Top 9 Ideas on How to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring

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A box spring is simply a mattress-sized box with a metal or wooden frame and a fabric covering. Within the frame, uniformly placed springs cover the interior of the frame.

The spring-filled interior and box-shaped exterior design are what give them this name. Box springs are intended for placement beneath mattresses and above bed frames. They offer height, protection, sturdiness, and ventilation, among other benefits.

Every mattress will benefit by having a strong, firm platform to rest on. Box springs were originally designed to reduce mattress wear and tear by absorbing impact. However, with time box springs are subject to wear and tear, which can result in annoying squeaks.

Even the costliest box springs are susceptible to annoying creaking and squeaking. In actuality, most modern “box springs” have zero springs. But if yours genuinely has a network of wires and metal springs– and they’re squeaking – you’ll need to locate the faulty contact points and properly resolve the issue.

Why Does My Box Spring Squeak?

There are several reasons why your box spring might be squeaking. You would be surprised to discover that some noise doesn’t come from the box spring itself and may originate from the mattress or the connection between the bed frame and the box spring.

The Box Spring

Box spring coils and hardwood panels are the most common cause of squeaking. Springs weaken with time and squeak from metal rubbing against metal. Note that the noise source is not necessarily internal to the box spring.

Shifting position in bed, the mattress exerts pressure directly on the box spring’s wooden encasing. This wooden enclosure makes a squeaking sound when it scrapes against the bed’s wooden slats or metal frame. Adding cushioning or lubrication between these surfaces will minimize friction and quiet the squeaks.

Use silicone spray to lubricate between these surfaces, or add a padding of acoustic foam to prevent these surfaces from rubbing against each other.

Avoid using WD40. WD40 is in no way a lubricant. WD40 serves as a  rust remover or a degreaser. The primary reason it will eliminate those annoying squeaks is that it will clean most of the debris out of the joints; even so, the results will be temporary.

The Mattress

Every mattress will ultimately sag, notably innerspring mattresses with metal coils. The more pressure you apply to the mattress with time, the more likely the springs may wear down and grind against one other, resulting in a squeaky sound.

Though changing the mattress is the ideal remedy, there are a few quick ways to reduce noise and improve the mattress’ comfort.

The Bed Frame

Typically, squeaky bed frames are caused by a loosened bolt or a twisted piece of wood and may be easily repaired at home. The bed frame may become somewhat unsteady if the bolts go loose, while water damage or a change in humidity may cause the wooden bed frame to bend slightly, resulting in a squeak.

If you cannot locate a squeak in your box spring or mattress, the squeak is likely emanating from the bed frame. Once you’ve identified the source of the squeaky mattress, you may begin repairing your bed.

Temperature fluctuations may impact metal screws and hardwood bed frames since wood expands and contracts in response to heat. This variation in the wood might cause it to brush against itself and produce a squeaking noise.

The bed’s legs can also create loud sounds by rubbing against the floor or scraping against the wall. Wheels on the bottom of a bed can generate squeaking by rubbing against the floor.

How to Fix the Squeaky Box Spring

Fixing a squeaky bed is a simple DIY project that you can accomplish on your own in a few hours. You will however need tools and a few affordable soundproofing materials to get started.

1.Find the Source of the Noise

The first step to fixing a squeaky box spring is locating the source of the noise. You can’t fix something you don’t see, right?

So, with the help of someone or your kids, have them lie on the bed to create the squeaking , then locate the noise as they move on the bed.

Look under the bed or on the side to find the point where the bed connects with the spring.

Another alternative is separating the components of the bed and inspecting them individually.

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Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

2.Pad the Area between the Bed frame and the Box Spring

If you have unused t-shirts or socks, use them to pad area between the box spring and the mattress. The pad consisting of some soft cloths reduces friction by acting as a barrier between the spring and the frame.

You will have to carefully lay the clothes between the mattress and the box spring. Though you must use even size clothes, if possible, locate the exact source of the noise to know how much material to use.

As you add clothes, don’t forget the slate between the spring box and the backing. However, ensure they are tightly screwed to prevent the clothes from spilling over. Also, an overstuffed slate could damage the spring box, mainly if the frame is made of wood.

3. Tighten and Lubricate the Bolts

One of the many sources of a squeaky noise could be loose bolts on the joints of your bed. Using a wrench, carefully tighten the bolts to keep the bed in place.

Tightening the bolts is also one of the methods that I recommend when it comes to fix a squeaky box spring. In case the squeakiness persists, add a washer to between the bolt and wood to eliminate the noise and also reduce tension between the two parts.

You should also add more bolts. But, you need to ensure they are correctly lined up and have even spaces between them. Doing that will provide the bed frames are tightly held together.

Don’t forget to lubricate the joint and all the bolts. One of the most effective lubricating oil is the WD40. However, if you don’t have it, cooking spray can do the job.

Tightening the bolts and applying a lubricant might not work in the long run. So you should repeat the step after every three months.

4. Interchange the Box Spring

To fix a squeaky box spring, you may have to interchange the box spring; the head side rotates to the feet while the feet switch to the head side.

Once you do that, go ahead and place back the mattress on the bed and test for squeaks.

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

5.   Lubricating the Spring Box Coils

We have mentioned lubricating the joints and bolts, but what about the spring box coils?

Spring box coils could be the source of your frustrations. To get rid of the squeakiness, you need to:

  • Remove your mattress from the bed.
  • Then flip over the spring box to get a clear look at the coils.
  • Open up the side to reach the coils.
  • Using your lubricant, carefully apply it on the coils up to the last one.
  • The final step is stitching up enclose the coils.

6. Look for a Buffer

If you have used a pad to reduce friction, tightened, and lubricated the bolts, but the problem stills persist, you need to get a buffer for your mattress.

A good option is plywood. Visit a home improvement shop with the right dimensions and ask them to cut plywood for you.

Some shops won’t charge you for the service when you buy from them.

A plywood buffer placed between your mattress and the box spring will minimize the squeak when you get in the bed.

7. Apply Wax

Waxing the source of the problem is also an effective way of getting rid of squeaky noise. For instance, if the source is the joint, apply candle wax and rub it over the joints.

Ensure you use a generous amount of wax to ensure it works effectively. Beeswax can also be useful in getting rid of the noise.

8. Get a New Box Spring

You deserve a good night’s rest, and if all else fail, then it could be time to think about buying a new quiet bed frame.

If you are worried about costs, don’t worry because some stores, including online stores like amazon, sell pocket-friendly box spring.

Final thoughts

Wondering how to how to fix a squeaky box spring? You don’t have to suffer through the unbearable noise of a squeaky bed.

There are several methods to help you with the problem. However, you first need to identify the source of the squeaky noise.

Then adopt the simple means such as tightening and lubricating the bolts and joints.

The use of candle wax and also getting a buffer for your bed are also an effective means of eliminating noise. Remember, a good night’s rest is paramount for you. Learn more about soundproofing here

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