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How to Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise

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According to research, noise exposure is associated with negative health effects on the exposed persons.

The study also found out that neighbor noise annoyance is also strongly associated with eight different mental and physical health symptoms. (Source)

There’s an old saying that goes, you can choose your friends, but can’t choose family. However, Hollywood has taught us that you can’t choose your neighbors.

99% of the time, neighbors are our greatest foes when it comes to noise problems.

If you live in an apartment, you will experience noise problems from those above and those below. I would highly recommend you check my guide on reducing noise from downstairs neighbors using a ceiling vibrator.

Even when you’ve bought your dream house, you’re bound to have neighbors. But what can you do when the neighbor’s pool pump noise can’t let you enjoy a quiet stay in your backyard or inside your house?

Well, here is my detailed guide on how to block neighbors’ pool pump noise for good.

How Much Noise Does a Pool Pump Make?

A normal pool pump produces noises in 65-90 decibels which can be as loud as riding in a subway.

Even with our perception of noise different, it could be more annoying when you experience repetitive noise, especially from your neighbor’s pool pump.

I’ve had a bad experience with my neighbors, and I consider a noisy pool pump one of the most intrusive sounds ever experienced in my backyard besides traffic noise.

A-List of Ways on How to Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise

Pool pump noise can be pretty annoying and even more irritating when it comes from your neighbor’s with no direct control over the unit.

1. Talk To Your Neighbors

I’ve always advocated for good relationships with your neighbors.

Just like the old saying goes, a good neighbor- a found treasure should always seek to maintain good relationships with our neighbors such that we can peacefully solve problems when they arise.

The first important step to quieting a neighbor’s noisy pool pump is talking or writing to your neighbor.

If you’ve got some friendly neighbors, then why not approach them and let them know that their pool pump is reigning noise havoc in your home?

Simply tell them that you think that you’re concerned that their pool pump isn’t working correctly, and it could be the reason why it’s so loud.

Probably tell them that you think there could be something broken that’s resulting in the loud noise.

Alternatively, if you’re not talking terms with your neighbor, why not write them a letter?

Draft a simple letter informing them that you think there could be something wrong with their pool pump as it’s so loud that you can hear it in your own bedroom.

2. Suggest Pool Pump Noise Insulation

Why not to your neighbors and let them know about the latest pool pump noise insulation technology?

They could be old folks who aren’t aware such tech exists or simply aren’t aware that their pool pump unit is causing havoc to those around them.

I dug around and found some fantastic products that I’d recommend you to tell your neighbor to get them- check them here

They are pool pump motor covers that guarantee 75-90% noise reduction and are available in various sizes and prices to allow you to choose one that matches your needs.

The best part is that these covers are easy to assemble, have no operating costs, are durable, and protect your pump against dirt, rust, rain, snow, and sun.

If you feel generous enough, why not decide to cost-share the purchase of the pool pump cover? I’m sure they’d likely jump into this idea.

3. Use Soundproofing Materials to Deal with Pool Pump Noise

The pool pump soundproofing cover can be pretty expensive, especially for anyone on a budget.

If that’s the case with your neighbor, then why not tell them to build a DIY soundproofing pool pump cover using affordable soundproofing materials?

They can design something similar to a quiet generator box and fill the walls with noise-reducing materials such as mass-loaded vinyl, foam panels, or fiberglass.

4. Soundproof Fence

If you are an introvert and want to avoid the stresses of approaching your neighbor, then installing a soundproof fence on your property will go a long way in ensuring that you reduce noise from the neighbor’s pool pump.

Bricks or stone perimeter fences are some of the best choices for soundproof fences.

While they may be expensive to install, they will go a long way in not only reducing noises from your neighbor but also reduce traffic noise from leaking in your home.

You can follow my guide on installing the best fence for noise abatement to help drown out pool pump noise from the neighbors.

You will need to check with your local building laws and get the required permit to avoid confrontations with the local authorities.

5. Repair Or Replace The Noisy Pool Pump

Sometimes lack of regular maintenance could be the reason why the pool pump is so noisy.

Poor installation could also make the noise problem much worse.

Installing anti-vibration pads underneath your pool pump or simply bolt down the noisy pool pump properly to help reduce excessive vibrations.

If the pump is broken, calling a professional to help repair it or simply replacing it with a quiet pool pump will sort the problem too.

These methods will help reduce pool pump noise but remember you will need your neighbor’s approval.

6. Soundproof your Home

If the neighbor’s pool pump is so loud that it’s ruining your peaceful stay at home, then why not soundproof your home?

The biggest culprits in leaking outside noise in your house are the windows and doors.

You can soundproof the windows by replacing the single pane with double pane windows or simply going for a cheaper option which involves hanging soundproofing curtains on the windows.

You will also need to add weatherstripping along the window frame to help dampen noise leaking through the gaps between the frame and window panes.

Additionally, you also need to deal with the door.

You can soundproof a door by adding door sweeps and weatherstripping along the edges. Follow my guide on this link to learn more on how you can soundproof the door.

7. White Noise Machine

One of the cheapest and also quite effective methods is the use of a white noise machine.

Something like the HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine will produce soothing sounds that will help calm you down while at the same time drowning outside noises.

I compiled a detailed guide on some of the best white noise machines ideal for use in your bedroom, office, library, and even baby nursery.

Alternatively, you can search from the app store some of the most recommended white noise apps and simply plug in your earphones and listen to these soothing sounds.

On How to Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise

Pool pump noise can be a true noise nuisance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eradicate the problem.

Above are the most recommended methods to help you deal with noise problems that could otherwise adversely affect your mental and physical well-being.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.