Neighbor’s Car Wakes Me Up Every Morning

Neighbor’s car wakes me up every morning; what should I do? Waking up to the sound of a loud car is not something that most people want to experience. This is especially true for those who are trying to get an early start on their day.

As someone who has been woken up by your neighbor’s car every morning, then this article will help you find peace and quiet.

If your neighbor’s car wakes you up every morning, first approach them and politely let them know they are a nuisance.  If talking to them doesn’t work, you can contact your local authority and let the law take its course.

Before taking any drastic measures, here are some of the best methods to help you deal with the problem once and for all.

1. Talk To Your Neighbor

When talking to them, be honest and open up a conversation on how they impact your life with their actions.

Be kind, approachable, and understanding; try not to make them feel like you’re attacking them or anything of that sort.

People love being acknowledged, so let your neighbors know they’re doing something wrong and bring some positivity into things by telling them there is a way around this problem (have a small talk at first).

This will show respect towards your neighborhood, and you might even become friends afterwards.

 It really does work 99% every time for me.

Revenge Maybe?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend you try this- but someone already tried it, and it worked.

Neighbor’s Car Wakes Me Up Every Morning

Aaron Robinson posted the below picture on Facebook of what one cunny neighbor did to his loud Ford Mustang.

There was also a written note indicating that the neighbor was fed up with the noise problem.

Someone added expandable foam into the exhaust pipes and included a letter that explained the solution and future course of action if Robinson didn’t fix the loud muffler.

Neighbor’s Car Wakes Me Up Every Morning

2. Make A Noise Complaint

After filing a formal complaint about noise nuisance, the police will come out to investigate your claim.

If upon investigation it is determined that excessive noise is taking place, you may have the authority to take legal action against your neighbor for disturbing the peace.

Keep in mind one important thing; most disputes between neighbors are resolved amicably, so before taking any drastic actions, it’s best to try speaking with your neighbor directly about their loud car.

3. Call the Cops

Can You Call the Cops on A Loud Car? In some states, you can.

In New York State, it is a criminal misdemeanor to operate a car radio at an excessive volume so loudly that it disturbs the peace and quiet of others within earshot.

A ticket could require a fine of up to $150 or 15 days in jail. A similar law exists in most states but not all.

Virginia is the only state without a measure addressing loud cars.  But police will only be able to do something if there is proof of an infraction.

For example, witnesses and video footage.

There has to be proof of damages before someone will be charged with mischief or disturbing the peace. When reporting to the cops, you could inform them that you need to remain anonymous. This will help prevent any sort of grudge with your neighbors as well as prevent strained relationships.

4. Soundproof your Home

Soundproofing your home will help significantly reduce outside noise and traffic noise from leaking inside your home.

Below is a highlight of the methods you can implement now to dampen noise coming into your house.

– Use window treatments such as heavy drapes and roman shades to absorb sound waves. If possible, get the material specially made for noise absorption.

– Seal any air leaks around doors and windows with weather stripping to keep the exterior noise from entering your home.

Fill gaps around exterior doors with weather stripping, but beware: this could ultimately prove ineffective if the door has gaps on the sides or bottom as well, which are harder to treat- use door sweeps in this case.

– Fill bigger gaps between window panes with acoustic silicone sealant instead of caulk because caulk is less effective at blocking noise. Also, put caulking around windowsills reduce noise transmission through these surfaces.

– Increase wall mass by filling cavities with sound-absorbing insulation and then sealing the space shut with spray foam or acoustic caulk. This will make your walls more effective at blocking noise from coming through them because they will be less likely to vibrate as much as hollow walls do.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you find yourself constantly pestered by the sound of your neighbor’s car, and you want to get some sleep without losing your window view, noise-cancelling headphones may be a temporary solution.

The majority of modern headphones come with noise cancellation features that aim to mask outside noises. This feature can help drown out sounds like those produced by a running car.

To make the most of your headphone’s noise cancellation setting, position them correctly on your head and listen to some music with bass.

This will further block out outside sounds coming from cars or other machines. You can also change your headphone’s settings to increase their effectiveness as noise-cancelling devices.

Look for the “noise cancellation” option on the menu screen of compatible headphones, switch it on, and select high-frequency sounds if available.

However, this solution may only be temporary because once you turn off your music or take off your headphones, you will still hear your neighbor driving away in their car.

6. White Noise Machine

White noise machines can drown out background noises, so you don’t hear your neighbor’s car every morning at 6am when he gets in his vehicle to leave for work.

These devices also help block distractions so you can get a more restful night of sleep regardless of where you are or what time it is.

Even if you’ve never used one before, the best white noise machine will be an invaluable part of your nightly routine.

You can download a white noise app on your smartphone or alternatively get one from amazon.

One of my most recommended white noise machines is the HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine, available on Amazon.


Final thoughts

If your neighbor’s car wakes you up every morning, you’d better talk to them first before you taking any other drastic measures.

Calling the cops or reporting to the local authority may seem like the easier option, but trust me, these guys might take forever before responding or taking any action.

For a quick solution, I recommend using noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs, a white noise machine or soundproofing your home.


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