Quiet Shop Vac: Top 7 Quietest Shop Vacs for Garage and Workshop

Quiet Shop Vac

A quiet shop vac is designed to clean your garage, workshop, or job site without causing noise pollution, unlike traditional shop vacs. A vacuum cleaner is an important tool for any workshop or job site. They are designed to clean sawdust, pieces of scrap materials such as small nails and small pieces of metals, something … Read more

How to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbors in 7 Simple Ways

How to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbours

Bass noise (low frequency) is one of the biggest problems for noises coming from neighbors apartment.  The reason being, bass now similar to stomping noise, is transmitted through vibrations. Unlike high-frequency sounds, bass noise can travel through walls as impact noise and through the air as airborne noise. In this guide are some of the … Read more

Best Home Fence to Install for Noise Abatement

Best Home Fence to Install for Noise Abatement

The other day, I received an email from one of my avid blog followers. She wanted to know the best home fence to install for noise abatement. “I live next to busy traffic, and I never enjoy the quietness that I crave whenever I’m at home. What is the best fence for blocking traffic noise?” … Read more