15 Quiet Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak 2024

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A noisy old bed frame can deny you a peaceful night’s sleep and can be a nightmare for you and your bed partner. It can be more annoying than sleeping next to a snoring partner.

Additionally, for sexually active couples, a noisy bed can limit your wild adventures at night.

There are different types of bed frames on the market today. Getting a noise-free bed is never an easy task because every manufacturer advertises their frames as the best.

Here is a detailed guide to aid you in getting a quiet bed frame and the factors that you should consider when choosing a bed frame that doesn’t squeak.

Why Are Bed Frames Noisy?

  • Beds are often made of metal, which can creak and squeak when pressure is applied.
  • The springs in beds can also make noise as they adjust to the weight of the person lying on them.
  • Bed frames can also make noise if they are not properly assembled or if the parts are loose.
  • Finally, people often move around a lot in their sleep, which can cause the bed to make noise as well.
  • Another reason beds can be noisy is because of the bedding. Sheets, blankets, and comforters can all make noise when they are moved around on a bed.

What Is the Quietest Bed Frame?

quietest bed frame

The best quiet bed frame is the Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame. This bed frame is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

It comes in two different styles from square corner to round the corner and it’s fitted with strong steel/ metal slats and support that prevents sagging, improves mattress lifespan, and prevents voiding mattress warranty.

This also eliminates the need for a box spring.

To make this bed frame squeak-free, there’s a foam-padded tape added to the steel frame in full, queen, and king sizes frames.

You get sufficient ground clearance with all the different sizes of this frame, allowing you to store different materials underneath.

Quiet Bed Frame Comparison Chart

Bed Frame NameKey FeaturesPrice
Zinus ArnavTwin size max weight capacity: 350lbs and 700lbs for all other sizes. 5 year warranty. Headboard compatible. 6.8 inches underbed clearanceSee Price on Amazon
ZIYOO 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed FrameHeadboard or footboard compatible. 12 inches storage space. Strong central support. supportive steel and wood construction designSee Price on Amazon
Olee SleepAlloy steel construction. 16.5 inch underneath bed storage space. 5 year limited warranty. See Price on Amazon
AmazonBasics Foldable Bed Frame250 pounds weight limit. Steel construction. No tool assembly. 13 inches underneath bed storageSee Price on Amazon
Classic Brands Hercules Heavy duty steel frame construction. 13 inches underneath storage. Headboard and footboard compatible. Foldable platform bedSee Price on Amazon
Zinus Shawn60" W x 80" L x 14" H. 750-1500 pounds weight limit. 13 inches underneath storage. Tool free assembly. 5 year limited warranty.See Price on Amazon
Simple Houseware13" inches underneath storage. 500lb weight limit. No additional box spring required. Alloy steel constructionSee Price on Amazon


Zinus Arnav Metal Bed Frame

quietest bed frame

Key features

  • Headboard compatible
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • High quality steel and plywood
  • No box spring needed
  • 350lbs weight support for twin and 700lbs for all other sizes

If you love low bed frames, then the Zinus Arnav bed frame is the perfect choice for you. It’s perfect for people who don’t like a bed with under bed storage.

In addition, it’s constructed from durable metal that’s only 10 inches high with only 7 inches of under bed storage space where you can stash small items.

It’s available in queen size, Kingsize for large bedrooms, and full and twin sizes.

It boasts 5 legs for proper support. In addition, the Zinus metal bed frame is fitted with 10 wooden slats to support your memory foam mattress, hybrid, or traditional spring mattress.

The steel frame is padded with foam that helps deal with squeaks, and the wood slat support have a non-slip tape that will prevent the mattress from slipping.

The metallic legs are padded to help reduce damage on your floor. It’ll only take a few of your minutes to assemble this bed frame.


  • The bed frame is made of high-quality steel and plywood ensuring its durability.
  • The wooden slats are closely spaced eliminating the need of a box spring and also extending the lifespan of your memory or latex foam.
  • The unit comes with all the tools and instructions needed for quick assembly.
  • All the bars and the legs are thick and sturdy for solid weight support


  • The sizing at times its not accurate according to several customer reviews online.

ZIYOO 3500lbs 14 Inch

Key features

  • Heavy duty wooden slats that are 20% stronger than standard ones
  • Under bed storage
  • Headboard and footboard compatible

The ZIYOO is a 9 legged bed frame that can support couples/individuals weighing up to 3500 pounds. If you’ve been searching for a sturdy bed frame that will guarantee you quietness for years to come, we strongly recommend the ZIYOO frame.

The frame is constructed from durable steel that’s stronger than typical metal frames and wooden frames. According to the manufacturer, this frame is 20% stronger than your typical bed.

The nine legs offer support and stability for heavier couples and sleep partners while the wood slat support are padded to help increase mattress life.

Unlike the Zinus frame above, ZIYOO offers 11.5 inches under the bed storage space. The frame fits heavy memory foam mattresses and other traditional mattresses. The metallic legs have plastic bottom inserts that help protect your floor and carpeting.


  • Noise free: the unique integrated structure makes the bed noise free, firm and eliminates structural twisting and shaking
  • Easy assembly. The bed comes with all tools, parts and assembly instructions
  • No box spring needed
  • Durable than standard bed frames


  • Delayed delivery
  • Though headboard compatible, the extra accessories are only sold separately

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Noise Free Frame

quiet bed frame

Key features

Material Alloy Steel, Metal

5 year Limited Warranty

If you’re looking for a sturdy bed frame with metal slats that won’t squeak when turning sides at night, then consider Olee Sleep the right frame for you.

It’s a quiet and sturdy frame that will ensure you get a quiet peaceful sleep at night. The full-size frame measures 76.5×55.5×53.5 inches. In addition, the frame is also available in King, Queen, Twin, and California King Size.

The frame is easy to assemble (no assembly required) and also a great addition to your bedroom. To prevent the mattress from slipping, the frame is designed in such a way that it encloses the mattress.

The leg edges are rounded shapes to help protect you and other bed users from bumping and bruising your legs.

AmazonBasics Metal Bed Frame

quiet bed frame

The AmazonBasics is a noise-free, quiet, and supportive bed frame specially designed for people weighing up to 250 pounds.

The frame features an under storage space of about 13 inches. It’s constructed of sturdy steel with a black finish, and no tools required assembling.

The bed frame is available in different sizes, including California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin X-large, and Twin.

Depending on the size, this metallic bed frame works well in a dorm room, kids bedroom, apartment and perfect for a master suite and guest bedroom.

Lastly, the frame disassembles and folds easily for moving or clearing a room for floor refinishing, painting, carpet cleaning. It’s a recommended bed frame for renters who move regularly.

Classic Brands Hercules 14-Inch Metal Bed Frame

Key features:

  • 14” under  the bed storage space
  • Steel frame foundation
  • No box spring needed
  • The legs fitted with caps to protect the floor
  • Quick and easy assembly (no tools required)

The Classic Brands frame is specially designed to hold up to 4000 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Its heavy-duty steel construction provides better support for any mattress and replaces traditional foundation, frame or box-spring.

This platform bed fits in most bed frames that can be used with or without foundation or box spring.

It offers 13 inches under the bed storage and includes capped legs that help protect your floors and carpeting.

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The Zinus Shawn platform bed replaces box spring and bed frame. It’s a platform bed frame that offers 13 inches under the bed clearance space to allow you to store your essentials.

No tools are required for assembly. The bed frame also boasts 6 metallic legs fitted with plastic caps to help protect your floor.

The Zinus SmartBase also eliminates the need for box spring as your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress should be placed directly on top of the SmartBase.

Simple Houseware 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame


The Simple Houseware bed frame is available in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king sizes and it’s designed to hold up to 500 pounds.

There is no need to invest in additional box spring as you can put memory foam, latex, or spring directly on it.

The best part with this frame is the fact that it can be folded and stored away, making it good for guests or when your friends come for a sleepover. It also features centralized support legs, which is a key feature for every squeak-free bedframe.

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed

(See Latest Price)

Zinus is a classic definition of classic and cozy and so is the Zinus Shalini platform frame.

It features a beautifully designed headboard with sophisticated stitching and button stuffing that stands elegantly more than 2ft above the frame to create a beautiful focal point in your bedroom.

The wood platform bed features strong wooden slats spaced at 2.7” for both full and twin and 3.2 inches for other sizes- this eliminates the need for a box spring and hence your mattress won’t sag.

I however think that 2.7 inches spacing is too wide and would in most cases cause the mattress to sag and also void warranty.

The interior steel framework is designed to last with the padded upholstery adding a soft touch.

There is a 6.8” underneath storage where you can stash you smaller items without stuffing your bedroom. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Good

  • You get value for your money with this platform bed
  • Easy assembly, will take you approximately 45-50 minutes to assemble
  • All the pieces fit perfect and securely- Allen wrench included in the package

The Downside

I read a couple of reviews done in 2018-2019 and 2020 claiming that the headboard though nicely designed was infested with bedbugs. These tiny bugs are not something you’d want in your home. I’m hopeful that the seller on Amazon fixed this problem as there are no other recent reviews that mention the bedbug’s problem. However, if you’re skeptical (like I would), I would highly suggest you get the same frame but from a different supplier other than Amazon.

I’ve also spotted other customers complain of the headboard not being soft- but it’s soft enough not to hurt your head if you hit your head against.

Another complained of the bed being too high especially when a 12-inch box spring is installed. However, it’s important to note that this is a platform frame and there’s no need to have a box spring. If it’s a must you setup a box spring for this frame, then I would highly suggest you get an 8-inch box spring.

Mellow Bed Frame with Heavy Duty Foundation

This bed features a heavy-duty steel construction that offers stable and comfortable support without the need for traditional box spring.

It boasts a low profile design that will allow you to get in and out of the bed easily or alternatively to add extra profile with the mattress thickness that you desire.

You can use a box spring with this frame, however, as with most platform bed frame, there is no box spring required.

The Good

  • It’s a study frame with no annoying squeaks
  • Easy to assemble as all the tools are included in the package
  • Strong mattress foundation hence no box spring required although it can accommodate box spring when needed.

The Downside

Like most beds tend to slide along and move on laminate and wood floor, it’s not an exception with the Mellow bed frame.  Luckily, I found a way you can solve this problem without breaking the bank. Simply get a double sided carpet tape like the XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape and the legs to keep it from sliding.

Additionally, there’s nothing annoying than a mattress sliding on top of your bed frame and that another shortcoming with this unit. Luckily, something like the Drawer and Shelf Liner – Truly Non-Slip will help keep the mattress in place and prevent it from slipping.

ZIORS 3500lbs Heavy Duty

This wood platform bed is a super sturdy bed frame with multi-point structural bed legs with a full load bearing design to support up to two people with less squeaks.

It features widened wooden slats that provide more support as well as increase mattress life.

It’s 20% heavier and stronger than similar bed frame.

Allows for a headboard to be added to the frame- to improve the aesthetic and add a focal point to your bedroom.

Quietest Bed Frames Buying Guide

A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being, and a quiet bed frame can help you get the rest you need. There are a few things to consider when choosing a bed frame that will minimize noise, including materials, construction, and size.


Metal bed frames are often the loudest type of frame due to their construction. The metal parts can creak and squeak as you move around on the mattress, which can be quite disruptive if you’re trying to sleep.

Wood bed frames are a much better choice if you’re looking for a quiet frame, as they tend to be much more solid and stable. If you have a platform bed, make sure the slats are made of wood rather than metal to reduce noise.


The way a bed frame is constructed can also affect how noisy it is. Avoid bed frames with lots of moving parts, like those with adjustable height settings. These types of frames are more likely to creak and make noise as you move around on the mattress. Instead, choose a bed frame that has a solid construction with few moving parts. This will help to reduce the amount of noise the frame makes.


The size of your bed frame can also impact how noisy it is. If you have a larger bed frame, it will likely creak more as you move around on the mattress. This is because there’s more surface area for the frame to move on. Choose a smaller bed frame if you’re looking for a quiet frame that won’t creak as much.

When it comes to choosing a quiet bed frame, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the materials, construction, and size of the frame to ensure you select a quiet option that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Are Metal Bed Frames Noisy?

No, metal bed frames aren’t noisy.

A properly designed and assembled bed frame, whether metal or wooden shouldn’t squeak.

If you purchase your metal bed frame from a reputable manufacturer or retailer, squeaking isn’t something that should cross your mind.

But as with all beds, whether wooden or metallic, have joints.

When these joints start rubbing against each other, they produce squeaking noises due to the friction of the rubbing parts.


How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame

Unfortunately, with time, as your bed ages, it’s bound to become squeaky. Your squeaky frame was once quiet.

Luckily there are different ways you can fix your noisy bed using readily available materials, and in less than $50.

  • Pad the Area between the Bedframe and the Box Spring
  • Tighten and Lubricate the Bolts
  • Interchange the Box Spring
  • Lubricating the Spring Box Coils
  • Look for a Buffer
  • Apply Wax

Do Platform Beds Make Less Noise?

A fact is that solid wood platform beds don’t squeak.

Squeaking often comes from old rusty and most likely damaged metal joints.

For most wooden bed frames, there are few to no joints and as a result, these bed frames rarely squeak.

Another added advantage is the fact that, most solid wood platform beds have storage options making them ideal for you if you live in a tiny apartment.

Between a Platform Bed and A Regular Bed?

A platform bed is a type of bed frame often with a foot and headboard and with many wooden slats running from side to side.

The wooden slats are no more than 3 inches apart- this helps provide better support for your mattress.

On the other hand, a traditional bed frame also consists of the wooden slats but only has 1-3 slats that support the box spring.

The main difference between a traditional bed frame and a platform bed is that you can place your mattress directly on your platform bed while you would need a foundation or a box spring with a regular bed frame.

Additionally, when using a platform bed, your sleep surface is often lower and close to the floor than with a traditional bed.

Here are the pros and cons of a upholstered platform bed

  • Platform beds are durable and sturdy
  • They don’t require a box spring
  • Provide storage space
  • Very comfortable
  • They are available in wide variety of beautiful styles


  • Often lack under bed space
  • Low to the ground
  • They can be expensive

How Much Does a Quiet Platform Bed Cost?

There aren’t one figure matches all for the different design and styles of platform beds on the market today.

But it would be wise to say that you can get a decent upholstered platform bed frame for just under $100 or you could spend up to more than $1000.

It all depends on your budget and the features you’re looking for in a bed frame.

Strongest, Quietest King Size Bed Frame

The strongest and quietest king size bed frame is the ZINUS King Compack Metal Bed.

It’s built with center support rail and dependable steel that guarantees firm support for your box spring and mattress night in, night out.

The durable steel allows it to support up to 1200 lbs- weight inclusive of the mattress and box spring weight.

The best part is that the frame extends beyond the legs and so you won’t have to worry about bumping your ankle when getting in or out of your bed.

It has a low profile, of about 6” underneath to help accommodate the height of the box spring so that the bed won’t be raised so high.

What Kind of Bed Does Not Make Noise?

Solid wood beds don’t make much noise compared to metallic bed frames. It’s durable enough to be tightened so that it doesn’t squeak.

Solid wood bed frames are made from materials like rubberwood, teak, mahogany, bamboo, and oak.

How Can I Make My Bed Frame Quieter?

A simple and quick way to make a bed frame quieter includes adding furniture pad to the legs of the bed frame. This will help reduce any noise resulting from the bed frame and the floor.

Tighten the bed frame bolts to ensure that joints don’t squeak.

Additionally, you can reduce wobbliness to your bed frame by ensuring that it’s even with the floor. You can add some padding underneath the legs to make it even.

Lastly, if your bed frame has wheels, I would highly recommend using caster cups to reduce bed movement and noise.

Do Metal Frame Beds Squeak?

Yes! Metal frame beds are notoriously known for squeaking. That doesn’t mean wooden frame beds don’t squeak.

The reason why metal frame beds squeak is because of the metal rubbing against each other which causes high pitch squeaks. Tightening the bolts can help fix the squeak noise coming metal joints rubbing against each other.

Final thoughts

A quiet bed frame is an essential piece in your bedroom for anyone who wants to avoid bed frame squeaks. It will give you the privacy you yearn for years to come as well as a good night’s sleep.

All the frames highlighted above will give you privacy; they are affordable, sturdy, and durable. What’s your favorite pick? Let’s know in the comment section down below.

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