Quietest Sump Pump:  7 Most Silent Sump Pump for Home Use?

The quietest sump pump will pump water out of the pit and away from your home so that the crawlspace or basement stays dry.

If you live in areas where basement flooding is the norm whenever it rains or wants to simply want to solve dampness in case the water table is above the foundation of your home, a sump pump is your best bet.

These small gadgets are designed to drain water away from a house into any other place where it’s no longer a problem, such as a dry well or municipal storm drain. (Source)

In this guide, I’ll be reviewing some of the best quietest sump pump (s) on the market today.

What Is the Best Quietest Sump Pump?

The best quietest sump pump is Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination 1/2 HP. The pump is assembled in the US with domestic and foreign parts.

Its top suction pump design helps minimize clogging from debris and airlocks.

The pump is compact enough, measuring only 8x8x12 inches in size. It’s fully submersible without sacrificing its effectiveness.

Despite its miniature size, this unit gives a whopping ½ horsepower, and it’s capable of pumping up to 5100 gallons per hour at maximum power.

For average home and smaller industrial setups, this is more than enough power.

The fact that this sump pump is fully submersible makes it unique. This is because submersible pumps are more effective in deep standing water than non-submersible pumps.

Additionally, its top suction mode ensures that the debris settled at the bottom of the pit are not likely to clog the pump intake.

The primary pump can drain up to 5100 gallons per hour at 0 feet while the backup 12V DC pump can drain 2900 gallons per hour.

A-List of the Quietest Sump Pumps on the Market Today

Older sump pumps made from plastic or PVC generate more noise than modern, durable cast-iron types.

The new models also feature self-lubricating motors and operate very quietly. If your motor or pump is very noisy, it’s time to replace it with a quiet one.

1. Zoeller M63 Mighty-Mate Submersible Sump Pump

This is a modern type sump pump constructed from cast-iron material for durability and ultra-silent operation.

It’s a submersible pump boasting 3/10 horsepower powerful enough for both residential and small commercial sump pits and septic tanks.

The pump can discharge 45 gallons a minute and up to 2700 gallons per hour, making it one of the powerful and yet quiet sumps pumps on the market today.

However, the amount of water the pump discharges depends on the depth it’s installed. It can discharge 1140 gallons an hour when installed at 15ft deep, 2040gallons at 10ft, and 2680gallons at 5ft depth.

The unit weighs only 21 pounds, and its base is made of thermoplastic material for temperature regulation, thus ensuring the pump won’t overheat.

A 9ft waterproof cable helps prevent the risk of electric shock. The durability of this pump averages between 2-4 years. It will automatically shut off when the sump pit runs dry.

2. Wayne VIP50 Portable Electric Water Removal Pump

The Wayne VIP50 is a ¼ horsepower multipurpose sump pump. It made of thermoplastic material and can pump up to 1800 gallons per hour when installed at 0ft.

At 20ft, the pump can drain 300gallons, 15ft 1080gallons, 10ft, 1680 gallons, and 2160gallons at 5ft.

It’s assembled in the US and thus guarantees durability and performance as each and every material used has been tested for quality and performance.

The unit comes with ¾ inch adjustable discharge adapter and its capable of connecting to garden hoses.

It’s equipped with a screen at the bottom that stops debris like tree seeds, leaves, etc. from coming through the sump pump.

3. Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

The Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump is available in 5 different styles with varying performance options.

The 0.5horsepower model can pump up to 3,300 gallons per hour and can lift water up to 25ft of vertical depth.

It’s made of durable thermoplastic material and comes with a 10ft cord.

The pump uses quality components, including heavy-duty stainless-steel shaft seals, copper motor windings, and electronically controlled split capacitors.

It features an intake screen that filters debris from going through the pump.

Additionally, the pump boasts multiple discharge hookup options- you can hook it to a garden hose.

At 20ft, this unit can discharge 1500 gallons per hour and 2520 gallons per hour at 10ft. The pump is CSA certified, and UL/CUL listed.

4. Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

The Flotec pedestal pump replaces any existing 1/3 horsepower pedestal pump. It’s made of thermoplastic material.

It’s lightweight and compact, weighing 11.3 pounds and measuring 6x33x6 inches, respectively.

For those who live in a small apartment/condo any need to dispel a few gallons of water occasionally, then this is the recommended pump.

The pump is activated by a float switch, and its compactness enables it to fit even in the smallest sump pit.

5. WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Pump with Vertical Float Switch

This is another great pick from the WAYNE company. The bottom is designed from cast iron and covered by a stainless-steel cover.

Besides giving the pump stability, the cast iron bottom also prevents the unit from corrosion. Additionally, this unit has an abrasion glass that protects it from abrasion.

Like all other WAYNE sump pumps, this unit is fully submersible with a vertical float switch and a top suction design that minimizes clogging from debris and eliminates airlock.

At 20ft, the pump can discharge 3500gallons per hour, 4100gallons at 15ft, 4600gallons at 10ft, 5076gallons at 5ft, and 5490gallons at 0ft.

Like all the other pumps in this guide, this unit comes with a waterproof cord to prevent the risks of electric shock. Additionally, the unit is made in the USA using high quality and durable materials.

It’s highly recommended to use the pump with 11 inches or wider basin for best results.

 Quietest Sump Pumps Buyer Guide: Important Factors to Consider

In this section, we shall be looking at some of the most important factors to consider before buying the quietest sump pumps that meets your specific requirements.

Noise Levels

All sump pumps produce some amount of noise regardless of how loud or quiet they’re considered to be.

The most important factor, in this case, is the noise level.

As earlier mentioned, older pumps were much noisier than modern pumps.

By default, older models were made of PVC/ plastic while the new designs are constructed from cast-iron material.

The major determinant of the loudness of a sump pump is the motor size. Big motors translate to more power and noise compared to smaller sized motors.

If you need to draw water from deep pits, you will need a powerful motor than can pump more gallons at such depths. In such a scenario, you can make the pump quieter using the techniques provided in the next section below.

However, if you need to discharge water from shallow pits, a smaller size pump motor will do just fine. You will have no noise problems.


The last thing you ever want to experience is your sump pump failing when you need it the most.

You don’t want to end up with flooded basements. That’s where longevity and reliability come in.

My most recommended pump is the Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination 1/2 HP. It’s an established and trusted brand that you can rely on.

Sump Pump Type

There are two main types of sump pumps- pedestal and submersible pumps.

Submersible pumps are submerged inside the sump pit, and this makes them less accessible and quieter.

On the other hand, pedestal pumps have above the ground motor and noisier and more obtrusive.


It’s important to ensure that the pump you buy is compatible with modern innovative technology.

For example, you’ll find that some pumps can connect to  PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet.

This is a tiny gadget that makes your sump pump Wi-Fi compatible to help you monitor every single activity down there. The gadget can send emails, text messages, and app alerts to your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Pump Construction

The construction will determine how long it will last. As aforementioned, cast iron pumps are a lot quieter than plastic/ PVC constructed pumps. They are also resistant to abrasion

On the other hand, PVC/thermoplastic materials won’t rust. They are also lightweight.

Stainless steel is prone to rust and heavier than plastic. Fortunately, they are rust-resistant compared to cast iron.

Overall, cast-iron is a great option- although prone to rusting, you can always apply an epoxy coating.

Power Source

Most of the pumps in this guide are designed to be plugged into your home power supply.

In most cases, this is adequate.

But what would you do when the power goes off? Would you like a scene of the underground lake in your basement?

For this reason, it’s important to get a sump pump with a battery backup option. A perfect example in this guide is the Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination 1/2 HP.

Quiet A Sump Pump in Simple DIY Simple Fixes

Is your sump pump making weird noises and don’t know how to fix it? Well, there are different reasons why your sump pit pump is making noise.

To fix the noise problem, you’ll first need to understand the type of noise because they require different approaches.

Quietest Sump Pumps

Excess Vibrations

The vibrations often happen when the discharge pipe is in contact with the pump basin or when it hits a nearby wall.

To fix this problem, wrap the pipe where it meets the basin, wall, or floor with foam insulation. You can also line it up with rubber grommets.

Noisy Motor

If you have a noisy motor, you may need to lubricate it or upgrade it to cast iron type.

You can also try a submersible pump or cover the place over it to keep the motor noise muffled instead of resonating throughout the room.

Clanging and gurgling noises

Apply similar fixes as you did with vibrations in case you hear clanging.

Gurgling noises occur when water moves down the discharge pipe after the pumping cycle. To solve this problem, upgrade the standard valve with the spring valve to allow water to move more evenly through the plumbing.

Alternatively, adjust the pump switch to prevent the pump from emptying water completely out of the basin.

Slurping noises

In this case, the pump produces similar sounds as a person sucking liquid through a straw. To fix this problem, adjust the pump to make sure that it always has a few inches of water in it.

Regular maintenance should help solve slurping noises.

Final Thoughts on The Quietest Sump Pump

Above are the best quietest sump pump on the market. The best quiet sump pump is Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination 1/2 HP.

Don’t forget to check out the factors to consider before making the final decision as they’ll help you figure out the right sump pump that fits your specific requirements.

Lastly, it’s important to always inspect the system once in a while. You may also need to occasionally clean out all the pipes connected to the unit. If possible, have a professional inspect it at least once a year.

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