Top 8 Quietest Keyboard for Gaming and Work

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Utilizing a full-size dedicated keyboard is one of the key benefits of a desktop PC over a smartphone or laptop. Typing on a smartphone lacks the tactility of a genuine, physical keyboard, particularly for those of us who have decades at least of typing muscle memory.

However, the issue with many conventional keyboards is that they are loud. Typing on mostly mechanical keyboards can frustrate you and others in the vicinity.

People desiring a quieter clicking experience may choose membrane keyboards, which provide a quieter typing experience. Some individuals like a keyboard that makes a clicking sound as they type, while others prefer a silent keyboard.

To select the best silent keyboard, you’ll need to assess which qualities are ideal for your devices and yourself. In general, we advise opting for a keyboard that features a user-friendly layout and robust, well-designed keys.

Consider a mechanical keyboard with customizable macros if you’re seeking the quietest gaming keyboard. Get a keyboard with a numeric keypad if you regularly work with spreadsheets or numbers.

The most silent keyboards will have excellent ergonomics and minimum input latency for precise and quick typing. If you are a developer or keyboard aficionado, you may choose a keyboard with a plain, standard design.

What Is the Best Quiet Keyboard?

The best quiet keyboard is HyperX Alloy Core RGB.

The unit gives you a comfortable typing experience from its soft and quiet keys.

Bring to life your typing experience with this unit through the use of its attractive Rgb radiant lighting.

It gives you a variety of six lighting options to personalize your gaming or work station.

Six stylish lightning effects including aurora, color cycle, spectrum wave, 5 Zones, and solid availed with this device.

The device is spill-resistant, standing up to 120 ML of a liquid spill.

Designed with HypeX alloy core RGB and a durable frame, the item can resist most spills.

The keyboard features quiet, comfortable, and accurate keys with the anti-ghosting functionality.

You will not have to drag about heavy loads of devices as this one is lightweight and portable.

Having a keyboard lock allows for locking without having to shut down your entire system or putting it on standby.

As a gamer, you get style, durability, and reliability with this all-multimedia keyboard.

Its lightweight comes from construction from reinforced but highly durable plastics.

The compatibility of this unit stretches through 10, 8.7 to 8.1 windows operating systems.

Types of Silent Computer Keyboards

Membrane Keyboard

The “keys” of a membrane keyboard are pressure pads that contain just symbols and outlines inscribed on a flat, pliable surface, as opposed to the majority of standard keyboards in which the “keys” are distinct, movable elements. They are ultra-quiet.

When keytops are pressed, membrane keyboards make an electrical connection between the keyboard’s surface and the circuitry beneath. These types were used with various home computers in the early 1980s and were widely used in consumer electronics products.

While typing quickly on any keyboard can be noisy, membrane keyboards have a better reputation for being quiet. Some mechanical keyboards, particularly those with blue switches, can be noisy. However, this may not be a bad feature for some typists who prefer loud typing noises.

Chiclet-Style Keyboards

A chiclet keyboard uses small, flat, rectangular, plastic keys or lozenge-shaped rubber that resemble erasers or “Chiclets” chewing gum. It is an improvement of the membrane keyboard, using the same concept of a rubber sheet with separate electrical switches underneath each key but with an extra top layer that gives improved tactile input via a buckling mechanism.

They are commonly found on laptop keyboards and thin desktop keyboards. Some (particularly gaming laptops) are designed to be louder and give greater haptic input. However, this does not apply to the items on this list.

Mechanical Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard uses high-quality key switches that are often triggered by springs. These key switches change dependent on the application of the keyboard or the user’s preferences.

Some, such as some Razer and Das Keyboard variants, are purposefully meant to be noisy, but this list solely includes quieter mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are generally used for typing, games, and programming. Still, they may also be used for graphic design, music production, and everything else a standard keyboard can be used for.

There are a variety of reasons why most people use mechanical keyboards. Some individuals use them to type and play games more quickly. Certain heavier typists use them to prevent unintentional key presses. Some individuals adore them for their clicky sounds and feel.

What to Consider Before Buying a Quiet Keyboard

Switch Type

Priority is given to switch types while considering the user experience on a quiet keyboard. Do you prefer ultra-thin keyboards or those that resemble conventional computer keyboards?

If you want low-profile, soft-touch keys, opt for a rubber dome switch or membrane keyboard; if you prefer a much more tactile, “clicky” sensation, a mechanical keyboard might be an ideal alternative. Look for capacitive or scissor switches if you want silent short-travel keys that still provide feedback.

Function Keys

Programmable shortcut keys enable time savings, enhanced productivity, and improved gaming performance. Ensure that the keyboard’s media and function keys comply with your devices’ operating systems. Numerous of the quietest keyboards with programmable keys.

Dampness Resistance

For your travel or primary home keyboard, it may be essential to consider for water, dust, and splashes resistant keyboard. Some keyboards with silent switches also feature dust- and water-resistance features.

This improves the durability and longevity of our keyboards, safeguarding them from accidental spillage.


An extra keyboard is meant to reduce the burden of carrying the entire pc or having to deal with things like long cords. Choose an option that is light and portable.Such a selection gives you comfort while ensuring topnotch performance.

A lightweight alternative also makes use comfortable as one will not have to drag around bulky devices during gaming. It also helps to reduce the storage burden that would come across with heavy and overly large types. Pick that which offers convenience in weight.


You definitely will need a keyboard with light and comfortable switches. Before a purchase, try checking the feel on the unit avoid those that feel like typewriters for your convenience. Buy one that has a soft, sensitive and feather like feel avoiding those that call for the use of extra pressure while typing.

Keep in mind that difference comes about due to the difference in the switch mechanism. You have a variety from rubber dome switches, mechanical switches, and scissor switches where you pick the most satisfactory.


The keyboard design and architecture have a substantial difference in the computing experience.

These devices generally fall into ergonomic, standard, and gaming designs. If your buying need is driven by gaming, choose the gaming designs as they incorporate multimedia keys and special keys.

Other selections, such as the ergonomic ones, are designed for comfort and reduction of strain. Additions such as lighting work for those who want style enhancement and use in darkness.

1. VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This unit gives you comfort and portability through a combination of a wireless mouse and keyboard.

It comes with an impressive, well spread and set keyboard.

This unit features a standard US Layout with 105 keys.

Through its 12 hotkeys and the FN enables browsing, playing movies and music, opening mail, and much more conveniently.

The unit also features foldable stands with a convenient tilt angle ensuring typing without fatigue.

Its keys have a low-profile keycap with a lightly depressed water drop design for soft clicking.

The keys’ design and layout also make the unit stylish, effortless and offer an instant response.

The 2.4GHZ dropout wireless connection and the soft and silent mouse increases your comfort.

2. Vssoplor 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The compact and slim design of this unit gives you the satisfaction you need even before using it.

The 5.5 mm ultra slim has an elegant and stylish look.

The high-end scissor-switch design delivers comfort, and better tactile response coupled with a whisper-quiet user typing experience.

With its 2.4GHz wireless connection, the device offers reliable and delay-free connections up to 10m.

It’s a plug and play unit enabled by the 2 in 1 Nano receiver that unifies the two devices into one USB.

Unforeseen power losses do not have to cut your work as it has built-in rechargeable batteries that last up to one month.

While not in use, it enters into sleep mode, saving you lots of power.

Compatibility of this unit ranges between windows XP/Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Jelly Comb 2.4G

The unit offers you a plug and play device having combined the best designs and technology in its making.

It is wireless operating via 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard and 1 AA battery for the mouse.

The receiver quickly establishes a connection on plugging it in the USB port of your PC stretching to 10m.

Concave round cap on the keys makes your typing silent and with a soft touch.

Its perfectly slim size makes handling, carrying around and storing easy.

An ergonomic tilt is added in this device, making your typing experience swift and comfortable.

Apart from the standard keys, the keyboard comes with versatile function keys, fast access keys, and the number pad.

It is also compatible with most of the Windows operating systems.

4.   WisFox Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, 2.4GHz 

It has a slim and compact build giving you a precise and responsive typing experience.

Typing is convenient as the  rubber pads give it a firm and stable feel.

Its mouse is fast and precise, featuring a fixed 1600 DPI level working on almost any surface.

The contoured shape perfectly fits in your hand, giving a soft and quiet click.

Its thin profile and small size facilitate easy moving and storage.

You will feel no fatigue while typing as it has an ergonomic tilt.

The unit includes a clear and lightweight silicone cover that keeps the keyboard dust-free and clean.

Connection to other devices works through a single 2.4G USB WisFox Nano receiver delivering stable and strong connection.

It has a 33ft connection range for both the keyboard and the mouse.

5. Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

The unit has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery with the mouse lasting between 1 to 2 months from a full charge.

The lithium batteries eliminate the need for multiple power cables making the unit convenient and stylish.

It connects to your device through 1 USB plug that broadcasts a stable 2.4GHz that stretches to 33ft.

Utilizing one strong USB port saves you multiple and inconvenient connections.

The keypads are soft and quiet, with an aesthetically appealing design.

Although it is a full-size keyboard, it is exceptionally lightweight.

Everything you need in a keyboard including number pads and convenient media keys.

Having low profile keys enables extended and comfortable, quiet use.

6. Macally Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Improve your speed and reliability through the use of this unit, broadcasting to a 10m strength length.

They work under a 2.4GHz wireless connection using a 2 in 1 Nano receiver unifying the mouse and the keyboard.

It is an ultra-slim keyboard, 5mm, giving it an elegant and stylish look.

The unit has a tactile response, quiet and comfortable typing experience featuring a high-end scissor-switch.

With a single full charge, the keyboard lasts to the tune of one month as it automatically enters sleep mode while not in use.

It also has better compatibility enabled by hot access keys and versatile function keys, improving work efficiency.

The cursor sensitivity falls between three levels 2400/1600/1000DPI working efficiently over a couple of surfaces.

7. LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Best Quiet Keyboard

One of the biggest improvements and benefits in this unit is the aluminum alloy panel design.

The brushed metal panel improves texture while also improving its durability.

Spills will not be a problem with this unit as it is water-resistant.

The keys are soft and responsive ideal for gaming or even working.

In the event of cleaning, the keys are removable to eliminate dust and dirt.

It has an appealing backlight illumination from its double-colored injection keycaps, ensuring the letters do not fade away.

This product incorporates a scientific stair-step design for the keycap enabling easy reach of each key.

They need no drivers to install and can work with a number of devices and Windows operating systems.


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