Quietest Garbage Disposals: Top 7 Silent Models on The Market

Quietest Garbage Disposals

The quietest garbage disposals will ensure that will ensure that foods waste is shred quietly into very small pieces that won’t clog pipes. Regular garbage disposals have an average sound decibel rating of 80 decibels equivalent to normal lawnmowers. I also wrote an article on quiet lawn mowers. Check it out it’s freaking awesome. The … Read more

Quietest Range Hood: Top 7 Silent Under Cabinet/Wall Mount Range Hood

quietest range hood

The quietest range hood /vent hood/kitchen hood will remove airborne contaminants and clear the air in your kitchen quietly without causing unwanted noises. One of the main reasons why most homeowners ditch their fume hoods is noise. (Source) Besides noise, another research found out that noise, ignorance, and the strong belief that range hoods aren’t … Read more

Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise: Make it Quiet Now

Ceiling Fan Making Clicking Noise

Is your ceiling fan making clicking noise? In this guide, you we shall discuss different ways on how you can make your ceiling fan quiet. While ceiling fans are a nice addition to your home, especially during those hot summer days, they can get quite noisy when not regularly maintained. With all the daily chores … Read more

Cheap Soundproofing Materials: 10 Noise Reduction Materials That Work

Cheap Soundproofing Materials

Here are some of cheap soundproofing materials for anyone who’s on a budget and wants an effective soundproofing project. Because professional soundproofing can be quite expensive, there are some DIY hacks you can implement to deal with unwanted noises in your home. These DIY projects will however require some soundproofing material. If you are on … Read more

Quietest Blender: Top 9 Most Silent Smoothie Makers on the Market

quietest blender

The quietest blender will allow you to make a smoothie and blend quietly even in the dead of night. Blenders are some of the noisiest kitchen appliances. If you blend smoothies in the morning before going to work, it can cause conflicts between you and your housemates or neighbors. Some might recommend making a smoothie … Read more