Top 15 Quiet Pets For Apartment and Condo Living

I you live in an apartment, just like I used to years back, then you need a quiet pet. Quiet pets are not only great for apartment dwellers but also for introverts. (Source)

While it’s possible to own a noisy pet in an apartment, let say a dog, but you will simply be forced to soundproof the crate

1. Fish

Fish are great if you want to create a beautiful centerpiece. A well-designed aquarium with a few fish species in it is sure to keep kids exciting and your visitors entertained.

For many people, watching fish swim in the tank is therapeutic. The fact that all their activities happen noiselessly makes fish a perfect choice if you want a quiet pet.

It is cheap to maintain a fish tank, and as long as you have a great filter, you can enjoy your fish in silence. You need to keep the tank clean to prevent a buildup that could lead to a noisy filter.

Even with a quiet pet as fish, you will need the quietest aquarium filter to ensure everything runs smoothly and quietly.

2. Hamsters

One of the reasons why hamsters are so popular is because they are quiet. Even landlords who do not allow pets mostly don’t have an issue with hamsters.

These little creatures are also easy to train. They are perfect for children who are just learning how to take care of pets.

Hamsters are known to spend hours at night running on their exercise wheel. If the hamster wheel is noisy, then you are sure to get distracted at night.

Fortunately, there are enough quiet hamster wheels in the market, so you have nothing to worry about as long as you buy the right wheel.

3. Snakes

Snakes are not the most social pets, but most reptile lovers find them amusing. These creatures are also easy to maintain.

A snake needs to feed at least once a week. Even if you travel a lot, you can leave your snake in the house without having to worry that your pet will go hungry.

The fact that you do not need much space to keep a snake makes it a perfect choice if yours is a small apartment. Occasionally, you will hear a hiss coming from your snake cage, but the sound is not loud enough to be heard by the neighbor.

4. Geckos

Geckos are ideal if you are looking for a long-life partner. A gecko will live for between 10 and 20 years, depending on the type, and the fact that they are easy to maintain makes them perfect if you do not want a demanding pet.

Geckos are not completely quiet as they frequently make some peculiar noise. However, the noise cannot be heard outside your home and is less likely to wake your kids.

Common Gecko types include Crested Geckos, Common House Geckos, and African fat-tailed Geckos.

5. Turtles

A turtle is another great choice if you want a pet you will enjoy for many years. With an average life expectancy of 35 years, your turtle will be your companion through several seasons of your life.

To keep a turtle, you need a large area where your pet can crawl throughout the day. You also need a yard where the turtle can enjoy the outdoors or at least a large balcony.

Most of the care your turtle will need from you is feeding. If you can keep it well-fed and with enough space to roam, you are good to go.

6. Cats

Cats are generally quiet, and most of their time is spent sleeping. A well-fed cat will be happy to spend time indoors, never wanting to feature outside in search of food.

In addition to the occasional meow, cats produce sounds when they jump from high furniture. They can also be noisy when they play a little bit too much and knock those lotions on your dresser to the ground.

If these occasional noises can disrupt your neighbors, you can limit your cat’s access to rooms with high furniture and items that can easily slip and fall.

Cats also fancy cords, so you may want to keep them hidden to minimize accidents and associated noises, especially when you are away from home.

7. Mice

A mouse is tiny, soft-footed, and a particularly quiet animal. The only time you may hear some noise from your mice cage is when they are feeding or playing, and even then, it is not loud enough to disrupt the neighbors.

Maintaining mice is rather easy since the animal is clean and will rarely need to be entertained. Just feed them a few times during the day and keep their living area clean to avoid smells.

8. Rats

Just like mice, Rats are extremely quiet creatures. They are also friendly and really enjoy playing with children making them ideal pets for a home with kids.

You will be amazed at how clever rats are and how much joy they bring into your home. Rats do squeak when in pain or scared, so you may want to put anything that can injure or scare them away.

Other than that, the other noise they may produce is the occasional thud when they fall off their rope or a small squeak as they play on a wheel or any other stimulating toy.

9. Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs also fall among the quiet pets as they mostly go about their business noiselessly. Your Guinea pig may let out an excited squeal every time you bring some food, but that is as much noise you will ever have to put up with.

The squeal is high in pitch but not loud enough to be heard from the other room unless you have extremely thin walls.

The fact that Guinea Pigs only require a small amount of space and do not require outdoor play makes them perfect for small apartment owners.

Quiet Bird Pets: Which Birds Are Kept As Pets Are Quiet

If you are a bird lover, you have a good collection of quiet bird pets to choose from. Common types include:

Top 15 Quiet pets For Apartment and Condo Living


Parakeets are like parrots but smaller in size. They have the same verbal abilities and can be quite chatty with their owners.

Since the parakeets are also highly intelligent, it is easy to train them. The fact that they love interacting with humans makes them popular among people looking for social pets.

While your parakeet will be quite chatty and active in the mornings and evenings, the noise level cannot be compared to that of their larger cousins.

The Bourke’s parakeets are among the quietest in this category and will play quietly as long as they have enough toys to keep them occupied. Just provide the parakeets will a roomy cage where they can fly and explore even in your absence.

11. Dove

Doves are gentle and quiet animals. These creatures are also undemanding, sweet, and will rarely need your attention.

Their gentle cooing can also be calming for many bird lovers. The fact that the cooing is not loud means that you are less likely to annoy a neighbor who may find it irritating.

A dove’s cooing never stops for as long as they are awake. You have to put that in mind and possibly have enough space to place the bird for those times you want total quiet in your home.

12. Senegal Parrots

Parrots can be noisy and extremely demanding, but the Senegal Parrot is a bit different from the rest. They are calmer, quieter, and even less demanding.

Even though these parrots can talk, they screech less, and their talking is not that loud. They also do spend most of their time quietly playing in their cage unless you initiate a conversation.

To keep your Senegal Parrots busy, buy them enough toys. The parrot may only bond with one person in the family and avoid the rest.

However, interacting with one can be quite amusing, not to mention how captivating these beautiful birds are.

13. Cockatiel

Cockatiel is another quiet and popular parrot species. The bird is colorful, attractive, and highly social.

To keep you Cockatiel happy, you have to interact with him frequently. If you have a job that requires you to be away from home for hours, get your Cockatiel a partner who will provide the frequent socialization they need to thrive.

It is easy to train a Cockatiel to behave a certain way. The birds are also not demanding, and as long as the cage is large enough to make play possible, your Cockatiels will be happy.

The female Cockatiels tend to be quieter than their male counterparts, so you may want to keep that in mind when searching for one.

Top 15 Quiet pets For Apartment and Condo Living

14. Canaries

These little birds are not only popular for their cheerful songs. They are cute little creatures who enjoy playing.

Because of their small size, Canaries are rather quiet even when they sing. You will barely hear them even when they are singing in the next room.

Thanks to specialized breeding, Canaries are available in a variety of colors, including orange and green. If you love brightly colored birds, you are more likely to find a canary in your favorite color.

Like other birds in the Finch family, canaries do not like being handled, and they would prefer if you just left them in their cage. The birds are also solitary, so you may want to get a cage for each bird and ensure that it is roomy enough to allow flight.

Canaries are perfect if you want quiet birds that require minimal interaction with you and provide melodious songs throughout the day.

Final thoughts on Quiet Pets

Above are the best quiet pets for apartment living. You simply need to pick one that’s your favorite and enjoy a quiet home living.

They are also perfect especially when you have a baby in your house.

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