How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

In this guide, you will learn ways on how to soundproof a room with blankets. This is an effective solution for anyone who wants a simple and affordable method to deal with noise coming from your neighbor. I was born and raised in Memphis, one of the busiest and noisy polluted states. (Source) Apart from … Read more

Quietest Wall Air Conditioner: 7 Silent through the Wall AC’s

This is a detailed guide on the quietest wall air conditioner on the market today. Regardless of how you want to cool your house environment, you want an efficient air conditioner that’s going to get the job done quietly and last you through the years. And that’s why wall air conditioners are better and fans … Read more

8 Ideas on How to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring -Simple & Easy Fixes

squeaky box spring

In this guide, we shall be discussing different methods on how to fix a squeaky box spring. Don’t you find it annoying when you are trying to catch some shut-eye, but the bed won’t stop squeaking? Your bed should be a source of comfort from a long and hard day and a place that you … Read more