Why is My PS4 Fan So Loud:7 Reasons for PS4 Loud Fan

A ps4 loud fan my sound like a mini jet launch pad making your gaming moments unbearable. One of the main reasons why your PS4 fan is so loud is due to the accumulation of dust.

This process doesn’t happen overnight but takes weeks and months for the dust to build up around the fan.

Not only does a fan make noise such that it becomes impossible to hear gaming sounds, but it also makes your games lags and load times much longer than normal.

You may also notice that your gaming machine freezes in the middle of your gaming sessions, hence forcing you to cold restart the device.

The main reason why your PS4 console is loud is dust. It’s impossible to make your PS4 dustproof. Cleaning the outside doesn’t prevent dust in the air from getting into your gaming console. The more dust accumulates inside the gaming console, the noiser the PS4 becomes.

In this guide, I’ll be showing different reasons on how to fix ps4 loud fan. Let’s get started.

Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud?

There are two main reasons why your Ps4 fan is so loud- the problem is either with the cooling fan or the hard disk drive.

Cooling fans:

This is one of the leading causes of a noisy PlayStation. The fans are designed to eliminate the heat produced by the gaming console and cool the motherboard.

Unfortunately, the fan can become dusty, loose, or weak, resulting in some unbearable noises and gaming inconveniences.

Ps4 Hard Drive

Your gaming console hard drive could also be the cause of the noise. This will happen as the platters spin as they seek data.

A noisy hard drive is an early warning sign of a failing hard drive.

PS4 Loud Fan

Old and broken Ps4

Over time, your gaming console will accumulate dust, pet hair, and lint.

This accumulation of these materials blocks the different parts of your PS4, making them to malfunction.

Fans and motherboards are easily affected by dust.

A-List of Ways of Fix PS4 Loud Fan

Below are different ways you can fix ps4 loud fan so that you can be able to enjoy the smooth gaming experience.

1. Identify the source of the noise

Because you can start to fix anything, you’ll first need to identify the source of the noise problem.

Just a recap, here are the possible causes of noise in your Ps4 console:

  • Old/broken ps4
  • Failing hard drive
  • Cooling fan

Listen to the nature of the sound and try to figure out where it’s coming from. If the source of the noise is the fan, you’ll notice the following: The console will frequently overheat and, at times, shut down.

Rattling noises could be a result of loose parts that need tightening or replacement if broken. Whining noise is an indicator of a failing hard disk.

Now that you’re aware of the possible sources of the noise problem, it’s time to learn how to fix them.

2. Allow for proper ventilation

If your ps4 isn’t placed in a well-ventilated location, there’s the likelihood that it would overheat. It can affect even new gaming console, especially when the heat vents on the console get blocked.

Additionally, if the PS4 fan is dust accumulated, poor ventilation can even affect the console must worse.

Therefore, you’ll need to allow for proper ventilation for sufficient airflow. Do not place your gaming console in drawers or near other electrical appliances that emit heat as well.

Also, ensure there’s enough space around the sides of the PS4.

Additionally, you shouldn’t cover the device with materials such as towels, bags, or coats. You should also not stack other items on top of the console.

3. Try a can of compressed air

One of the simplest ways to get rid of dust or pet hair accumulation on the fan and other components is by using compressed air.

Take a can of compressed air and spray through all the vents and inputs on your ps4 console.

You can try this method once a month, especially if you live in environments where it gets pretty dirty.

You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PS4 a this may damage your gaming console components.

PS4 Loud Fan

4. Fix Corrupted System files

If your console database is corrupted, it may cause the fan to spin faster to cool myriads of functions running simultaneously.

You may also experience the same problem when the games are not correctly installed. This causes high loads to the CPU, making the unit overheat.

It’s to be noted that when the system overheats, the fan is forced to spin faster, creating more noises.

5. Place your PS4 console in a vertical position

Commonly, we place our gaming console, either PS4 or PS3 horizontally. However, if you place it in an upright position, it can help eliminate some noise and heat problems on your console.

Give this method a try and see if your console will become cooler and quiet.

If the above hacks don’t seem to work, it’s time to try and solve the noise problem from the inside.

The process described below involves opening your gaming console and may require the help of a professional if you’re not handy enough.

6. Open your Ps4 and clean it out

Disclaimer: if you proceed with this step, you will lose your PS4 warranty.  Therefore, if your PS4 is new or just within the 1-year warranty, send it to Sony or a certified dealership.

If the can of compressed air doesn’t seem to do the trick,  it’s time to do a deep clean. Here’s what you should do:

#1. Use a T9 or T8 Torx like TECKMAN 10 in 1 Torx Screwdriver Set to remove the screws.  If you don’t have one at hand, click on the link, and you’ll be redirected to Amazon.

#2. Remove all the 4 screws at the back of the ps4 gaming console. Open the gadget, and you should be able to see the fan.

#3. You can wipe clean the dust covering the fan using a clean piece of clothing or a can of compressed air.

You can also spray compressed air to other dusty components of your PS4 as well to ensure a smoother gaming operation.

#4. When you’re done cleaning, place everything back into place and screw back all the screws. Turn On your PS4 and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my PS4 sound like a jet?

Besides dust, another reason your ps4 sounds like a jet is due to blown or failing supply capacitors. Hence your PS4 will sound like a jet engine. However, it’s important to note that blown out capacitors isn’t a common problem with PS4 consoles.

How do you make PS4 quieter without taking it apart?

To make your PlayStation 4 silent without taking it apart requires you to clean it using a portable vacuum cleaner when it’s setting in it’s lowest suction level. Too much dust accumulation will prevent the centrifugal fan from properly cooling the internal components.

Final Thoughts on PS4 Loud Fan

Fixing a PS4 loud fan doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Above are a few of the best methods you can implement right now for a quieter and smooth gaming experience.

In most cases, simple steps, such as the use of compressed air, will solve the problem. However, if it gets to the extreme ends, you may be forced to fix the problem from the inside of the console. Also read: Quiet Shop Vac: Top 7 Quietest Shop Vacs for Garage and Workshop

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