How To Mute Microwave: A Simple Way To Turn Off Microwave Beep

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We all have love and hate relationships with most kitchen appliances.  On the one hand, they make kitchen chores such a breeze, but on the other hand, they make pretty irritating noises.

Microwaves make reheating leftovers, nuking midnight snacks, defrosting meat, and cooking food achievable in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, every press of a button is met with a shrill and peculiar chirp.

But how do you mute a microwave? Try holding down the 1 button or the 0 button or simply hold down the “stop button. Did you know that in most cases these button have secret functions pre-programmed by the microwave manufacturers to help mute the beep tone? Try using this simple trick to make the microwave quiet.

But is the beep useful? Absolutely YES-but the problem is that you can’t sneak in the kitchen late at night or early mornings without alerting anyone.

In this guide, we shall be discussing simple ways on how to mute a microwave.

Why Do Microwaves Beep?

Like any other appliance, your microwave will always have a “hum” when it is running. It will also beep when sending you a signal.

Mostly, you will hear the beep when:

  • You press any button on the microwave keypad
  • When the microwave is notifying you that the set time is up
  • When you have not opened the door even after a completed operation
  • There is an appliance error

From the above list, it is clear that microwave hum and beeps are normal.

However, the last thing you want is a beep or buzz so loud you can hear your microwave from across the hall.

If you feel like your microwave is too loud, adjust the settings and take the volume slightly lower.

You can also turn off the beep altogether and only operate in silent mode.

Can You Turn Off The Beep On A Microwave?

I can tell you that most modern microwaves (like the ones I’ve highlighted in my guide on quiet microwaves) have a mute function.

A hassle-free method of switching off the beeping noise will check if the unit has a silent mode.

Unfortunately, no two microwaves are designed the same, but some manufacturers are too generous to spare us.

A perfect example of microwaves that can be muted is the COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave.

Below is a photo I took of the unit that allows me to toggle between sound on/off mode.

However, I understand that some microwave mute buttons could be a secondary button function.

In such a case, I would suggest you hold down on the button- for example, hold down the stop or cancel button and see if it mutes it.

In some microwaves, pressing either button could activate the child lock- just repeat the same action to deactivate the child lock.

How to Mute a Microwave

How Do You Silence A Microwave?

Modern microwaves come with a silent mode feature. With this feature, you can turn the beeping sound off for as long as you want.

Unfortunately, the mute button is not often indicated on the keypad.

You have to dig deeper if you want to activate silent mode on your microwave.

Some of the things to look out for include:

  • A sound or volume button on the keypad at the from of your microwave. Press this button to push the volume or sound to zero or desired level.
  • Check the manual for the steps to follow to silence your microwave. It is always wise to save the manual if you need to check any other feature in the future.
  • Silence your microwave through an app like Google Assistant or Alexa. This is only possible if yours is a smart microwave.
  • Search online on how to silence your microwave. Depending on the model and brand, you will find enough discussions, manuals, and even videos on what steps to follow to silence that annoying microwave beep.

In all the above situations, it is possible to push the volume up again when necessary. You can also reduce the volume so you do not hear it from the next room.

For some microwaves, the mute button may be a secondary function for those standard buttons.

You can press 0 or 1 to see what happens. Pressing and holding the Stop or Cancel function may also activate mute mode depending on the brand.

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By pressing either of the four buttons highlighted above, you may activate the child lock feature.

This feature locks the control panel, making it impossible to operate any button until the lock is removed.

Whatever button activated the child-lock feature, press it for about three seconds to deactivate it.

If you get stuck, consult the microwave manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Get In Touch With A Microwave Repair Technician

Your microwave may beep to alert you of some malfunction. In such a situation, turning the volume down may work to your disadvantage.

Call a technician to check and possibly rectify the problem.

You can search for an Appliance Repair Technician near you and see what solution they have for your microwave.

Remember to check reviews to see how the technician you choose is rated by others.

This would also be a great time to consult family and friends for leads on a reliable repair person.

Most microwave malfunctions are easy to resolve and will often cost you a few dollars. However, you must consider the quote you get from the repair technician and decide whether it is prudent to repair it or be better off with a new microwave.

Get A New Microwave

If you have had your microwave for many years, it is possible that it doesn’t have a sound button. Some modern models also don’t come with this feature.

In the above situations, you are better off investing in a new microwave. Just ensure that you specify the silent feature when you go shopping.

Other situations when it is best to buy a new microwave include:

  • When the noise is because the microwave is broken. Do not ignore that beep because it may be notifying you that the microwave is a potential fire hazard.
  • When the microwave is over 15-years-old. Wear and tear are natural even with the best care, and after over a decade of regular use, it may be time to bid your beloved microwave goodbye.
  • If you no longer like how the microwave looks on your countertop. You may have outgrown the style, or the wear may be too apparent that the microwave has turned into an eyesore.

Buying A New Quiet Microwave

A good microwave will last for decades, so it is understandable if you do not remember what to look out for when buying a new one.

Some of the factors to consider include wattage, preset times, and size.

Look at your old microwave. Is it the right size for your family, or do you want to upgrade to something bigger or even smaller?

What about the features? Do you want a modern piece you can start remotely, one that can perform multiple functions, or are you okay with a basic piece?

Consider all these factors when shopping for a microwave. You may want to restrict your search to options that are within your budget.

If you want a silent microwave, you have to buy one that comes with a sound button. This way, you can adjust the volume to desired levels.

Also, go for microwaves that are marked as silent running or low noise.

You may have to pay a little more for such a microwave but imagine how good it will feel when you are heating your dinner at midnight without worrying about waking the entire neighborhood.

Be sure to ask for guidance on how to activate the silent feature.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with a good microwave you cannot mute just because you do not know how to do this.

On How to Mute a Microwave

Above are my recommended methods on how to mute a microwave.

It’s important to note that the silencing methods above may not work for retro microwaves but will work with most modern units.

If you found this article helpful, I would recommend you to check out my other guides on quiet blenders as well as quiet mini-refrigerators.

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