Top 5 Ways on How to Type Quietly: Reduce Keyboard Noise

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Typing is a daily activity for most people.

Whether you’re typing an email to your boss, chatting with friends on Facebook, or doing assignments, it’s something that we all do each day.

It’s also something that can be done quietly.

There are some simple steps to follow to type quietly and avoid disturbing those around you who may not appreciate the noise of clacking keys.

In this guide, I will be showcasing some of the different ways on how to type quietly without making too much noise.

A-List of Ways on How to Type Quietly

Different approaches will ensure that you type quietly without making much noise.

Implement a few of my recommended methods below and you’ll notice a significant noise reduction.

1. Try A Desk Mat

How to Type Quietly

A desk mat is the best and the easiest way to type quietly on a solid surface.

Place your keyboard on top and then place your mouse under it so that they are elevated by an inch or two.

This reduces the thunking sound you hear when pressing down keys, as well as reducing the strain on your wrists since there’s no awkward wrist angle involved with typing.

Desk mats also reduce clattering noises if you’re using a laptop instead of a full desktop computer setup  

These mats are specially designed to absorb sound, so if you’re at home or in an office with thin walls and people that don’t appreciate your typing habits, this may be just what you need for better concentration.

One of my most recommended desk mats is the YSAGI Waterproof Desk Mat.

2. Use Silent Typing Gloves.

Silent typing gloves allow you to type quietly without being too disruptive.

These are perfect for the office or any place where one needs quiet typing like a library, study group, or meeting room.

The types of gloves come in different styles as well so that they can be worn discretely under other clothes if needed and remain hidden from sight.

There is also an option for wearing them underneath normal winter and cold weather gloves which makes it easier than ever to stay warm while inflicting minimal damage on your ability to tap out text messages at lightning-fast speeds.

These silent typists’ gloves will keep your hands cozy but still enable you to type as quietly and efficiently as possible.

3. Add Some Foam to The Keyboard

How to Type Quietly

If the keyboard seems to be too loud, consider adding some foam inside.

This is a quick fix that works for most people and will not break or damage anything in your laptop or mechanical keyboard.

First, remove all of the keys from the keyboard so you can access its interior.

Then, take out any screws holding it down – there are usually two on each side.

After removing the screws, you should see everything laid out before you including speakers, motherboard, cooling fan, etc.

Some keyboards don’t have screws but instead are held together in place with plastic clips.

Simply work around the edges to loosen everything.

Take note of which parts have rubber pads attached to them because this will require using that as a reference later.

Then, cut out some foam to fit in place of the rubber pads and put everything back together very carefully so it does not get bent or ruined.

You should now have your quiet keyboard again.

One of my most recommended foams is the Dualplex Neoprene Sponge Foam.

4. Try Lubricating the Switches

How to Type Quietly

If you have a mechanical keyboard, consider lubing your switches.

You can achieve this with any low viscosity oil that is thin enough to penetrate the gaps of each switch and will allow the keycap stems to press down on them more smoothly without getting stuck or grinding against one another.

It’s easy, fun for geeks, and will greatly extend the life of your keyboard.

Lubing not only makes the typing much quieter but also improves the feel and significantly reduces the spring ping of the switches.

It’s important to note that these methods can be quite time-consuming, and can take up to 2 hours depending on the number of switches.

One of my most recommended switch lube is the Krytox by Chemours GPL 205 Grease.

Lubing the switches involves removing them from the mechanical keyboard, often done by desoldering, although it is much possible to do it with desoldering.

5. Get a Quiet Keyboard

The last resort, in this case, would be investing in a quiet keyboard.

Such keyboards have soft and soundproofed switches that allow for a quiet and comfortable typing experience.

Final Thoughts on How to Type Quietly

A few other things can help make sure that everyone in the room is comfortable while you’re typing.

Keep all your cables tucked neatly inside so they don’t end up creating more sound when dragged across surfaces.  This includes cords for mice, trackpads, speakers, and headphones.

Make sure everything is plugged into an extension cord instead of directly into a socket if possible.

There’s no need to generate extra background buzz from power adapters.

Also, avoid extensions cords that are too long.

Get a laptop stand to reduce the sound of typing on your lap. Also avoid putting any extra pressure or weight onto restless keys by using an external keyboard instead.

Keep your fingers as light as possible when typing–less noise is produced from lighter touches than heavier presses.

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