What is the Quietest Refrigerators in 2024

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The world of refrigeration has significantly advanced since 1834, when the first working vapor compression refrigerator was built. The first commercial ice-making system was invented in 1854, and refrigerators for home use were invented in 1913. While the primary purpose of refrigerators has remained the same (for cooling), manufacturers have stepped up to have the best cutting-edge technology fitted in their refrigeration units.

While modern refrigerators boast a wide array of features ranging from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, one problem that has persistently troubled manufacturers is noise. For this reason, manufacturers have consistently tried to improve the technology to deal with the noise, including fitting sound-dampening materials to reduce noise to the lowest possible levels.

Suppose you are in the market for a quiet refrigerator. In that case, deciding the one to pick can be challenging, given that manufacturers don’t indicate the decibel noise levels their fridges produce. Worse enough, some non-reputable brands often lie to get their units moving from their warehouses. Here is an unbiased test we conducted on different refrigerator brands and came up with a list of the quietest refrigerators on the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Quiet Refrigerator

Top 10 Quietest Refrigerators

Noise Levels

The most crucial factor to consider in this case is the noise levels. The noise a refrigerator makes depends on refrigeration methods and sound-dampening technology. Most modern refrigerators have a noise range of 32-47 decibels which is considerably quiet.

Fridges consist of compressors, evaporator fans, condensers, and distinct cooling systems, all contributing to the amount of noise it produces. In most cases, the noise comes from the compressor, which operates to keep food and beverages cold.

For some people, the amount of noise a fridge makes isn’t a problem. However, if you have a small kid at home or someone sensitive to the noise a refrigerator makes, getting the quietest one is the best option.


Size is an important factor depending on the amount of space in your kitchen. If you live in a tiny apartment or a studio apartment, choosing a mini-refrigerator would be wise. If space isn’t an issue for you, then size shouldn’t be a problem when shopping for a quiet refrigerator.

Refrigerator Style

Various refrigerator designs are available, including side-by-side, bottom-freezer, and top-freezer models.

Side-by-Side Style fridges are extremely common in residences. They contain storage from top to bottom on the two sides, with one functioning as a freezer and the other functioning as a refrigerator. Because the freezer is large, side-by-side refrigerators also have a larger ice-making capacity.

Bottom-Freezer Style Refrigerators position the most frequently utilized section at eye level. You can choose between French- or four-door refrigerators with a bottom-freezer-style refrigerator. With a French-door refrigerator, you can leave half of the refrigerator section closed while you take a meal or bottle of water by opening only one door. This design minimizes “cold air spill” and consequently uses less energy to maintain the refrigerator’s internal temperature. True four-door refrigerators consist of four hinged doors arranged in a precise quadrant.

Top-Freezer Style Refrigerators are well-known for their accessibility. To access the cherished frozen treats, you need only open one of the two panels on the top of the appliance. If this refrigerator meets your requirements, ensure there are sufficient shelves to prevent packages from falling through.

Fridge Features

You may wish to consider a refrigerator’s features. Some models include an integrated icemaker, whereas others require an ice maker, which has to be installed separately. You also have to decide if you want a water dispenser on the door of your new refrigerator.

Not only are they useful for those who are exhausted from baking and cooking all day, but they also save space—no more bottles littering the kitchen counter.

Several refrigerators in modern houses include LCD screens and buttons that allow users to monitor power consumption levels readily. Consider the features that will enhance your and your family’s lifestyle.

Quietest Refrigerators Reviews

1. GE Profile PVD28BYNFS

GE Profile PVD28BYNFS quietest refrigerator

Key Features

  • 9 Cubic feet total capacity
  • Features both ice and water dispensers
  • Dimensions: 70” H x 35.625” W x 36.75” D
  • Finishes: Matte black, matte white, platinum glass, stainless steel

With top-freezer units starting at less than $700 and massive French door refrigerators fetching more than $3,000, GE offers a variety of models and finishes for every price range. The range of ambient temperatures these freezers can take (from 38 to 110oF) is what intrigued us, making them ideal for unfinished garages or basements where temperatures can change with the seasons.

Due to its excellent performance history, the GE Profile French Door Refrigerator is among today’s most sought-after refrigerators.

The back of the refrigerator has a bright LED wall that illuminates the food inside, allowing you readily access your most often used things, like milk, it has a door and a door. The door and door feature also includes a rotating bin for easy access to objects in the rear.

The French door refrigerator’s exterior is fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, making cleaning simple. With the help of autofill technology, the indoor water and ice dispenser can deliver precisely the volume of filtered water for your container.

The interior offers temperature control and soft-close drawers. Additionally, it includes an easily washable lining and a detachable bin caddy for drinks in cans. Because this GE model includes built-in Wi-Fi, you will be notified if the temperature dips due to a door being left open or a power outage. If you want something durable, the GE brand is highly trustworthy. 

Pros and Cons

  • Most owners find this brand genuinely reliable, and customer service is top-notch.
  • The repairs can be quite costly

2. Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ

Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ quiet fridge

Key Features:

  • Finishes: White and stainless steel
  • 4 cubic feet
  • Includes ice and water dispenser
  • Dimensions: 70” H x 35.625” W x 36.75” D

Whirlpool is one of the few brands that ticks most of the boxes. Although it is not a cheap brand, most of its refrigerators fall between $1,500 and $3,000. Whirlpool offers one of the largest assortments of designs and finishes, such as French or side-by-side doors and black stainless steel or stainless steel. Whirlpool refrigerators are not known for their Wi-Fi capabilities or smart displays, but they consistently score highly in customer satisfaction and durability.

The Whirlpool model is one of the most well-liked side-by-side refrigerators, with good reason. This model has a built-in ice maker that adds a freezer tier, increasing its storage capacity. The ice and water dispenser are fitted with an LED night light, allowing you to fill a glass at midnight without groping in the dark.

The water and air are purified with a trademarked “FreshFlow” air filter that should be replaced every six months. The gallon door containers are adjustable, allowing you to tailor them to your storage needs. Wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves are characteristic of this unit that add to its storage capacity.

The finish is resistant to fingerprints and smudges, allowing you to maintain its pristine look. A brand renowned for its durability and superior customer service offers exceptional value. 

Pros and Cons

  • Users find this brand truly reliable, with an easy-to-reach and supportive customer care service
  • There have been several reports of the ice maker often malfunctioning

3. LG Electronics LRDCS2603S

LG Electronics LRDCS2603S quietest fridge

Key Features

  • 26 cubic feet capacity
  • Available in black stainless steel and stainless-steel finishes
  • Dimensions: 88” H x 32.75” W x 34.88” D

The most reliable refrigerator brand is LG if you want a high-tech fridge with all the bells and whistles. But have money to spend; these sophisticated modern features are not cheap. However, it is essential to note that LG also equips its compact and counter-depth fridge models with cutting-edge technology.

The LG Bottom Freezer Fridge is a reliable option from a reputable company, and users are happy with their purchases. The print-resistant stainless steel bottom freezer boasts industrial-style handles. The doors feature hinges that automatically close. The inside tempered glass shelves may be adjusted as needed, featuring spill protection.

The freezer compartment includes a divider and an ice maker boasting a storage capacity of 12 pounds. The patented “Door Cooling” technology from LG directs ventilation to the front of the refrigerator, allowing it to cool more quickly.

There is a fresh air filter that should be changed every six months to maintain the interior smelling good. Standard features include an alert if the door is accidentally left open for too long. 

Pros and Cons

  • The refrigerator has massive storage compared to most bottom freezer units today.
  • Unfortunately, the unit has a shorter lifespan compared to some competitors.

4. Samsung RF27T5501SR

Samsung RF27T5501SR quietest refrigerators

Samsung is popularly known for its quality TVs. However, customer reviews of their washers and dryers are not very favorable. However, refrigerators are very popular. Samsung is the most suitable brand if you want an XL refrigerator with a 3rd or fourth compartment and additional freezer capacity. The company offers a series of French-door refrigerators approximately 10% bigger than a typical refrigerator.

The Three-Door Family Hub by Samsung is a gem for tech-savvy homeowners. We adore cutting-edge features such as the capacity to evaluate the contents of your refrigerator and recommend family-friendly dishes. The Smart Hub, however, is capable of much more. It will additionally play music as you cook and link to smart cameras allowing you to monitor your children in the nursery.

Remote control features allow you to control your refrigerator’s temperature and keep track of it when you are away from home. It is also attractive, with streamlined modernist panels and fittings and an elegant water dispenser integrated into its French doors. The exterior is resistant to fingerprints and smudges and has a gorgeous appearance that would complement any kitchen design. The freezer accommodates up to 4.2 pounds of ice and has an easy-to-use handle. 

Pros and Cons

  • One of the best smart refrigerators on the market
  • The cameras won’t show you the contents of the refrigerator

5. Quietest Side-by-Side Kenmore 36” Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Model Type: Side-by-Side
  • Capacity: 25 cubic feet
  • Noise Level: 42 decibels (dB)
  • Energy Use: 702 kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/yr)
  • Dimensions:
  • Depth: 33.81 inches
  • Width: 35.5 inches
  • Height: 69.25 inches
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator strikes a balance between storage space and capacity, making it a practical choice. Although it lacks an Energy Star rating, its annual operating cost remains relatively affordable.

This refrigerator boasts a generous total capacity of 25 cubic feet, with 15.46 cubic feet allocated to the refrigerator section and 9.11 cubic feet for the freezer. The refrigerator interior features adjustable shelves, a convenient salad crisper, and ample door storage. Similarly, the freezer section offers a comparable layout, along with the added convenience of an ice maker and water dispenser.

At 42 decibels, the noise level matches that of the other models I’ve reviewed thus far, ensuring that it won’t be overly intrusive in your kitchen environment. However, it’s worth noting that the noise level can increase when the ice maker is in operation, which is a common characteristic among refrigerators with ice makers. The loudest part tends to be when the ice drops into the collection basket, as the freezing process itself is akin to the fridge’s other functions. If noise is a concern, you have the option to disable the ice maker.

While the Kenmore refrigerator lacks Energy Star certification, it consumes approximately 702 kilowatt-hours per year, translating to an estimated cost of around $84. According to its energy guide label, it falls on the lower end of the energy consumption spectrum when compared to similar models.

Pros and Cons

  • A space-efficient, compact side-by-side refrigerator.
  • Operates quietly at 42 dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.
  • Offers suitable storage capacity for smaller kitchens.
  • Equipped with all essential features for convenience.
  • The ice maker produces noticeable noise.

6. Quietest French Door: Smad Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

  • Total Capacity: 22.5 cubic feet
  • Noise Level: Operates at 42 decibels (dB)
  • Energy Efficiency: Consumes 588 kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/yr)
  • Physical Dimensions:
  • Depth: Measures 29 inches
  • Width: Spans 35.8 inches
  • Height: Stands at 69.9 inches
  • Warranty: Backed by a 1-year warranty.

The Smad Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator combines the benefits of two significant categories: counter-depth and French door designs. This combination offers both convenient accessibility to your refrigerator’s contents and an ideal fit for your kitchen space.

With a total storage capacity of 22.5 cubic feet, the refrigerator compartment accounts for 15.87 cubic feet, while the freezer section provides 6.61 cubic feet of space. While the freezer might not be exceptionally spacious, it adequately accommodates items you need readily accessible. For those with additional space, I’d recommend considering a separate freezer unit for expanded storage.

The French door configuration simplifies access to your stored food items and offers versatile door storage options. Notably, the refrigerator’s glass shelves feature a spill-proof design, featuring raised edges to prevent liquid spills from seeping down the back of the shelves. While seemingly a small detail, this feature proves quite handy in preventing messes.

Operating at 42 decibels, this refrigerator’s noise level is comparable to the Galanz and Kenmore models I’ve reviewed. Considering typical ambient noise levels in a household, ranging from 45 to 55 decibels, the compressor’s operation is unlikely to be noticeably disruptive in your kitchen environment.

In terms of energy efficiency, this refrigerator consumes an annual average of 588 kilowatt-hours (kWh). In comparison to the Kenmore model, it stands out as a more efficient option, placing both models in a similar category. At typical energy rates, the annual running cost is estimated at around $72, making it an economical choice.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers ample storage space, making it an excellent choice for a family refrigerator.
  • Operates quietly, comparable to larger refrigerators.
  • Features a conveniently sized bottom freezer.
  • Equipped with spill-proof shelves for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The bottom crisper drawer may pose inconvenience for users.


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    Liebherr CBNsda 5723 Plus – 32 dB
    Bosch KGN39AIAT – 29 dB


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