Soundproofing Paint: Does Acousti Coat Paint Actually Work?

Soundproofing Paint

You’ve probably heard about soundproofing paint and all the hype attached to it. As a beginner, you’re probably wondering whether acoustic paint really works, how it does, and how effective the soundproof paint is. Well, soundproofing paint (also known as sound deadening paint, acousti paint, acousti coat soundproofing paint, and sound dampening paint) does exist. … Read more

Generator Quiet Box: 4 Recommended Quiet Boxes for Generator

generator quiet box

“How quiet is the generator quiet box?” is one of the most common questions I receive from readers who want to try it out. It’s an essential subject. You do not want something as noisy as a jackhammer operating at night. The park may have noise restrictions if you use a generator for camping. Although … Read more

MacBook Pro Making Loud Whirring Noise ( Here’s A Quick Fix)

MacBook Pro Making Loud Whirring Noise

Is your MacBook Pro making a loud, whirring noise that you can’t seem to get rid of? If that’s the case with you, here are simple hacks to help you identify the problem’s source and then fix it yourself. There are two possible causes of MacBook pro making loud whirring noise- here’s how to know … Read more

How to Make Your Generator Quiet as A Cricket: Simple DIY Hacks

How to Make Your Generator Quiet

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your generator as quiet as a cricket using affordable soundproofing materials. Nothing is annoying than going out camping to find out you cannot enjoy your outdoor adventure quietly due to your generator’s loud noises. It not only disrupts your but also can cause detrimental effects on your … Read more

Top 5 Ways on How to Chew Quietly Like a Monk

Top 5 Ways on How to Chew Quietly Like a Monk

In a world where noise pollution is a common concern, it is intriguing to ponder over the smaller, often overlooked noises that permeate our daily life. One of these is the sound of chewing. Be it at a fancy dinner, a work meeting, or just a family gathering, noisy chewers can quickly become the unintentional … Read more

7 Causes of Hissing Sound from Speakers When Not Playing Music

Hissing Sound from Speakers When not Playing Music

Have you ever experienced that irritating hissing sound emanating from your speakers even when you’re not playing any music? It can be a real buzzkill, especially when you’re trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. The most common and the main culprit is interference which can be caused by other electrical devices interfering with the … Read more