Mini Fridge Makes Popping Noise: Causes and Possible Quick Fixes

My mini fridge makes popping noise what should I do? If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then there are two paths I’d suggest you to take.

The easier way out would be to invest in a quiet mini fridge, (click on the link to read my detailed guide).

On the other hand, you’ll have to put on your DIY gear and get to work, inspect and possibly fix the problem yourself or have a professional do the work for you.

It’s quite normal for a mini fridge to make popping noise. Popping sounds can be due to refrigerant circulation, thermal expansion or it could be as a result of different components in the fridge turning on and off.

On the other hand, popping noise could be an indicator of something faulty within the refrigerator. It could be a fault water valve, faulty compressor or other problems.

Besides a quiet blender, a mini fridge is a great addition to your kitchen. You’re able to keep your beverages cool during those hot summer days. Unfortunately, there’s nothing annoying than a noisy refrigerator.


My Mini Fridge Makes Popping Noise What Should I Do?

While there are different types of noise that any refrigerator would make- there are major reasons why your mini fridge is making a popping noise.

1. Vibrations

Vibrations that occur inside the fridge cooling system can cause popping sounds.

However, vibrations are common in regular refrigerators and rarely in mini fridges.

The fridge compressor motor at times can cause vibrations that can send items inside the fridge to knock against each other.

You’ll likely hear these vibrations as continuous popping sounds especially when heard from the outside of the refrigerator.

Additionally, if the appliance is placed on an uneven surface, the back-and-forth movement will highly cause popping sounds.

I have written a guide on anti-vibration pads for air compressor, luckily you use the same products to shield your appliance against vibrations.

2. Thermal Expansion

Thermal expansion is one of the biggest culprits of popping noise in all types of refrigerators.

Refrigerators often have temperature shifts from cold to hot- they expel hot temp from the items stored inside therefore achieving coldness.

However, it’s important to note that there is also very slight temperature changes inside the refrigerator.

This causes the items stored inside to expand and contract.

It’s something normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern as its how the refrigerator works.

Mini Fridge Making Popping Noise

3. Water Valve

Even though most mini fridges lack freezers- ice making capability, there are few capable.

If you own one with ice making capabilities, the water valve located on the back of your fridge could be the cause of popping noise.

The valve regularly opens and closes to allow water into the ice maker- and when it opens, it produces a popping sound.

If the water valve is operating optimally, the popping sound will happen rarely.

You may note that the popping noise happens regularly, and in such a case, I’d recommend you to inspect and make sure the water supply isn’t interrupted.

To replace a faulty water valve here’s what you should do:

  • Switch off the unit and unplug the unit from power supply
  • Also remove the back panel to access the valve
  • Take off the wire harness to disconnect the old valve
  • Then install new valve and secure it- same way the old one was installed.
  • Return the wire harness and then reattach the water line to the valve
  • Fix back the back panel and power on your refrigerator- it should function like normal.

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4. Evaporator Coil

If the popping sound kicks in immediately after the defrost cycle has begun, then the culprit in this case is the evaporator coil getting cold.

Additionally, if you have a malfunctioning timer stuck in the cooling cycle, then it could mean that you deal with the popping sound until you call in a certified technician.

5. Compressor Overload

Another factor that could be causing popping noise in your fridge is possibly compressor overload.

This often happens when the compressor suffers a locked rotor, or it gets too hot or probably trying to start when there’s too much pressure.

To inspect if compressor overload is the cause of the popping noise, you need get behind the refrigerator and see if the noise is coming from the compressor.

Alternatively, place your hand over the compressor and when the popping noise comes up, you should be able to feel it.

One of the major causes of compressor overload includes using a gauge wire that’s too light or an extension cord that’s too long.

Final thoughts on Mini Fridge Making Popping Noise

Is your mini fridge making popping noise? Above methods will help you identify the source of popping as well as allow you to fix the noise problem.

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