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Quietest Breast Pump: Top 7 Quiet Pumps for Discreet Milk Expression

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The quietest breast pump will allow you to express milk quietly whether at work or at home without causing unwanted noises to your workmates or family members.

Breast pumps have become a favorite tool for 21 century moms. According to a study published on National Center for Biotechnology Information website, 85% of breastfeeding mothers (with infants aged 1.5-4.5 months) have at one time used breast pump to express milk for an extended period. (Source)

While a manual breast pump is definitely quieter than electric models, it’s more time consuming.

If you need to express milk faster and discreetly, a quiet electric breast pump will do the trick. In this guide, we shall be reviewing some of the best quiet breast pump on the market today.

What Is the Best Quietest Breast Pump on The Market?

The best quietest breast pump from medela is the Medela Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump.

It has a noise decibel rating of 43.8 decibels. The double breast pump is carefully designed for comfort and convenience of both the mother and her child.

It features 2-phase expression technology- stimulation and let down modes. It’s a smart breast pump- meaning it can connect to MyMedela app for unlimited access to real-time tracking, personalized pumping, and a variety of breast milk feeding resources.

It comes with a battery that will allow you to pump on the road or even in the event of a blackout. The battery is powerful enough to last for up to 3-4 pumping sessions.

On the downside, most moms have complained how tiring it can be to assemble this breast pump. Not to mention the 14 pieces you need to wash and pack every time you want to pump.

A List of other Quietest Breast Pumps on the Market

While Sonata is the quietest breast pump on this guide, there are other options you can choose from. Below is a detailed review of other 5 quiet breast pumps you can choose from.

1. Medela Symphony

The Medela Symphony is a hospital grade breast pump designed to maintain a steady milk supply thanks to Medela’s 2-Phase Expression Technology.

It has noise levels of 49.2 decibels.  The 2-phase technology helps mimic baby’s nursing rhythms hence expressing 18% more milk than when using other regular breast pumps.

This pump requires Medela Symphony double kit for use. The kit is sold separately and includes all components to help you get started including membranes, valves, breast shields, tubes, and bottles.

Additionally, it comes with a Symphony 2.0 Program Card that stores all the information regarding your pumping program.

What in the box? Symphony breast pump, container stand, Symphony 2.0 Program Card quick start card, Instructions manual, and protector for card/cord.

2. New in the USA: Ardo

The Calypso Double Plus is a quiet breast pump that boasts hospital grade technology.  It’s vouched for by 97% of midwives, made with BPA free materials and it’s FDA-approved.

It’s boasts 64 independent vacuum and cycle settings, 3 different sizes of breast shields, Opti flow, active massage inserts, to ensure gentle, comfortable and satisfying experience.

It uses a vacuum seal technology that ensure that the system is completely closed.

Thus, no milk can enter the pump or tubes thus preventing contamination, bacteria and pathogens from contaminating the milk. For this reason, no cleaning of the pump and tubes necessary.

Its equipped with simple and true control for gentle and also powerful suction.  The pump weighs only 1 pounds making it highly portable.  It has an AA battery option for expression on the go.

3. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

This is a double electric pump designed for daily use. It comes with two personal fit breast size for comfort.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a lightweight motor making it highly portable. A rechargeable battery option is available allowing on-the-go pumping.

The display features on this unit include, a time, memory button, and backlight. The pump is made in Switzerland, while the accessories are made in China, USA, Canada, and Taiwan.

A one-touch button simplifies the pumping session. The best part with this unit is that you can pump one breast at a time.

4. Freemie Liberty Hands-Free Breast Pump

This pump is ultra-quiet such that you wont notice when its on or off. Additionally, it’s also lightweight and hence portability isn’t an issue.

According to users, this is one of the easiest to clean breast pump on the market. And the best part is that it’s quiet as well as inexpensive.

As its name suggests, it’s a handsfree pump and hence you can move around and perform other household chores when pumping.

A minor pro with this pump is that you can easily recharge it using a Micro-USB charger.

One major downside is how hard it is to set up this breast pump. Users have complained how long the tubing that connects the pump is- hence not discreet under clothing unlike most handsfree breast pumps.

5. Elvie Pump Double Silent Wearable Breast Pump with App

Elvie is the lightest, smallest and quietest wearable pump on the market that allows you to pump on your own terms either at work, home, or on the go.

With this breast pump, you can lead your “normal life” participate in meetings, go outside all while you pump.

It utilizes a revolutionary technology that eliminates noise allowing you to pump discreetly anytime, anywhere.

The best part is that this pump is wearable- you can wear it inside your normal bra. Additionally, its easy to clean- only has 5 parts to clean and assemble.

It’s a smart pump that can connect to Elvie Pump app to monitor pumping in real time and track all sessions for each breast.

It’s highly responsive and will automatically switch from Stimulation to Expression when it detects letdown and shutdown when the bottle is full.

Inside the box you find Elvie Pump (Double): 4 Bottles (150ml/5oz), 2 Hubs (pump mechanism), 4 Storage Lids, 2 Breast Shields (28mm), 2 Breast Shields (24mm), 4 Valves, 4 Spouts, 4 Bra Adjusters, 4 Seals, 2 USB Charging Cable, Instructions for Use and 1 Carry Bag.

6. The First Years Double Electric Breast Pump

The The First Years Double Electric Breast Pump is electric or battery operated pump for discreet pumping anytime and anywhere.

It comes with comfortable flexi-fit breast shift for a comfortable fit during pumping. The breast pump also features a unique handle that allows the user to use one hand when double pumping.

It has 8-adjustable suction level allowing you to choose level that best for you. Additionally, it comes with baby tote bag making it highly portable.

The pump also includes two 4 ounces bottles with storage lids and slow flow nipples.

Quietest Breast Pump Buyer Guide: Important Factors to Consider

There are various factors that you need to consider when buying a breast pump. Below are some of the most important factor to put into consideration in order to get yourself a pump that meets your specific needs.

Noise Levels

The first crucial factor in this case is the noise levels. A quiet breast pump should be quieter than background music or normal conversation. (Source)

The quietest breast pump is Medela Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump. The pump has sound decibel ratings of 43 dB and can be compared to average home noise.

You can also choose another model from the list if Medela Sonata doesn’t sound like your ideal breast pump.

Performance and maintenance

Your ideal pump should be portable, lightweight, and compact. You don’t want a pump that will eat up much space or that’s weighty.

Additionally, every pump requires maintenance after every use. If you’re a busy mom, I’d recommend you to opt for hospital grade pumps as they don’t require much cleaning and are easy to maintain.

Single or Double

If you won’t be regularly pumping, you will need a single breast pump. However, if you’ll be pumping regularly pumping a double breast pump will get the job done.

According to research a double breast pump can deliver 18% more milk compared to manual or single pumps making it a perfect option for busy moms.

Final Thoughts on The Quietest Breast Pump

Above are some of the quietest breast pumps perfect for discreet pumping. According to the laid out federal law, you have the right to breaks and privacy whenever you need to pump at work. (Source)

Don’t forget to check out the factors to consider before investing in a quiet breast pump.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.