9 EFFECTIVE Ways on How to Make Heels Quieter

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High heels are not just elegant and stylish, but they can also be incredibly loud. This can be very embarrassing since people stop what they were doing to look at you. If the heels are producing a lot of noise, then you will be noticed for interrupting the peaceful environment.

Additionally, it can be a problem if you’re trying to be stealthy or simply don’t want to disturb those around you. 

These noises are irritating and may be a bother to your workmates or even classmates. Luckily there are simple ways to make heels quieter. Read on to find out more about these techniques.

Why Do Heels Make Noise?

The Shape of the Heels

The shape of the heels can have a big impact on the noise they make. Heels that are pointy or narrow are more likely to make noise when you walk than those that are wide and flat. This is because the pointy or narrow heels tend to hit the ground with more force, which creates a louder noise. Wider, flatter heels distribute the force of your footsteps more evenly, which makes them quieter.

The Material of the Heels

Another factor that can affect how noisy your heels are is the material they’re made from. Heels that are made from hard materials like metal or plastic are usually much louder than those made from softer materials like leather or fabric. This is because hard materials create a sharper impact when they hit the ground, which makes a louder noise. Softer materials absorb some of the impact, which makes them quieter.

The Thickness of the Heels

The thickness of the heels can also influence how noisy they are. Heels that are thin and sharp are more likely to make noise than those that are thick and cushioned. This is because thinner heels tend to bend or flex when you walk, which causes them to make a clicking or tapping sound. Thicker heels don’t flex as much, so they’re usually quieter.

How You Walk

The way you walk in your heels can also have an impact on the noise they make. If you walk heavily or stomp your feet, your heels are more likely to make noise than if you walk lightly and gently. This is because the heavier your footsteps, the more force they create when they hit the ground. So, if you want to reduce the noise your heels make, try walking more softly.

How to Make Heels Quieter

1. Using gel cushions

Gel cushions absorb all the vibrations produced by heels when walking on a hard surface. The gel cushion not only deadens sound but also increases your stability when walking.

Using the cushions on your shoes will give you a good body posture as you walk.

Advantages of gel cushions

  • They absorb all the noise produced by the heels.
  • Reduces the likelihood of sliding forwarding on soft surfaces.
  • They can be used in multiple shoes by switching them to another shoe.

However, ensure that you replace the cushions after some time since they become ineffective once they wear out. The replacement will depend on how often you wear the heels.

Some of the best high heel cushions include

  • Forefoot Metatarsal Pads
  • Ball of Foot Pads
  • Non-Slip Shoe Inserts

2. Fix High Heel caps

 High heel caps not only help reduce the noise your  point heels makes but also protect the tips of the shoes from scuffing and wear, and they also help to keep the shape of the shoes looking good.

Why the cap

There are some reasons that make the cap a suitable way of dealing with your noisy heels. They include;

  • Stability while walking: the cap holds your heel well on the surface when walking and reduces slipping.
  • Variety of Colors: there are caps of different colors in the market, so you don’t have to worry about the color of your heel. You will find a cap with a color that suits your heels.
  • Cover the heel’s metal tip: Heels with exposed metal tips can easily make one slip on smooth surfaces. Once you use the heel cap on the tip, you will have reduced the possibility of you slipping when walking
  • Increases the durability of the heel: high heels can sometimes wear out after a short period because of the pressure one exerts on the tip when walking. The cap adds a layer to the tip; this way, the cap will wear out and not the tip of your heel, making them last much longer.

The caps are made of rubber that absorbs most of the noise produced by the heel. Since the caps do not eliminate all the noise, you can combine with another technique for better results.

The best heel caps on amazon include

-MUDDER 6 pairs Heel Cap

  • 8mm,9mm, and 10mm
  • Shoe Heels Tips Replacement Dowels
  • Black

3. Using foot foam

Foot foams help in reducing the impact of the noise produced by heeling when one is walking. It works as a gel cushion, but the foam is easier to install than cushions.

What you have to do is peeling off the adhesive then paste the foam on the shoe, and you will be done with the installation.

The foam is made of a rubber that absorbs shock and can reduce the noise made by the heels.

However, to avoid slipping, ensure that you don’t walk on the slippery or wet floor since the foot foam can be slippery.

Best foot foams on amazon

Happy Step New Orthotic Memory Foam Insoles

They have the following features;

  • Cushioned neutral Arch Support
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
  • Us Men Size: 7-8.5 or Women Size 8.5-10

4. Duct Tape Method

A duct tape can be effective in reducing the noise produced by heels.

How to fix the duct tape;

-Wash the heel and remove ant dirt on the sole since the dirt can make the tape ineffective.

-Dry up the heel. Do not attach the tape on a wet shoe since it holds well on a dry surface.

-attach the duct tape. Use several layers for better results. The thicker, the better

Remember to fix tape that fits your shoe since too much of it will make the shoe look ugly.

However, take caution when walking on slippery surfaces since the tape is smooth.

5. Anti-slip Sole on the Heels

Rubber soles reduce the noise produced by heels when walking. The soles are also safer and reduce the possibility of one slipping on a slippery floor.

The rubber soles should be installed under your heel, and it requires skills and experience.  Take your shoes to an experienced cobbler for good results.

Non-slip shoe pads

They possess the features below;

  • Noise reduction
  • Anti-slip shoe grips
  • 5 Pairs Self-adhesive Shoe Grips Rubber

6. Glue Felt Fabric on your shoe

Purchase a durable and strong felt, cut it with scissors then fix it on your heel with super glue. Make sure you cut the felt depending on the shoe size.

When the felt wears off, apply another using the same procedure. The felt fabric deadens all sound produced by your heel when walking.

7. Walk confidently

Someone learning how to walk on high heels is likely to cause a lot of noise than a person is already used to them.

Below are tips to consider when walking on heels;

How to Make Heels Quieter


Practice walking with heels on different surfaces and try to master the techniques of walking quietly on hard surfaces.

Involve the whole body in walking

Hold your head high, abdomen pulled in and your chest pressed down to keep a Y-step

If possible, avoid walking on dry surfaces

Heels produce more noise when one walks on a hard surface. If you are walking in a room with a carpet, do not walk on the areas without the carpet.

Wear fitting heels

Oversize heels produce more noise since the empty spaces increase the sound produced. Always wear well-fitting shoes that are not too tight to harm your feet.

Mind your steps

When walking on heels, control your steps. This will not only help reduce the noise but also protects you from falling.

Body posture

Try walking on an upright posture since it reduces the noise produced by the heels.

8. Purchase quiet heels

Buying quiet heels will save you the effort and cost of having to prevent your heels from producing noise. Go for the silenced heels.

The manufacturers are aware of this problem and have come up with classy heels that do not produce sound when walking.

They are made of rubber soles which absorb the noise

Rubber heels on amazon

Premier Standard

  • Guilty shoes
  • Open-toe sandals Pump
  • Women’s Laser Cut Out Ankle Strap High Heel
  • Chunky Wooden Heel Platform Shoe

DREAMS PAIRS Women’s Swan -30 High Heel Platform Dress Pump Shoes

  • Heel height:5” (Approx.)
  • TPR RUBBER sole
  • Man-Made Material
  • FITTING TIPS: True to Size. Wide width customers order a half size up.
  • Platform height: 1.25” (Approx.)

Women’s Cutout Gladiator Stiletto Sandals

How to Make Heels Quieter

  • Made in USA
  • Synthetic and suede material
  • Platform measures 1.25

Quiet Heels What Should You Consider

Sole: the sole is the part that plays a major role in reducing the noise produced by the heel. Go for the heels with rubber soles.

Size: buy a shoe according to the size of your feet so that it fits you perfectly.

Comfort: buy heels that will make you comfortable when walking. A heel should be 2” at most for you to walk with no difficulties if the heel is higher than 2 inches, then you may struggle when walking, and it will also produce more noise.

Budget: budget essential when purchasing a heel. Buy a shoe that suits your budget. You don’t have to strain so much to purchase a very expensive heel since there are heels of varying prices in the market.

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Final Thoughts

You don’t have to get embarrassed when walking on your heels, soundproof them, and walk quietly and confidently. For good results, you can combine more than one technique.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, then purchase quiet heel from amazon and walk with no worries anymore.



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