof booth may also come in handy when you want to work in quiet but do not have an office at home.

So, what do you need if you want a booth?

Below, we look at what it takes to have a booth in your house. We will also go over what to expect when you choose to invest in one.

Buy a Ready-Made Soundproof Booth

Soundproof Booths are available in the market, and they come in an easy-to-assemble format. (Source)

Since these booths are created with professionals in mind, they work great in minimizing noise getting from the outside.

These store-bought sound booths are also designed to enhance the sound quality inside so you have an easier time recording.

With companies such as VocalBooth, you are free to choose the size of booth that works for you.

You also get a variety of designs, including one that comes with non-parallel walls.

The only downside is that they do not come cheap.

However, considering the benefits, the booth may be a worthwhile investment if recording aligns with your career.

Turn A Closet Into A Booth

See that closet below the stairs that no one uses?

How about you turn this into your soundproof booth.

A closet can be easily converted into a booth with the suitable soundproofing material.

As long as there is enough room, all you have to do is soundproof the walls, floor and door, and you are good to go.

For the walls, use foam panels and add some green glue if you think the reinforcement is necessary.

Some weather stripping around the door, a soundproofing blanket over it, and a heavy rag of the floor will take care of all the other surfaces.

How Do You Make A Soundproof Booth DIY?

A DIY sound booth is also possible if you have the right tools for the job.

You can either decide to do the work yourself or hire someone to help with the construction.

Below are the materials you need to make a soundproof booth

Plywood sheets

You will use this to construct the booth.

Go for thicker sheets that will make it harder for noise from the inside to escape to the rest of the room.

Sound-absorbing blanket

When added to the plywood walls, the sound-absorbing blanket will do an excellent job of reducing noise by absorbing the sound waves.

Soundproof Booth

Acoustic foam panels

As the name suggests, these panels come with outstanding acoustic abilities, so you are sure to enjoy quality sound inside the booth.

Draft Stopper

You will need this for the door. The draft stopper also offers excellent soundproofing for the door area.


This also goes to soundproof the door. The goal is to ensure that no gaps where noise can seep through are left.

Acoustic Caulk

Caulk such as green glue compound will fill any hole and gaps, however tiny.

Since caulk comes with outstanding soundproofing abilities, it is just what you need to complement other soundproofing materials.

  • Wooden frame, door, screwdriver, and a drill machine.

How Do You Make A Soundproof Booth From Scratch?

Identify a suitable place to build the booth

An ideal place can be that corner that you hardly use. However, space should be ample enough for you to work in without feeling cramped.

If you have a garage or basement, you should consider finding some space there.

That abandoned attic would also be an excellent location for a sound booth.

Frame Your Walls

If you aim to create a booth within a room, you will need to build a frame. However, this is not always necessary.

You can choose to work with existing walls or at least two to minimize the building work.

If you squeeze your booth into a corner, build the other two walls using plywood sheets.

You may need to engage a carpenter if you are not so good with woodwork.

The goal is to create a box-like structure with four walls and a roof over it.

Fix The Door

Now that the walls and roof are in place, it is time to fix the door to complete the structure. Be sure to pick a solid door for your booth, as a hollow one will allow too much noise to pass through it.

However, if you are working with a tight budget or you already have a hollow door in place, you can still use it.

Ensure you add a soundproofing blanket to enhance its sound-blocking abilities. The draft stopper will also work great in such a situation.

Screw the knobs and pins in to ensure that the door is securely attached to the structure. You may need an extra pair of hands when installing the door.

Soundproof The Booth

Now, your structure has come together, and you already have a booth in place. The next step is to soundproof it.

You have a wide variety of materials to choose from for your walls, floors, and ceiling.

You can choose to use drywall and apply it both inside and outside the booth.

Another great option is acoustic foam panels.

Whatever your choice, ensure that the material you select offers a high STC.

If you do not know much about soundproofing materials, search for the same on Amazon or Home Depot and go with the options recommended for soundproofing booths.

As you install your soundproofing materials, do not forget to drill holes where you will fit your signal cables.

Seal Gaps And Holes

See that small gap left at the corner or where two foam panels meet?

You need to seal it to enhance the booth’s effectiveness.

Silicone caulk works excellent for sealing gaps. It is easy to work with as long as you follow the instructions on the tube.

Put Weatherstripping On Doors

Once all walls are covered with good soundproofing material, it is time to turn your attention to the door.

Install weatherstripping around the door from the inside and test to see if the door still works perfectly.

The weatherstripping will take care of all the gaps that may let the sound out through the door.

You may need to hand a soundproof blanket to complete the door, especially if it is hollow.

Take Care Of The Floors

If there is a room below the booth, you need to take care of the floor.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to do anything drastic to get the desired results.

A thick rug is a great idea, and it can bring a dash of colour and some warmth to your space.

If you go with the regular carpet, you should consider putting a drywall layer in between.

Final Thought on Soundproof Booth

A soundproof booth is a worthy investment for any sound producer.

This addition in your home will make it possible for you to do your thing in silence and enjoy high-quality sound.

If you don’t have the money to buy a read-made-booth, you can make one using easily accessible materials.

You can also convert a closet into a booth and save yourself a ton of money.

If money is not a problem, have one custom-made to fit your space, and you will never need to rent a recording studio again.

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