Top 5 Ideas on How to Break a Window Quietly

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You have probably seen or heard stories of people locking their pets inside their cars or worse babies.

These cases of forgetfulness are usually as a result of memory lapses due to too much stress.

Locking a baby or a pet is inside a car is dangerous. They may suffer dehydration, suffocate, and die.

In such a situation, breaking the glass window of the car is necessary to save lives. But in the case where the child is in the car, you will have to break a window quietly.

Continue reading to learn how to break a window quietly.

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3 Tools You Need to Break a Window Quietly

Breaking a window can attract too much attention. People may assume you have ill motives and call the police.

But that shouldn’t worry you, especially if what you are doing is a result of an emergency. You can break the window quietly.

To break the window without causing too much attention, you will need the following things:

  • Household tools
  • A spark plug
  • Stainless steel automatic center punch

5 Methods on How to Break a Window Quietly

1. Use the Available Household Tools

Ordinary household items can come in handy in an emergency. Simple things like duct tapes, pillows, or blankets can be useful when you want to break a window quietly.

So how do you go about it?

  • The first step is covering one side of the window wholly with the duct tape. The tape is meant to minimize the impact of the object you use to hit the glass.

Duct tape also holds the broken pieces of glass together, thereby preventing them from making noise.

  • The next step is placing a thick blanket directly below the window so that the broken pieces can fall on the blanket. The blanket also prevents the glass from making too much noise.

To achieve effective results, put multiple layers of the blanket below the

  • Then place a pillow against the glass window, then with the help of a hammer, hit them gently. When the glass breaks, the duct tape will hold the pieces together to prevent them from falling.

However, if the glasses fall, the layers of the blanket will prevent them from making noise.

2. Use the Spark Plug

Kids and Cars organizations report that many children and pets die in hot cars every year. Even though people have tried to help children stuck in a car, most often, the efforts are unsuccessful.

The issue could be because a rescuer will use a blunt object to try to break the glass. However, this isn’t effective because a car’s windows are made of tempered glass, which is much stronger than the average glass.

This is why you need to use something like a spark plug that is much stronger than a hammer or a blunt object.

A spark plug is a lightweight device that delivers spark from the ignition of the car to the combustion chamber.

The ceramic piece on the plug allows it to break a window glass without attracting attention when you make the first hit, the tempered glass cracks without shattering.

To ensure the glass breaks easily, target the corners of the window pane. The tempered glass is a hard material.

During the making, the tempered glass cools faster, causing it to have a low density. As the outer part of the glass cools more quickly, it compresses the inner glass.

The tension between the two is responsible for cracking when subjected to the plug blow.

How to Break a Window Quietly

3. Automatic Steel Center Punch

An automated steel center punch works by storing energy in spring when pressed on the target material, then releasing the power as an impulse.

The impulse drives the punch resulting in a dimple.

The center punch breaks the glass quietly without attracting any attention. The device is useful for emergencies.

4. An Emergency Hammer

An emergency hammer is an essential tool, just like the first aid tool, especially in emergencies that require breaking windows. The hammer has a tip made of metal while the hands are made from plastic.

In case you are locked in a house or inside a car, the emergency hammer will help you escape without being caught.

An emergency hammer should be strictly placed near a person’s reach. If it’s the car, the hammer should be under the driver’s seat or near the first aid kit.

5. Use a normal hammer

In case you are locked in a place with a double glazed window, hitting the window with a rock will only break one window and leave the rest. Use a hammer to it the corners of the window, then break the middle part of it.

How To Break a House Window Quietly?

Imagine stepping outside, the door closes behind you only to realize that you locked the house keys inside?

The worst-case scenario is that you have kids

There’s not much difference when it comes to breaking a house window. You’ll still need the same tools we used to break a car window.

But if you don’t have a spark plug or a hammer, well there must be a rock lying somewhere around.

Use it to gain access back to your house.

You should use a hammer, a rug or other household items like towels and time them around the rock.

You should place some rags or towels at the bottom of the window to allow you to catch broken glasses.

Hit the window from the edges.

You shouldn’t throw the rock at the window as the sound of glass shattering will create unwanted attention.

Also find a rock with sharp edges as it will create less noise and make the work easy.

Precautions to Observe When Breaking the Glass

Though the process of breaking a window might seem exciting and straightforward, something could quickly go wrong if the following precautions are not followed:

  • Know the type of glass you are about to break. Knowing the kind of glass; you are about to break comes, for instance, prevent you from a lot of things. Check whether the window glass is made of safety glass.

The safety glass has two layers consisting of the glass material and plastic. Safety glasses are also more quite with makes them more comfortable to break without getting caught.

  • Wear a Protective Gear. An easy way of protecting yourself from shattered glass is by wearing protective gear. However, since some situations occur suddenly, there won’t be time to look for the equipment.

But you can improvise and put one long-sleeved sweater or a jacket.

  • Pets and children should be kept away. Children and young animals should be kept far from where you intend to break the glass.


How to Break a Window Quietly

On How to Break a Window Quietly

Emergencies may arise at any time, with the only way out involving breaking a window. Even though half of the times we are not prepared for them, we can do something in the face of an emergency.

Some of the above options will depend on the type of materials used to make the glass. For instance, cars have a tempered glass, which is quite strong.

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